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by Ina Steiner

eBook Turn eBay Data into Dollars download ISBN: 0072262362
Author: Ina Steiner
Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 1 edition (December 21, 2005)
Language: English
Pages: 256
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Rating: 4.9
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Category: Work and Money
Subcategory: Processes and Infrastructure

You just have to know where to look.

You just have to know where to look.

In reality data collection tools are only tools.

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Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (Professional). Print ISBN: 9780072262360, 0072262362.

You already have the answer to boosting your eBay sales and profits...

You just have to know where to look. Turn eBay Data into Dollars shows you how to use the powerful tools available on eBay to sell smarter and make more money on every sale. Learn to mine sales data from tools such as Andale Research Tools, Terapeak, and DeepAnalysis. Generate sales and traffic reports using eBay and Sellathon ViewTracker so you can easily analyze your data and make informed business decisions.

You’ll learn to apply the results of your research to your eBay listing and marketing strategies. Then, you can better determine what to sell, how much to charge, how to improve traffic, and how to stay ahead of the competition.

Comments: (7)
This book gives a solid overview of the subject of research on eBay. First it talks about the need to do research for eBay. It then reviews some basic caveats and 'gotchas' about eBay research. Then it reviews the 3 leading tools in great detail (Andale, Terapeak, and Hammertap). This alone makes the book worth it. Imagine if you had to spend money on each of those three tools to determine whether you liked them or not? With the detailed coverage of their various features in the book, you can make a decision about which one you might like to use. This book is a must-read for anyone who is serious about selling on eBay and staying competitive. I don't understand the negative review on this book. I suspect the writer of that review has some axe to grind or did not actually read the book.
If anyone is qualified to write a book on this topic it's Ina. She's analytical, informed, and easy to read. She shows you what works, and what doesn't; including how not to be mislead, an essential skill for any swim through the murky waters of statistical data, eBay or elsewhere. You will learn about eBay Marketplace Research, Store Reports, and much more. She even takes us "off of eBay" to learn about third-party resources such as √°ndale, Terapeak and others. This one probably belongs on an serious, analytical seller's shelf.
This book is a boring read for anyone who has basic knowledge of eBay. After reading the first two Chapters, I felt like writing a review about this book, but then I stopped myself and decided not to discredit the book so early, so I kept on reading until I finished the book. After all the reading it from cover to cover I still couldn't change my personal opinion about this book.

This book is basically composed of all the different research programs that eBay sellers can use to improve their ebay auctions. If you want to save yourself the money just read the user's manual(free training/information) of the different research programs available. This book is just that, but in the author's words. Don't believe me? Scroll back up to the top of this page and click on "Search inside this book"(below the image of the book), and click "Table of Contents". You'll see starting from Chapter 4 the author gives some a nice Title to each eBay Research program the author touches base on.

For example, Chapter 4 - All About Andale(ignore the first few words "Evaluating Research Tools, and"). If you really want to know all about Andale(if you type in it will switch you to you can go to their website and learn all about it there. Andale teaches you all you need to know about their research program. Who wouldn't want you have this info for free? At andale's site, theres a tab called "Education & Training Center" click on that and read all you want about Andale research tools. You'll learn everything it can do for your eBay auctions and also how to understand and use the data/information provided. Why pay for someone else to explain it to you when its readily available on the provider's site?

Another example? Chapter 5 - eBay Selling with Terapeak(again, ignore the first few words "Taking the Guesswork out of"). Alright, go to [...] click on "Help", then click "How can I learn how to use Terapeak?". There you have it. The same information you'll find in this book. And no, you don't have to log in to access this information. Its available for free! You can find out how it can help your eBay listings and how to use and understand Terapeak's data/information it provides.

Now look at the subtitles of each Chapter and see if you can uncover what the author is referring to by using the information provided free on the provider's website. Any novice would be able figure/search it out.

What about Chapter 6? and 7? Its the same exact thing.
Chapter 8-11 just touches base on the data/information that eBay provides to you that you can use to determine the best eBay auctions formats, keywords, and time. I wouldn't say the information is Advanced Strategies and it is readily available on eBay's site.

Chapter 1-3, is basically about understanding eBay and how to use eBay to figure out what are the average sales price for items, sell through ratios, and a few other things that a little research and common sense would tell you.

This is just my opinion. However, if you know nothing about eBay (eBay's Help Section has all the info. you need) and the research tools available you may find this book useful and also if you prefer to have all the research programs user's manual all consolidated into one book.
A lot of effort has been put in this book by authors. Unfortunately its worth less. Book's title is hyped up like most books on eBay (big surprise - Any eBay book with big claims in title should be a red flag). In nut shell this book is basically collection of introduction to data collection tools that can be used for eBay. This information (with latest updates) is also available from vendor of tools. I question the value of this book - there is simple none. Here is how this book has failed:

1. To start with what good does it bring for reader to copy information from web and put it in a book. There is even no comparison of tools !!!

2. Authors lack any practical experience in data collection field or on running business on eBay. They have included some small pieces of information from consultants and sellers. But nothing that can add significant value. Reality check - consultants on site optimization are going to share their money milking plans!

3. This book claims that it will help you turn eBay data into dollars (I translate it as saying that it will help you increase sales). In reality data collection tools are only tools. You need a strategy, plan and operating mechanism to take any data and convert into more sales. Beyond data collection the book is completely void of any suggestions on strategy.
Do you want to work smarter, not harder, and make your eBay business really pay off? Then you need this guide. This is a much-needed reference to all the research tools and services that are available to help you research what to sell on eBay, when to sell it (time of day/day), what to charge, and just about everything else related to savvy eBay e-commerce. Terapeak, eBay's Completed Listings, Hot Lists, Sellathon, Hammertap--they are all covered here (and so is a lot more). You probably will want to dip into this book as you need to research specific topics, but that doesn't mean you couldn't just sit down and read it from cover to cover--the writing is that good. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is serious about succeeding on eBay!
A fantastic book, not for beginners. Easy to understand IF you have some basic experience as seller on eBay. What I appreciated most about this book is that it isn't filled with empty fluff or solicitations for other services and books. Also doesn't waste time with the obvious like you'll find at those obscenely expensive seminars. For the do-it-yourself type, this book is worth its weight in gold, as so your increase in revenue will be. 'Ebay Traffic the Smart Way' is a good companion to this title.