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by Joseph Bayly

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Author: Joseph Bayly
Publisher: Word Books; First Edition edition (1981)
Language: English
Pages: 174
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Imagine an America not too many years distant  . Start by marking Winterflight: A Novel as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Imagine an America not too many years distant  .

Joseph Bayly never lets us forget in the book the parallels he draws between this futuristic America and Nazi Germany. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Winterflight : a novel. Winterflight : a novel. An America that seems perfect on the surface, but whose ethical underpinnings have totally collapsed. More relevant today than when it was first published 25 years ago, Winterflight poses the question, What does it mean to live as a Christian under a government with laws contrary to God's laws?

By (author) Joseph Bayly.

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Imagine an America not too many years distant.

An America that seems perfect on the surface, but whose ethical underpinnings have totally collapsed.

An America where abortion is the rule for imperfect fetuses and euthanasia is mandatory at age 75.

Jon and Grace Stanton's allegiance to God is about to be put to the ultimate test in this future society. As they struggle to protect two memers of their family from the laws of the land, they must rely on each other and their faith as they never have before.

This novel, first published in 1981, seems increasingly predictive in its description of a world where morality is dictated by technology rather than the Word of God.

Comments: (7)
I read this several years ago and just realized it is back in print. Joesph Bayly was ahead of his time. This a must read. His premise, if I remember correctly, was that the sanctity of life was for ever shattered with the legalization of abortion. Now with the new health care challenges we face this story is no longer a fictional book.
I read this book at first printing but now it is more relevant to our day with government healthcare policy!
This is a classic! Frighteningly accurate of how our political processes might be taking us! Very sensitive treatment of difficult end-of-life issues.
The seller did a fine job of packaging and shipping in a very timely manner! Great seller!
The book content is very direct and often harsh for some readers. Fairly easy read as the writter stayed on the plot and did not go into side stories much at all. The content and punch line is a bit disturbing but the author did write an answer to a letter he recieved and he did a fine job of explaining his position he took the storyline in.
More of a food for thought book than a feel good, warm fuzzy!
This book was written over 30 years ago and shows what can happen when government takes over healthcare. It is a frightening scenario of doctors being forced to go against their consciences in treating patients or face being put into prison, patients having no say in their healthcare and being assigned to doctors, and no room for the old or disabled in society. In fact, the disabled are considered nothing more than spare parts for everyone else.
Through the course of the narrative many questions are raised, many situations are set up, but are left open. Rather than to think this was an error on the part on of the author, this was instead asking a bold "What if..?" these type of events were allowed to unfold without so much of a protest in everyday real life. After all, some practices within todays society go on as if fully accepted without quarrel while others seek the same acceptance, and thus, do the same disrespect to the sanctity of human life the author makes references too.

While I was disturbed by the ending, I fully understand where the grandfather felt there was no other recourse for him or for his grandson. But, isn't that the point?

Where was the Christian witnesses when and where it was needed? Where were his Christian brothers and sisters? All cosy until they happen to be affected by "the termination notices"?

For a society to view all those 75 yrs and older as disposable and all children born with ~any~ type of physical abnormality or condition as defective should that be considered just as, if even not ~more so~ disturbing?

This is a very timely book with a very timely message for all those who cherish the sanctity of human life.
I wouldn't really say this is a great work of fiction nor was it meant to be. I believe that the story is an allegory for the direction that the author saw the country turning.

He envisioned an America where everyone has universal healthcare and no one suffers from the ravages of Tay Sachs, hemophilia, or sickle cell anemia but where those who have these conditions and other congenital deformities are aborted or live Brain Dead in Body Banks ready to 'donate' a body part to those in need.

No one worries about having to live on social security into old age as once you turn 75, the government has you report to a euthanasia center(shades of Edgar G. Robinson in "Soylent Green").

The future he paints is not bright and the ending of the story is not pleasant, but with recent cases in the news and the ascendancy of the culture of abortion and euthanasia the late author may have painted a picture of where we are headed as a society
The book is a disturbing look at what America might be in the future. 20 years after this book was originally written, I live in a state with legal abortion and legal physician-assisted suicide. An America closer to the one written about in the book than the one in which the author lived. I agree with another review that calls the book a wake up call. The most disturbing part of the book is the failure of the characters in the story to have acted earlier. They were content to live in an America that decided who lived and who didn't untill the ones who were told to die were in their own family. The father in the story, Jon, says that he "is no Dietrich Bonhoeffer." Indeed! Bonhoeffer opposed Hitler's policies of death from the beginning and resisted them untill his execution. Joseph Bayly never lets us forget in the book the parallels he draws between this futuristic America and Nazi Germany. As a medical student and scientist, I found the book to be an important reminder of the implications to today's research and medical practices.