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by Joyce Lain Kennedy

eBook Resumes For Dummies download ISBN: 047008037X
Author: Joyce Lain Kennedy
Publisher: For Dummies; 5 edition (January 10, 2007)
Language: English
Pages: 384
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Rating: 4.5
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Category: Work and Money
Subcategory: Job Hunting and Careers

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388 Pages · 2011 · . by Kennedy, Joyce Lain. Academic & Education Career. How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world Doug Lowe has written a whole bunch of computer books, including more than 35 For Dummies books Networking for. Statistics: 1001 Practice Problems For Dummies. 75 MB·17,967 Downloads. 2 1,001 Statistics Practice Problems For Dummies. Part 1: The Questions. The questions Statistics: 1,001 Practic.

Joyce Lain Kennedy is America’s first nationally syndicated careers columnist. Resumes For Dummies is one of a trio of job market books published under Wiley’s wildly popular For Dummies branded imprint

Joyce Lain Kennedy is America’s first nationally syndicated careers columnist. Her twice-weekly column, CAREERS NOW, appears in newspapers and Web sites across the land. Resumes For Dummies is one of a trio of job market books published under Wiley’s wildly popular For Dummies branded imprint. The others are Cover Letters For Dummies and Job Interviews For Dummies.

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Joyce Lain Kennedy is a nationally syndicated careers columnist. Kennedy is the author of seven career books, including the award-winning Job Interviews For Dummies and Resumes For Dummies. The author, Joyce Lain Kennedy is a syndicated columnist on HR issues, and apparently has lots of friends in the HR business, based on her acknowledgements both in the text and at the end of the book.

Resumes For Dummies book.

Dear Joyce, I have read your 'Resumes for Dummies' book with joy, laughter, and a deep sense of gratitude. What a Godsend you are to those of us who are resuming a career

Dear Joyce, I have read your 'Resumes for Dummies' book with joy, laughter, and a deep sense of gratitude. What a Godsend you are to those of us who are resuming a career. Many of us have the confidence and fortitude to 'kick butt' out there in the workplace, yet the featly skill of preparing an actual resume can reduce some of the best of us to fainthearted dread.

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Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Resumes for Dummies (6th ed).

With a recession that has caused a 10% unemployment rate affecting 1. million Americans, having a winning resume is vital to securing an interview-and it demands a fresh look at how you write your resumes and market yourself. Instructions for writing an inclusive core resume.

Is your job search stalling out after you submit a resume but before you're offered an interview? With reinvented recruiting technology, unmanageable millions of resumes choking employer databases, and government mandates in the name of diversity, a gigantic change has occurred in the recruiting world over the past several years—and it demands a fresh look at how you write and market your resumes.

Whether you're entering the job market for the first time, changing jobs, or changing careers, Resumes for Dummies, 5th Edition will show you the ropes and rules for a new era in recruiting and job finding. With 85% new content added since the previous edition, this up-to-date guide gives you the very latest strategies on how to create, and more importantly, distribute your resume in today's new job search environment. You'll learn:

Why most generic online resumes fail How to customize resumes for each job opening New quick ways to find the right jobs How to use meta search engines to your advantage Why both digital and print versions of resumes are still needed How to use resumes interactively The resume basics that still knock 'em dead How to create resumes for your life's changing phases What to do after you send them your resume

With a wealth of sample resumes—organized by industry and career field, experience level and age, and special circumstances—along with tips on choosing professional resume help and other valuable resources, Resumes for Dummies, 5th Edition will help you get noticed in a universe saturated with billions of resumes and more on the way.

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I reviewed the 6th Edition of Resumes for Dummies by Joyce Lain Kennedy on Kindle to evaluate its usefulness as a resource for college students and recent college graduates who are preparing to enter the workforce. The book is designed to teach job seekers to create resumes and search for jobs in today's job market. In my assessment, the book has benefits and drawbacks for students and recent graduates.

The main benefits of this book for college students are the general resume writing information and the general job searching information provided for the new environment of today's job market. According to the author, the Internet and current technologies such as smartphones and social networking have significantly changed the way job seekers must interact with potential employers. The author provides a wealth of information for finding employment in this new environment that would benefit any job seeker.

The author devotes a subsection of the book to specifically address the needs of recent graduates. This area offers specific advice to recent college graduate. For example, the author advises recent graduates who lack direct work experience to "thicken your work experience by including all unpaid positions - internships, special projects, and volunteer jobs."

Another feature of the book that I found to be especially beneficial was its information for job seekers lacking experience outside of their education. While job seekers who gains experience during college are in a much better position than job seekers who do not, those without experience do exist and they need to know how to create a resume that showcases the knowledge they have gained through their education. The author includes an example of a resume written by a job seeker with only education-related experience.

The greatest drawback of this book is that only a small portion of the book is devoted to recent graduates. The book focuses mostly on mid-career professionals who are seeking changes.

Another drawback of the book is the presumption that the job seeker knows the basics of resume preparation. While the book does review some of the basics of resume writing, the information is obscured within the other topics of the book. Students and recent graduates who need help with the basics of resume writing might have an easier time if they begin with a different resource.

A drawback of the Kindle version of this book is that the resume examples are difficult to read. This is a significant drawback because examples are necessary for a resume book. Having the examples helps readers understand the author's explanations. Also, the examples serve as models job seekers can use to develop ideas when creating their own resumes.

Despite drawbacks of the book, I found it to be a beneficial resource for job seekers entering the job market after college. Students and recent college graduates will likely gain an advantage in the job market by follow this author's advice.
As a career transition coach with more than 20 years experience assisting mid-career professionals and executives with their job transitions, I can appreciate the difficulty in keeping up with the changes in how jobs are found and what needs to go into a resume and other job search documents, how they are distributed, etc. This book demonstrates how quickly things change. I am reading the 6th edition, copyright 2011, and in the 2nd chapter found 7 websites that were recommended had already (2014) had gone away! Also there is some very bad advice, on page 57, Ms. Kennedy quotes "a leading expert" in online testing giving advice to fake results on pre-employment personality assessments because "Employers rarely conduct studies of personality test it really does not make much difference." Employers have become much more savvy about using pre-employment assessments and if you, the employee, turn out not to be the person you claimed to be on your assessment, you may not make it through the next step of the interview process or not last very long on the job! My advice, think longer term than the next interview, when taking these assessments, because job fit is more important than getting any offer. I am only a fifth of the way through the book and have found it desperately needing updating.
Buying this book is a no-brainer, whether starting your resume from scratch, or updating it after many years. I purchased 3 of the Dummies job's books together. I used them, along with some internet sites, and built a resume for my son. After I handed them out to some potential business owners at a business expo (not a job fair), I was able to assist him in procuring a job in his chosen field of computers. I wouldn't recommend only using this one book, but it gives you some basic information regarding resume styles depending on your job experience, and the type of work you are looking for, and also the key words that are needed to be used in today's world (what HR picks up on depending on what type of job you are looking for). I would highly recommend getting this book.
I really didn't use it like that. I can't say that I will use it in the future, but I will probably reference to it.
Steamy Ibis
I already had an older copy of this book. I really like the examples in it, so I decide to get the current version for my kindle. It's a little difficult to read the examples on the kindle because you can't adjust their size for some reason. Oh well. If you can manage it's still a good reference.
Very helpful especially when used together with the book Knock'em Dead Resumes by Martin Yate. These two books when used together are very helpful in understanding the does and don'ts of resumes so long as they are the most recent editions of both books.
Excellent book
Extremely well written with lots of examples for many different fields and situations. Updated my 17 year old resume into a first class modern resume.