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by Matthew Teller

eBook The Rough Guide to Switzerland 2 (Rough Guide Travel Guides) download ISBN: 1843530643
Author: Matthew Teller
Publisher: Rough Guides; 2nd edition (June 23, 2003)
Language: English
Pages: 645
ePub: 1531 kb
Fb2: 1512 kb
Rating: 4.6
Other formats: lrf mobi doc lrf
Category: Traveling
Subcategory: Europe

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Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. The Rough Guide to Switzerland 3 (Rough Guide Travel Guides). Категория: География, Краеведение, Туризм.

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The Rough Guide to Switzerland 3 (Rough Guide Travel Guides).

This Rough Guide to Switzerland has a useful combination of travel narrative, color pictures, maps and diagrams for the enterprising traveler. The text is divided by geographic area within Switzerland, along with introductory sections on Switzerland and its practicalities for visitors.

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Rough Guide To Switzerland book. 1843530643 (ISBN13: 9781843530640).

Beyond the hinterlands, we uncover the surprisingly dynamic alternative scene in Switzerland's cities, its cutting-edge contemporary galleries and myriad film, music . Make the most of your trip with The Rough Guide to Switzerland.

Make the most of your trip with The Rough Guide to Switzerland. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

The Rough Guide to Switzerland digs beneath the hype to show you how to get the best of this beautiful country. A full-colour section introduces Switzerland''s highlights from the iconic Matterhorn to Zurich''s markets. Throughout the guide there are inspiring accounts of every attraction, from world-class art galleries to classic train journeys. There is practical advice on where to find the best mountain walks, the most scenic ski resorts and perfect alpine hideaways. In addition there are accommodation reviews for all budgets and in-depth background on Swiss culture, history and wildlife.
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This guidebook covers Switzerland from a British point of view. The Rough Guide series is not known for it's in depth coverage. The entries in this guide tend to be brief--only giving a mention and a list of business hours and transportation info. For those who are looking for more in depth coverage, this obituaries style of writing may leave you looking for something else. If you cut out the phone numbers, lists of business hours, and transportation information, then the page count would be cut in half. Also, for a book that spends so much time talking about transportation, it's a little frustrating that there aren't more maps to illustrate the directions. If you're looking for a comprehensive guidebook for Switzerland, I would get another guidebook.
Areas of the country are easy to locate. Good regional maps. Some accommodations provided (nice to have moderate listings as opposed to many travel guides that list the high priced, luxury places) and eating places, but kept minimal so that the majority of the book focuses on things to see and do. Particularly like the "travel details" section at the end of each chapter that gives trains and bus information which includes length of time to travel between cities.
I have been to Switzerland many times. Recently I sat down with my daughter who has worked at a hotel at Interlaken in Switzerland during her years in Business Administration at McGill - up to last summer - and we went over the Switzerland guides to see how they ranked, and what was currently the best guide in our humble opinions. We are not experts but have certain requirements and preferences. It helps if one can get a feel for the area in advance of a trip, and generally that is helped by good maps and color photos. So those guides do better in our review. We like to make reservations by internet and telephone and just use the Guide as a "guide".

Generally it costs more to publish a book with color photos so when all else is reasonably equal, one feels that they get better value with a guide with photos. Also we wanted to see if the ambiance at certain hotels and resorts was accurately portrayed in the text based on our knowledge. So those aspects of the guides determine our ranking. Incidentally all the books are excellent. When we did our review the new DK Eyewitness guide was not yet available, but in any case it will be short, under 400 pages.

For the Swiss guides we separated the guides into three groups, 5, 4, and 3 stars.

5 Stars (this group has nice color photos plus maps and text).

A. Green Guide to Switzerland published February 2001 by Michelin, 395 pages, $14., ranked 24,380 on, 0.64" x 9.4" x 4.7", lots of photos, maps, text, accurate portrayal of areas. Gives a nice idea of what you will find. Goes right down to small villages in detail even though it is just 395 pages. First choice.

B. Lonely Planet Switzerland published July 2003, 335 pages, $ 14., ranked 29,913 on, .69" x 6.42" x 6.5". Solid effort, lots of good photos and descriptions.

4 Stars (this group mainly text and maps).

C. Rough Guide to Switzerland published June 2003, 704 pages, $13.27, ranked 30,209 on, 1.08" x 7.8" x 6.38". Solid effort lots of things to see and do and best "text and maps only" books.

D. Frommer's Switzerland published February 2003, 512 pages, $15.39, ranked 47,638 on, 1.1" x 8.5" x 5.08". Similar to Rough Guide but shorter.

E. Fodor's Guide to Switzerland 42 edition, published December 2002, 448 pages, $14.7, ranked highest in group on at 3,172, 1.2" x 8.98" x 5.01". The smallest in the group, do not know why it is so popular?.

3 Stars

F. Michelin Red Guide published in 2004, 563 pages but in four languages: Italian, French, German and English so English sections are just a fraction of the book.
What I like best about the Rough Guides is that they give critical reviews. They will point out the tourist traps and will give negative reviews. I find that Frommer's and Fodor's rarely point out the negatives to a particular hotel or site. The rough guide is very critical and is a great balance to these other guides. I would balance your trip to Switzerland with a Fodors (or Frommers) book because the maps are often better and there are more higher end hotels listed.
This book will help you decide where is best to spend your vacation in Switzerland. There are clear critical descriptions of all the regions and great general info on getting around in Switzerland.
If you aren't interested in "roughing" it and staying in lower priced hotels.. the guides are still very useful in rating attractions, and areas in which to stay... but you will need another book to look at more moderate and luxury hotels.
I would definitely read this book before going to Switzerland.
As a solo traveler through Switzerland this book was amazing. I leafed through other travel guides before my trip and finally decided on this one due to it's thoroughness about various regions and it's extras (history, festivals, maps (loved all the maps) etc). I spent two and a half weeks there and this guide made it all worthwhile. I recommend it to anyone going to Switzerland!
I'm the author of the Rough Guide to Switzerland - I couldn't resist responding to the review below titled "A must for a Swiss trip" by 10za. Rough Guides may have started out 22 years ago as "rough" backpacker guides, but the guide I wrote is anything but! As well as budget sleeping & eating options all round Switzerland, we cover high-end choices in detail. Here's a brief rundown. In Geneva we give full, hands-on reviews of the best six luxury hotels, and seven more midrange hotels, plus critical assessment of fine restaurants such as Le Bearn and Miyako. In Zurich, discriminating reviews of five luxury hotels, ten more midrange hotels (six in-town and four out-of-town), and eight of the city's grandest restaurants. Where to stay inexpensively - and very expensively - in St Moritz, Montreux and Gstaad. The cheapest nosh in Bern and the finest cuisine in Lugano. You get the idea. Had to put the record straight.