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by Joseph Folkman,Zenger John,John H. Zenger

eBook Extraordinary Leader: Turning Good Managers Into Great Leaders download ISBN: 0071703500
Author: Joseph Folkman,Zenger John,John H. Zenger
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies (July 1, 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 318
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Rating: 4.9
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This was the position John H. Zenger and Joseph R. Folkman took when they wrote their now-classic leadership book . The Extraordinary Leader is a groundbreaking guide that helps you pinpoint and maximize the leadership qualities you already possess.

This was the position John H. Folkman took when they wrote their now-classic leadership book The Extraordinary Leader ―and it’s a fact they reinforce in this ne.

Zenger and Folkman have created the leadership book of the ages. The Extraordinary Leader explains how to build leadership skills that will take you and your organization to unimagined success. Folkman took when they wrote their now-classic leadership book The . Now, Zenger and Folkman revisit the subject to address leaders’ most pressing concerns today.

бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. People can learn how to lead.

Jack Zenger and Jim Folkman’s proprietary 360 feedback assessment of leaders in the real world-how they lead, what works, and what doesn’t-provides the data that makes The Extraordinary Leader unique in a crowded field of such books.

Zenger, John H; Folkman, Jo.

Zenger, John H; Folkman, Joe. Publication date. 1. Demystifying Leadership - 2. Great Leaders Make a Great Difference - 3. Simplifying Leadership - 4. Competency Quest - 5. Leaders Must Fit Their Organization - 6. Great Leaders Possess Multiple Strengths - 7. Fatal Flaws Must Be Fixed - 8. New Insights into Leadership Development - 9. Case Study in Leadership Development - The. . Marine Corps - 10. What Individuals Do to Become Great Leaders - 11. Organization's Role in Developing Leaders.

is the president and co-founder of Zenger/Folkman.

It analyzes 200,000 assessments from 20,000 managers and presents new insights that demystify this complex subject. is the president and co-founder of Zenger/Folkman. He is a renowned expert in the field of survey design and data analysis. His passion to provide feedback and facilitate change is the source of his professional success.

John H. Zenger, Joseph Folkman. People can learn how to lead

John H.

Extraordinary Leader book. I appreciate the Zenger Folkman philosophy of building on your strenghts instead of focusing on your weaknesses. Start by marking Extraordinary Leader: Turning Good Managers Into Great Leaders as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Frank Vowinkel rated it really liked it Mar 08, 2014.

Secrets for developing leadership and competitive advantage in any organization

The Extraordinary Leader is a research-based book about leadership. It analyzes 200,000 assessments from 20,000 managers and presents new insights that demystify this complex subject. It clearly establishes the importance of developing great leaders versus being satisfied with merely good ones, and highlights the link between leadership behavior and an organization's performance.

From the authors' research, a new model of leadership emerges that challenges long-held beliefs about leadership competencies. The authors identify 16 competencies that tower above all the others-­­the ones that separate great leaders from the average. One of the book's major breakthroughs is its focus on the importance of maximizing strengths as opposed to merely correcting weaknesses. Further, the importance of balanced strengths is introduced: when strengths are clustered in one area, the leader is less effective than he or she could be with strengths in different areas.

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An incredibly interesting read. To break down the barriers of self-improvement and leadership in this fashion is ground breaking with the research that was done. The difference between improving best qualities and having that bleed into weaknesses as compared to striving for average is an amazing takeaway.

Definitely worth the read, whether you are in business or not.
Rose Of Winds
I liked this book very much - purhaps one of the best on leadership i've read. Unlike many other books, this one is supported by a robust and comprehensive study conducted by the authors, who also did a great job in analyzing and interpreting data and presenting the findings to the readers. I liked the fact, that the authors didn't just try to impose their opinions, but rather provided the readers with the facts and their interpretation of those facts. Great job in quantifying and classifying leadership attributes and studying the inter-relations between the attributes and potential impacts on the results. The book reads very good and is not overloaded with academical studies - it is practical, easy to follow and is build around leadership framework developed by the authors. I would especially recommend to read this book, if you are looking for an alternative (and probably more comprehensive) perspective on leadership, compared to the number of Gallup books (Strengthsfinders, etc.).
. . . to find out the HOW. The authors make great hay of defining the WHAT -- What is a good leader? What characteristics are essential, and which are nice-to-have? What are the fatal flaws that will torpedo a career and a team? But it's short on the Hows -- how can I develop these characteristics. My company has adopted the dimensions of THE EXTRAORDINARY LEADER for our evaluation and appraisal system for managers so I'm working through it with the managers who report to me. We are finding gaps in the text to tell us how to develop ourselves so we are filing in for ourselves -- being the extraordinary leaders we are! <grin>

Incidentally, I've gone through the 360-degree feedback the Zenger company offers. The company is having us do that exercise from the top down. I found it helpful, but it's not for the faint of heart. For a mediocre manager or for a manager with enemies, it can be absolutely devastating.
By using extensive research data, the authors 'back up' what they say better than any author I have read! A little wordy, the core statement of this book, that working on competencies in which the reader already excels (and their 'companion competencies') you can achieve much more for your own development and for your organization. This argument is well supported and I only wish the very basic data and its corollaries were presented in a simple chart for easier reference. Nevertheless, the fundamental position of the book is brilliant and represents very extensive data that is no doubt both valid and reliable.
Wow this book was purchased because I'm on a track to management and wanted to be sure I'm a Great Leader. I'm about half way through the book and it is amazingly helpful.
I chose this book as a gift for participants in my leadership development program because I think it is one of the best recent books on leadership. So many books seem to rehash the same ideas. The writing is clear and the ideas are equally applicable whether the person is just beginning on his leadership journey or is trying to refine her leadership skills even further. I especially like how the authors incorporate a lot of re without being dry.
I've read this book over and over throughout the years and I've learned something new every time. Great management book. Highly recommended. Book was in great condition. (Missing the dust cover) it was as described.