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by Allyson J. Weseley Ed.D.,Robert McEntarffer

eBook Barron's AP Psychology (Book  CD-ROM) download ISBN: 0764193244
Author: Allyson J. Weseley Ed.D.,Robert McEntarffer
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series; 3 edition (July 1, 2008)
Language: English
Pages: 368
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Fb2: 1730 kb
Rating: 4.7
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Category: Teenager
Subcategory: Education and Reference

The content is well-organized and written in a clear, concise way. I found no extra information in it that wasn’t on the test, so the content is accurate to what you need to know for the test.

The content is well-organized and written in a clear, concise way. While this book contains all information you need to pass the AP Psychology test, I found that Hank Green’s Crash Course Psychology videos are a great supplement to this book.

Robert McEntarffer & Allyson J. Weseley

Robert McEntarffer & Allyson J. Weseley. Provides information on the scoring and structure of the test, offers tips on test-taking strategies, and includes a total of five practice examinations between the book and CD. Abstract: This updated manual offers detailed preparation for the AP Psychology exam.

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AP Psychology Paperback – 16 March 2009. by Robert McEntarffer (Author), Allyson Weseley (Author). This book covers everything about psychology. Definitely would recommend this to any student taking the AP test.

The manual can be purchased alone or with an optional CD-ROM that presents two additional full-length practice tests with automatic scoring and fully explained answers. BONUS! An exclusive online exam included with the purchase of the book or the book with CD-ROM.

Start by marking Barron's AP Psychology with CD-ROM as Want to Read . This book has everything.

Start by marking Barron's AP Psychology with CD-ROM as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. I highly recommend it.

2016 Серия: Barron& ap psychology exam Язык: ENG Издание: 7th ed. Размер: 278 x 214 x 26 Читательская аудитория: General (us: trade) Рейтинг: Поставляется из: США Описание: This updated guide offers content and test questions based on the most recent version of the AP Psychology course objectives. Comprehensive answer explanations for all questions.

Weseley, Allyson J; McEntarffer, Robert. Barron's Educational Series, Inc. Collection. Introduction: using this book - Overview of the AP psychology exam - Important names to study for the exam - History and approaches - Methods - Biological bases of behavior - Sensations and perception - States of consciousness - Learning - Cognition - Motivation and emotion - Developmental psychology - Personality.

This updated manual presents an extensive subject review covering all test topics plus three full-length practice tests that reflect the actual AP Psychology Exam in length, subject matter, and degree of difficulty. All test questions are answered and explained. Test topics reviewed include research methods, the biological basis of behavior, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, learning, cognition, personality, abnormal psychology, and treatment of disorders. This manual also presents an overview of the test, extra multiple-choice questions for practice and review, test-taking tips, and an analysis of the test's essay question with a sample essay. The accompanying CD-ROM presents two of the book's practice tests with answers, explanations, and automatic scoring, as well as extensive subject review.
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This is everything you need. I was the only sophomore that took this course last year (currently a junior) and I just got my results back in July, and I got a 5!!!! I pretty much had a 98/99 average for the year (we took it as a full year course- it's technically a half year course i guess?, had a GREAT teacher (we learned everything in this review book, so I can attest to the fact that this, if well learned/reviewed, has the likelihood to earn you a 5), read my text book, but I probably could have gotten a 4/5 with just this book (like self study). On test day I felt like I practically had the test memorized!

One MAJOR THING is that I DID NOT take any practice tests or essays from this guide. This is purely based on the information in the book (but the 10 or so questions after each chapter I did).

I feel that studying for the essays with ONLY this book will really hinder you. This is PERFECT for multiple choice and the essay TERMS (Essays are pretty much using specific terms in a hypothetical situation or experiment), but if you REALLY WANT A 5 you MUUUUUUST go on the college board web site, get all of the past test essays(40-ish?) and try to do as many as possible. This is what we did in class along with taking a lot of great notes.


- PERFECT for essay terms and all of the multiple choice
- IFFY (possibly) on the practice tests and essays.
- Do at least 10 of the past essays from the college board site over the year (timed like the test) and get your teacher to grade it and give you tips on it.

Definitely recommend.

If you need any study tips/particular questions about the book or flashcards (I also bought the matching flashcards) COMMENT and I'll try to answer them (It's been a few months since I've had the course so bear with me)
I studied this book religiously the last two weeks before the AP test. I was actively taking notes and repeating the information, but in the end I got a 5 on the test and it was ridiculously easy. Most of the answers I had I remembered from studying this book. Great guide if you don't want to waste your time going back through the textbook and such, but beware- this is not for just slacking off and not studying throughout the year. It's simply a great review guide that helps you nail down what you really need to know.
Having not tried other review books as points of comparison, I cannot say Barron's is the best. However, I can attest to the fact that it is a fantastic preparation tool for the official AP Psychology Exam. I used this book to study instead of sifting through my text book again and felt like I was breezing through the test after doing so. No psychology textbook can hope to cover everything that could appear on the exam, but using this review book after taking the course will probably fill in any gaps in understanding. It includes no information that you definitely won't need to know, explains concepts thoroughly, and highlights the information most relevant to the exam. The guide includes a list of the most important studies and researchers, many of which actually appeared on the exam, and there were several questions that I only knew the answer to because I used the practice tests provided in this review book. The greatest benefit of these practice tests (of which there are three, one diagnostic and two real) is that they are a little tougher than the actual exam questions, so if you do well on them you know you're prepared for the real thing. It's also good just to have a perspective on psychology other than the one you've been studying all year from your textbook's author. I'd say using a review book like this for psychology gives you the best shot at a 5 on the exam.
My son just finished the 10th grade. Midway through the year, he registered for an online Psychology class, not AP. We decided that it would be worth it to register for the AP Psychology test in May, knowing that his AP result could not hurt him and might help. Perhaps a month before the exam, we ordered this book.

There are two sample tests on paper and two on CD. These were great, because there was a table to key the missed questions to the subject areas. This helped to identify strengths and weaknesses. It is certainly easier to do this using the CD test, since the program tabulates that information for you; it is much quicker than manually scoring and matching up paper test results. If he uses an AP review book for any future classes, I would certainly pay the difference and get the CD.

The bottom line: he passed the AP exam. He was the only student in his online class, so no study partners, no class discussions, and not an AP course to begin with. I'm certain that taking the class was important, and provided the volume of information tested. But I think that this book helped him prepare to be tested, helped to fine tune areas where more study would help, and even provided some useful strategies (this was his first AP exam).

It was well worth the purchase price.
I bought this book for a an AP Psychology class I was taking that it was required for. Perhaps the most impressive thing was that I ordered this on a Friday from amazon while on a trip out of state. I needed it the following Tuesday and despite using basic shipping for $4.00, it was at my door that Sunday. I had expected to not receive till that Monday or Wednesday at least, so I was relieved.

The review book itself was informative and thorough. I was glad that my teacher had picked such a comprehensive text as a review, because it did helped me study and feel comfortable taking the AP test. Nothing really notable stands out about the book, other than that it is dry. I will not hold this against the authors, because for the quantity of information it packs into relatively few pages, this book is a gold mine for test takers.

To close up, the CD enclosed does work, and on Mac OSX (if you have Flash player), but I did not use it. Upon trying it, the test taking experience on the CD seems sound, so if that's what you want go for it. If you are just looking for an AP Psychology review book though, this is it.