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by Randy Gage

eBook Risky is the New Safe: The Rules Have Changed . . . download ISBN: 111848147X
Author: Randy Gage
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (October 23, 2012)
Language: English
Pages: 176
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Rating: 4.6
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Category: Work and Money
Subcategory: Management and Leadership

Things have changed and they're never going back. This calamitous transformation is creating new and more daunting challenges-and great opportunities. Risky is the New Safe lays out thought leader Randy Gage's bold vision for how to prosper in the new economy.

Things have changed and they're never going back. Gage reveals the tumultuous changes taking place in business, technology, and the economy-and the extraordinary challenges they are creating. More importantly, he shows how to turn those challenges into lucrative opportunities.

Risky is the New Safe, first published in 2012, is the 9th book by the author Randy Gage. The book was a Wall Street Journal best seller and a New York Times best seller. The book has been noted for its non-conventional approach towards the economy and success.

As I said in the books, mobile changes everything about everything. The Rules Have Changed. When I was first releasing excerpts from Risky Is the New Safe, people were shocked. The Internet and social media destroy all you thought you knew about marketing and branding. For most of your lifetime, you were rewarded for being compliant, fitting in, not making waves. So if you’re like most people, you were compliant, fit in and didn’t make waves. They thought it odd that a prosperity guy was writing about layoffs, disruption, currencies collapsing and other challenges.

In his new book, Risky Is The New Safe, Randy Gage makes a clear and compelling case that in this time of world turmoil, now is the time to zig while all others zag. The book reads like a a road map from where we are today to where we are heading in the next 10, 20, 50 years. New morality, disruptive technology, class warfare, social media. It's all here laid The economy is broken.

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER and WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER Risky Is the New Safe is a different kind of book for a different kind of thinking-a thought-provoking manifesto for risk takers. It will challenge you to think laterally, question premises, and be a contrarian. The same tired, old conventional thinking won’t get you to success today.

Intrigued by the title, I grabbed the opportunity to have the privilege of getting a copy of Risky Is The New Safe book for a. .

Risky Is The New Safe is great for the people who like to take new challenges.

know without a shadow of a doubt is risky is the new safe now don't take my word Uh this is uh coming from prosperity guru none other than mister randy gauge in this book risky is the new safe he actually talks about how you can create more prosperity and abundance in your life what's going on today and ho. in progress you're working progress I am as well but if you want to create more prosperity and abundance in your life you need to follow people who are where you want to be success does leave clues again risky is a new safe great book I highly recommend that book uh he's got a couple of other ones to you.

He is the author of eight international bestsellers. Class warfare creates a dictatorship and entitlement programs enslave the masses

He is the author of eight international bestsellers. Randy's new book, Risky is the New Safe, argues that all the rules have changed when it comes to creating prosperity. Class warfare creates a dictatorship and entitlement programs enslave the masses. What are the best ways to protect yourself when the euro collapses and governments go bankrupt? Marketing is dead; social media is alive. Pharmaceuticals are out; tofu burgers are in. Retail is cold; multi-level marketing is hot. Contrarians will win the day when down is up and up is down. What's your game plan?


Risky Is the New Safe is a different kind of book for adifferent kind of thinking—a thought-provoking manifesto forrisk takers. It will challenge you to think laterally, questionpremises, and be a contrarian.

Disruptive technology, accelerating speed of change and economicupheaval are changing the game. The same tired, old conventionalthinking won’t get you to success today. Risky Is the NewSafe will change the way you look at everything! You’llview challenges—and the corresponding opportunities theyprovide—in entirely new and exciting ways. You’llrecognize powerful new gateways to creating wealth.

In this mind-bending book you’ll discover:

How mavericks like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Mark Cubanthink differently—and what you can learn from them;The six-month online course that could allow you to earn morethan a Ph.D.;How social media changes branding and marketing forever, andwhat that means for you;What happens when holo-suites and virtual-reality sex comeabout, and how you need to prepare;The new religion of ideas: How to become an “ideagenerator” and declare as a free agent; and,What will cause the Euro, precious metals, and oceanfront realestate to collapse—and how that can make you rich!
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Freaky Hook
Randy has done it again.

Randy Gage is confronting. He tells you what you need to hear not necessarily what you want to hear. For that reason he is not for everyone. Some people just aren't ready. However if you are looking to be challenged, stretched and stimulated then Randy is your man.
This book doesn't disappoint. He is true to form and gives us plenty to think about and what the future could look like. Challenging long held paradigms and daring us to truly think about things.

you can't just read this book once. You read it once then go back and absorb it. Then again to take notes.

I can't wait for his next one.
Sermak Light
I enjoy the material that Randy puts out, though the message has only the slant of "hey I can do it so can you " without much practicable application.

I do not want to dismiss the value of his viewpoint but I always come away empty from his material.

Hey I do believe in my self, and like everyone who has half a brain can see the memes that are foisted on a consumer society. Some how the connect to the wealth consciousness he espouses and the one that I currently operate with, seems to allude me.

When life gives me lemons I make lemonade,I have immense gratitude for what I have yet. Though I have yet to learn how to get to this level Randy speaks of through reading his material.
This is one of the most controversial, inspiring and challenging books I've read in my entire life.
Politically incorrect, Randy invites us to rethink our business totally out of the box.
What I most like about the Randy's book is wath I less like, because it's right where my deepest beliefs find challenge.
If you want to question your harmful paradigms about wealth and money, you MUST read this book.
If you are an entrepreneur, you MUST read this book
If you are a leader (or are in the way to become one, you MUST read this book
If you want to take your business to the next nibel, you MUST read this book
If you want to look at you in the mirror to see you face to face with all your limitations about abundance, you MUST read this book.
Thanks Randy for so much inspiration, reflection and productive anger.

Juan Pablo Rico.
I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ
Hi guys, I am Aistis and was following Randy Gage for some time. I got a chance (thank you Randy) to read his new book, which is coming on 30th of October, before
it is released. I was shocked, amazed and fascinated of the vision Randy shares with us. This book is much different from many success literature, it is something different I even expected from Randy. The main message Randy wants to share in this book is to cause us to think. In this book he does not tell us anything what or how to think, by telling all those thing he just causes us to think. And in my mind that is the reason this book is a must read for everybody who can read letters!!!

Risky is the new safe sound really strange for many people, it simply denies everything we were taught to know. But it is TRUE. World have changed and rules of life have changed and now no lifestyle is safe until it is RISKY. Life tempo is getting faster and faster and many people never stop to see what is coming and what are those changes bringing them - problems or opportunities. And in my opinion this is one of the reasons why you guys should really get a copy of this book for yourself and for ones you love. For some of you it will be shocking and mindblowing. Others will find the answers to their questions like I did. Some of you guys will get a million dollar idea. I believe there will be ones that will throw this book in the corner after reading. I think every choice is acceptable, but give yourself a chance to see the world upside down.

Prepare to get a lot of information that is unusual to you. You will choose to believe it or not, to admit it or resist. The fact is many things will happen despite of our will and our role is to see an opportunity in whatever is happening!!!

I would like to share with you my favourite Randy's message: "You must be willing to let go of who you are to become who you are meant to be", - Randy Gage

Enjoy your reading guys!!
I have read Randy Gage's other works, I subscribe to his blog and get updates from him regularly. I love his story and I think he is an amazing success. This book was hyped by "da man" himself and of course endorsed by many of his friends "in the business" - authors, business folks, MLM stars and on and on. The title really grabbed me - I was saying to myself "oh yeah, here we go"...I wanted it so bad, I got the Kindle version, instead of waiting for the print copy (which I just deleted from my cart, btw). I started reading like crazy and the book started out on the high side...really got me into the "think" mode of all the possibilities that are coming our way in the next few years. And then - booommmm!!!! Nothing, well that's not exactly true - if you've never read any of his "stuff", you may have been intrigued. But, for someone who has been a regular "Randy reader", it was all the same stuff I've heard from him before - just regurgitated, with a fresh wrapper on it - disappointing. Reminds of Joe Vitale, came out of the box "hot", with some great ideas and philosophy, and then the same 'ole same 'ole with a new wrapper on it - ugh. Reminds me of an old saying - "if you put icing on dogstuff, it doesn't make it birthday cake". Oh well, I'm still a RG fan, just not a fan of this new - old book.
In some ways this felt like Future Shock. I was put off by the heavy emphasis on electronics/technology at the beginning. Though this was suggested to me as a spiritual book, I didn't care for the message. Plus, when someone refers to his readers as "the awake ones" - there is an inference that everyone else is less than.
good book, and great service.