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by Louis CasaBianca

eBook The Rough Guide to First-Time Europe 5 (Rough Guide Travel Guides) download ISBN: 1843530457
Author: Louis CasaBianca
Publisher: Rough Guides; 5th edition (April 28, 2003)
Language: English
Pages: 256
ePub: 1614 kb
Fb2: 1755 kb
Rating: 4.2
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Category: Traveling
Subcategory: Europe

The Rough Guide to First-Time Europe 5 (Rough Guide Travel Guides). This was an awesome, information book about traveling in Europe. It gave me a lot of things to think about and consider, as well as some addresses of agents etc. and personal advice

The Rough Guide to First-Time Europe 5 (Rough Guide Travel Guides). 1843530457 (ISBN13: 9781843530459). and personal advice. It was also a really entertaining, I sped through it.

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Rough Guide Travel Guides. Louis Casabianca first visited Europe on a three-month Eurail pass. This soon turned into an extended ten-month trip, including long detours to Russia and the Middle East. 5 Maps, 16pp Colour Illustrations. He has since had just about every conceivable adventure (and misadventure) during countless trips to the continent.

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You can get to Europe, even travel around it, without help. But without a little pre-trip planning, you'll make mistakes – wasting both time and money. The Rough Guide to First-Time Europe gives you the tools you need to get the best out of your trip, whatever your time frame and budget. There are expert tips on every aspect of travelling around Europe, from how to pick up free accommodation to how to earn money when you're on the move

The Rough Guide to First-. has been added to your Cart. I wish I had found this book before my first visit to Europe.

The Rough Guide to First-.

The Rough Guide to First-Time Europe tells you everything you need to know before you go on your first trip to Europe, from information about visas and insurance to budgets and packing. You'll find insightful information on when to go and what not to miss, how to stay safe and - perhaps most important - how to get under the skin of a place and meet the locals in a natural way.


I know you’re at least thinking about going to Europe, or you wouldn’t be reading this book. Every year thousands of people just like you head to Europe for the first time, and I’d guess all of them want the best trip they can get for the money. This book is intended to help someone taking one of those trips see Europe as cheaply and as enjoyably as possible. The first time I traveled to Europe I just picked up and went, and had to learn the hard way. That trip was a wonderful experience, but it would have been much easier, and certainly less expensive, if someone who had been there before had given me his or her advice. Now, several years and much European travel later, this book contains the advice I give to friends before their first trip.

The very first and most important piece of advice I can give you is one word: GO! If you have the time, and can find the money somewhere, anywhere, just GO! You will not regret it, I promise you. When you walk into St Peter’s in Rome and look down a central aisle longer than two football fields, over the spot where Charlemagne was crowned twelve centuries ago, and then give a glance to the right and see Michelangelo’s Pietá, you will not regret going. When you sit on a beach in the Greek Islands and watch the sun set into the Aegean Sea, and listen to the others on that beach laughing and chatting in six languages as the ouzo and wine get passed around, you will not regret the time and money it took to get there. When you wake up in Paris and have a choice between going to the Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre, or Versailles, or Notre Dame, or the Cathedral at Chartres, or a dozen other wonders only a walk or a train ride away, your trip will seem very cheap indeed. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t try to go as inexpensively as possible; in fact, this book is written in large part to help you do just that. But later in life, when you look back and ask yourself whether it was worth it to go when you did, I promise you the answer will be "Yes." If you have the time and the money, do it. If you have the time, but think you don’t have the money, keep reading, and maybe I can show you that Europe for a few weeks, or for a summer, can be a lot cheaper than you think.

And, if the whole process of going seems like too much of a bother, too much planning and time, remember the following: by spending a summer in Europe you will visit countries that are both much older and very different from your own, and gain a new perspective on your own country as a result. You will meet people who happily live lives very different from your own. And you will see some of the greatest creations of the human mind and spirit: legendary wonders of art and architecture that form a large part of the collective heritage of the human race. That’s why you’re going to Europe, not to hunt for the cheapest hostel or the best rate of exchange. Remember this during all the dry talk about money and packs and all that practical stuff.

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I was extremly excited to get this book and read it from cover to cover fairly quickly. Louis gives quite a bit of great, practical information that the first time travel might not think about. The only place I found it lacking was for those of us who can't flit off to Europe for the summer. I would have enjoyed more information for the older working traveler on their first trip to Europe. All in all the book is still an excellent reference that I will be using to help me plan my 1 week trip to Paris (at least I think it will be Paris!) although the one page on a two week trip sounds so wonderful I'm trying to figure out a way to extend my trip!!
The best advice in this book was "Don't worry, just GO!"
This book is great to help you plan your trip before you've even bought your tickets. It gives great tips and advise on packing and traveling. It doesn't discuss different'll need to get a "Let's Go" type of book for that. This book is strictly for preparation for people on a budget.
This book is great for First-Time visit to Europe, but you have to get a more updated version.. It keep quoting figures of how much things cost and how much money you need to fly there. Today all those figures are outdated. The rate of exchange is non existent.
If you have never been to Europe and are thinking of traveling there independently (or, perhaps even with a tour, although tour guides tend to dislike "educated" tourists...) you NEED this book! I only wish I had such a book to guide me when I began traveling many years ago.

As the book itself states, it is NOT a guidebook for sites to see, lodging, specific costs, etc. What it DOES do (and rather well...) is outline the skills and tools you need to travel successfully--and not just in Europe, as the skills Mr. Casablanca relates are applicable in any travel situation.

Being a well-traveled person myself, anytime someone asks me how I "do it", or if I hear of someone planning a trip to Europe for the first time, I ask them if they have read this book. If not, I tell them it is REQUIRED reading if you want your independent trip to go smoothly. Many of the tips and ideas laid-out in the book I had to learn by experience--not always a joyful thing when traveling. While I value experience in travel, if you can save yourself a few headaches, why not??

As I mentioned eariler, the skills outlined in this book are fully transferable across continents and local regions. The book gives you practical ways of dealing with almost any situation you will encounter--anywhere in the world. The information given is well-researched, easy to follow, and never goes out of's always useful.
What I like best about the Rough Guides is that they give critical reviews. They will point out the tourist traps and will give negative reviews. I find that Frommer's and Fodor's rarely point out the negatives to a particular... The rough guide is very critical and is a great balance to these other guides.
If you aren't interested in "roughing" it and staying in lower priced hotels.. the guides are still very useful in rating attractions, and areas in which to stay... but you will need another book to look at more moderate and luxury hotels.
I would definitely read this book before going to Europe.
This doesn't have as much practical how-to info. as Rick Steves' Backdoor book. But it has tons of details about different countries & cities. I think those two books together will really help me on my first trip to Europe this fall.
This book covers everything, it is the kind of book you read before going to Europe for your 10th time. This book has so much information it helps every kind of traveler. It's just a great read. Buy this book before you leave, and treat it like your bible.
This was a fantastic read. It's packed with practical advice, true, but the real strength of this book is the author's encouraging spirit. His love for Europe, his passion to share this love is infectious. He makes you feel like you can really do it!