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by Sabina Shalom

eBook A Marriage Sabbatical download ISBN: 039608365X
Author: Sabina Shalom
Publisher: Dodd Mead; 1st edition (April 1, 1984)
Language: English
Pages: 305
ePub: 1423 kb
Fb2: 1127 kb
Rating: 4.6
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Category: Traveling
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Sabina Shalom is the author of the book A Marriage Sabbatical.

Sabina Shalom is the author of the book A Marriage Sabbatical. Born and educated in England, psychologist, social worker, Sabina Shalom, was a volunteer with a British Relief Organization to work with concentration camp survivors in Europe after WWII. Later she directed an operation which brought orphaned children to England and place them in foster homes. On her return to the US, Sabina read for the blind and became a hospice volunteer.

A Marriage Sabbatical book. A Marriage Sabbatical is the true story of Sabina Shalom, who exchanged a brilliant single-life career for marriage and motherhood. A Marriage Sabbatical is the true story of Sabina Shalom, who.

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This is the true story of Sabina Shalom who exchanged a brilliant single-life career for marriage .

This is the true story of Sabina Shalom who exchanged a brilliant single-life career for marriage and motherhood. After thiry years of making a home for her husband and their two sons, she felt frustrated in her role as live-in-maid and asked her husband for time off with pay! With a back-pack and only fifteen hundred dollars, she traveled fifty thousand miles alone around the world.

A marriage sabbatical. A marriage sabbatical. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

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Sabina Shalom, former Volunteer (1940-1941). Go to ww. abina shalom.

A Marriage Sabatical is a beautiful book. It is a privelege to accompany this remarkable woman on this physical and spiritual journey" - Lynn Eckman (Professor Roanoke College), Roanoke Times. A Marriage Sabbatical is a wise and worldly - a lively and affectionate story of how one woman coped with unexpected crises and pleasures. Larry Rumley, Seattle Times.

And now we have "A Marriage Sabbatical" by Sabina Shalom, who backpacked around the world. An old schoolmate of Shalom's husband called to invite both of them to visit in Australia. Shalom grabbed at the opportunity. Her husband grabbed it back. Both women, while radically different from each other, emerge with a heightened consciousness of self and - not to be too "Spa Ladyish" about it - considerably thinner. But Irvine, a young, liberated single woman, knew who she was before she embarked upon her rough island idyll.

The author describes her backpacking trip around the world, which gave her a new perspective on her marriage and her life
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Once I heard about this book, I knew I wanted to read it. Once I read it, I knew I had to share it. I bought copies for all my friends and family! It’s simply an exceptional story and the author shares it in a way that really takes you along on her journey. And what a journey that is. I can’t recommend this book enough- it’s timeless and truly an easy, must read. So inspiring and so well told. It’s a perfect gift and I’m so glad I heard about it!
Read this many years ago and have recommended it to many people. Wonderful story of a woman who had the guts to travel on her own to many unusual countries. Funny, hair raising stories of different situations she found her in. Have loaned it out and unfortunately don't have a copy. SOO glad to see it on kindle. She lived in Miami Beach and I live in Miami. A must read for any adventurous woman.
I've given this book a 4-star. I haven't finished it yet, and wll come back and update.

This is a very engaging story. A lot of middle-aged women would identify with Sabena, trying to find a new purpose after the family is raised, and the husband is too busy with his life to notice hers. I like the honesty with which she writes. Her journey is certainly not the normal vacation, or sabbatical, but you're carried along with her from country to country, enjoying the ride. And sometimes being glad if you live in a better country.

She reveals her emotions very well. When she's afraid she's being held hostage, you understand how she got there. You don't think she's stupid.

Some of the details about the different countries are not my favorite parts, but without the information, the story wouldn't be complete.

If I wasn't so busy, I'd sit down and read it from cover to cover. Or is that from screen to screen? :) It's definitely a good read!
I had read this book 22 years ago. I borrowed it from an Air Force Base library. Back then, I had just moved to the US from South America and was feeling depressed, anxious and simply out of place. The book greatly helped me with my (back then) incipient, poor, horrible English. It was really helpful, both with the language and to lift my spirits and hopes.

I am an English teacher now, I teach Technical English at the main University in Paraguay, South America, at the Faculty of Chemistry. And I am reading the book again, 22 years later. It is just fascinating, and fun, too. Women might find it very inspiring. I did. Thank you for helping me to have purchased it.
This was one of the best books I have read in a long time! Ms. Shalom's book reads like a piece of fast-paced fiction; however, it tells the true story of a middle-aged woman really looking to find herself and rekindle the spark of a long, staid marriage, and she is completely rewarded in the end. I loved hearing about all her travel adventures and wish that I could tag along with her on a trip sometime! One of the amazing things about this memoir is to read how she sets her mind to doing something and then to read about the daring, sometimes scary, sometimes hilarious ways she ends up accomplishing this goal! She does not take "no" for an answer! I truly admire Ms. Shalom; what a feisty, spunky woman - a real dynamo! Her story is simply remarkable, and she delivers it in a totally readable, uplifting and enjoyable way.
A wonderful story of a middle-aged woman regaining the independent spirit of her younger self. A wonderful travel story of both the external and internal worlds.
Too long and wordy
This book is a gift to women who need a push of some sort to get on the plane and rediscover themselves as brilliant, dynamic and unique human beings away from their spouses, children and responsibilities that come along with families.
This is a beautifully written story of one woman's adventure around the world, a right she had to fight for after years of sacrificing herself for the needs of her loved ones. Far away from the many roles she is so used to playing, she sees the world, herself and her marriage in a new light and inspires all of us to take a good look at our own lives.
I had the honor of meeting the author, who remains one of the most dynamic and extraordinary people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thanks to her book and my wonderful husband, I have taken many "only me" trips, grateful for the inspiration and the "permission" the book gave me.
A fabulous, timeless, relevant and delightful gift for any person who likes to look at maps and whisper:"someday..."