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by Daniel Giordan

eBook The Art of Photoshop: Premium Edition Barnes and Noble download ISBN: 0672327341
Author: Daniel Giordan
Publisher: Sams; Premium Edition edition (November 9, 2004)
Language: English
Pages: 336
ePub: 1418 kb
Fb2: 1941 kb
Rating: 4.6
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Category: Technologies
Subcategory: Software

By (author) Daniel Giordan.

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How to Use Adobe Photoshop CS. by Daniel Giordan. ISBN 9780672327513 (978-0-672-32751-3) Softcover, Sams, 2005. Coauthors & Alternates.

Experience the highly visual format of the Art of Photoshop: Digital Photography Workshop and learn how to take good source photos and transform them into display-quality digital works of art with visual effects used in Adobe Photoshop.

The art of Photoshop.

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With The Art of Photoshop, best-selling author Daniel Giordan succeeds in merging practicality with beauty as he presents more than a dozen eye-catching, thought-provoking images, and as he deconstructs each image, providing to the reader: A lesson in graphics ideology - what about the image is interesting; what mood the image creates and how; how color, element arrangement, text and graphic additions, and so on add to the impact of the overall image. Information on how a particular Photoshop technology was used to create the image. Details about finishing the image, including descriptions of the thought process involved in experimenting with some ideas that never made it into the final image.
Comments: (7)
Rollers from Abdun
I was a fan of the author as I had bought his book in 2003. I later found the CS2 version (2006)and bought it hoping to have more beautiful images to work through. But here I am flipping page by page and in 3 years nothing has changed between these 2 books except the photo on the cover. Now are they word for word identical? I don't know - but I do know is all the images are the same. In looking through the Table of Contents everything is the same - even the page numbers.

There's nothing like being duped by a piece of work that you invested good money into buying. I expected some overlap but in 3 years nothing changing pretty much means they just re-invented the book by changing the cover I would think there would be some warning to previous fans/buyers. In the field of computers, and software - 3 years is a lifetime! Yet, in a book - nothings changed?

I say "fans" of the author because the book does provide some very interesting advanced PS methods that still have basis in the last software release. For those that are looking for the sort - wanting to take PS to a different level you would like the book. My only problem with it is "they got me" - I was duped - and it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth!
I also own the first edition of this book and it is pretty wonderful too, but this covers many of the updates since Photoshop 7. It is too bad the author and publisher haven't updated it again, but one can hope. The things you can learn from this book are pretty unique. Not just how to fix your photos, but how to combine them, and the functions of Photoshop to make art. There are chapters of theory and explanation so you can use your own photos and get them to do what you want to do, and there are step by step explanations of how to do exactly what he did with his photos, and files, on the CD with those photos on them.

The book is unique since other books with similar information are quite different. I own several of the others so I can compare them.
I believe i have nearly every photoshop book written in the last eight years and many are of little if no help to me a visual artist who uses photographs as part of my work. The book is well written and a fount of creative ideas - just exactly what I have been wishing for. Not being a graphic designer i don't use the tools photoshop has to offer in the way they do. Saying that, i recognize if you don't know how to use the tools pretty well, the writer will get you lost. He knows his stuff and assumes that you do too. Still, it's well worth the money and i would recommend it to any artist who might use photos in their work.
This is a beautiful book and I highly recommend it for any Photoshop user beginner, advanced or anywhere in between. I consider myself pretty advanced in Photoshop and I learned a lot from this book. Just overall a great book and you won't be disappointed.
I have a library of Photoshop books and there are two main types- those that deal with how to use Photoshop with no identified purpose in mind (nothing wrong with that) and Photoshop books for the digital photographer which can teach you how to get rid of blemishes or a blown out sky, etc (nothing wrong here either). In many of the latter type of Photoshop books there are sections on manipulating your photos to create art, however, the end result very much maintains the basic identity of the original photo. With The Art of Photoshop we have a very rare book, a book whose goal is to inspire photoshophers to create art, as you would see in an art gallery, with the software. Even if you are not inspired with Mr. Giordan's art, he suceeds in teaching you the tools to go create your own art. Differing from other books that touch upon Photoshop art (via manipulation of your digital photo), this book's end products do not necessairily have a direct relationship with the starting photograph(s) and sources, thus the term "art". As in any art gallery, there is some "art" that Mr. Giordan has created that I don't really care for and could be made fun of such as the burning baby example given in another review. By the way, Mr. Giordan makes it clear it is not actually meant to be a burning baby. Getting back to the book. even if I did not care for some of the art created, I still found it very valuable to learn how the art was created. Although Photoshop version CS2 was not covered much at all, still, this was an aspect of Photoshop use I had not seen much about at all- the creation of art, not just manipulating my photographs with filters to give it a Van Gogh look or whatever. If you would really like to create original art with Photoshop and not just merely manipulate your photographs with filters and such, this book is really worth a look. It has taught me techniques that I can use to create artwork that is appealing to me and I think that was the goal of the book in the first place- not as a showcase for Mr. Giordan's art, but to show the capabilities Photoshop has for creating art and this book magnificently teaches how to tap into those capabilities. I agree that if you are not interested in creating art with Photoshop this is not the book for you, however, if you are, GET THIS BOOK! It is a rare type of Photoshop book.