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by David A. Karp

eBook Windows XP Annoyances download ISBN: 0596004168
Author: David A. Karp
Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (October 18, 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 586
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Rating: 4.5
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Windows comes to the rescue with Windows XP Annoyances

O'Reilly's popular series for troubleshooting Windows comes to the rescue with Windows XP Annoyances

By recognizing these shortcomings, Windows XP Annoyances for Geeks arms you with the knowledge to overcome them. Karp leaves no stone unturned in providing the ultimate resource for the ever-expanding Windows XP market.

By recognizing these shortcomings, Windows XP Annoyances for Geeks arms you with the knowledge to overcome them. Скачать (chm, . 3 Mb). Epub FB2 PDF mobi txt RTF.

However, the designers of Windows XP have built enough flexibility into their product and provided users with a sufficiently large toolkit to overcome most shortcomings. In Windows XP Annoyances David Karp reveals his ideas about how to use Windows XP most effectively, for maximum fun and productivity and as little aggravation as possible. If you're comfortable working with Windows XP (or any of its recent predecessors) but find certain aspects of it, well, annoying, you'll find this book to your liking

Windows 7 Annoyances: Tools & Techniques to Improve Your Windows 7 Experience by. David A. Karp. Windows XP in a Nutshell by. Karp, Tim O'Reilly (Goodreads Author).

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David A. Karp is the author of the bestselling Windows Annoyances series of books and the founder of Annoyances. David also writes for PC Magazine and is the co-author of Windows XP in a Nutshell.

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In an ideal world, an operating system would do its work in the background while you did your work in the foreground. In our world, however, operating systems constantly get in the way, and Windows XP is no exception. There hasn't been such a dramatic change in Windows computing since the introduction of Windows 95. Windows XP contains dozens of important new features designed to make your work easier, including improved performance, but also introduces numerous quirks and unaccountable behaviors that are guaranteed to increase your level of perplexity and frustration.O'Reilly's popular series for troubleshooting Windows comes to the rescue with Windows XP Annoyances. This book is not designed to complain or criticize, but to acknowledge the problems and shortcomings of the operating system in order to overcome them. Complete with a collection of tools and techniques, this book allows users to improve their experience with Windows XP and establish control of the machine--rather than the other way around.Based on the author's popular Windows Annoyances web site (, Windows XP Annoyances offers solutions, tips, workarounds and warnings that enable you to both customize and troubleshoot Windows, including:

Understanding the Windows Registry, including the use of the Registry Editor and advanced topics such as finding the right Registry Keys and restoring a corrupted registryCustomizing the interface beyond Microsoft's intentions, including many undocumented tweaksMastering Windows built-in networking capabilities, including advanced technologies such as Internet Connection Sharing, Remote Desktop sharing, and virtual private networkingRepairing Windows XP now that the DOS safety net is goneAs author David Karp says, "The more you know about a tool you use--specifically, Microsoft Windows XP--the better your day-to-day experience with it will be." Windows XP Annoyances is the intermediate and advanced Windows user's best resource for turning Windows into the user-friendly, customizable interface it was meant to be.
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Why buy a book on Windows XP with VISTA coming soon? Unless forced to, I am sticking with XP and not going to VISTA. After several years of use, I finally have XP working the way I want. I have spent many hours tweaking my system for improved security and efficiency. Even so, this book which I bought in November 2006 has hundreds of tips I would not have discovered on my own. Nearly all of the tips are useful to the power user. The advice is solid and much easier to access than the Windows Knowledge Base or even searching the net. Plus the book is not biased by the MS party line. The book should be titled "How to get the most out of Windows XP". Based on my experience, this book is definitely a best-buy recommendation.

While I am ranting, I should add that I bought this book after the napster cat appeared in my version of Windows Media Player. It was either there all along, and I never noticed it, or it showed up after one of the ubiquitous MS updates. I am a business user and not interested in outline content stores. In fact, the cat is embarassing to me when I use media player in presentations. I resent the fact that MS would build this commercialism into Media Player without an easy option to eliminate it for those of us who do not wish to be solicited. I also resent the fact that MS uses OS updates to change my settings in favor of their own products.
This is fun! Apparently, Amazon has everything I ever bought there on file, and says I can review each purchase! Yes, I bought this back in the darker ages of computing and yes, it did a great job of finding a way around all the detours and obstacles Microsoft seemed to delight in building into their operating systems. To be faitr, I'm a life-long computer programmer (big iron) and XP was their first attempt at a "real" operating system. When I finally gave it up, it was for Win7, also a great OS. My new laptop came with Win8 - and it's back to la-la land. I suppose this book has some value as a historical reference, but I'd bet they're not selling like hotcakes nowadys.
If you are an experienced Windows user and are about to move to, or have just moved to XP, this is the one essential book on the subject and probably the only one you will ever need. I have found it invaluable, and heads above Microsoft's "Windows XP Inside Out". Don't let the term annoyances fool you into thinking that this is just a book about problems encountered with XP, it also contains all the information you will need to make XP work the way you want, including:
How to avoid some serious problems with installation;
Differences from other Windows versions;
Ways to customize Windows not found in Microsoft's book;
And yes, all the quirks and pitfalls that make XP "annoying" compared to previous systems, and how to work around these annoyances.
Manual for the person who is an occasional computer user and doesn't keep up on all the nuances that Microsoft has embedded in their software packages. This book is also useful for those who get stuck on something and can't find a way out using conventional instructions. Highly recommended to all.
A great resource for anyone that has to resolve problems occasionally or regularly on XP operating systems. Broken into sections to make it easy to pinpoint the symptoms and resolution you are looking for to solve your problem.

Anyone in the business of troubleshooting PCs and networks will find it well worth the price. No helpdesk should be without it. System Administrators will definitely want this in their library. Once again I find mine getting borrowed regularly.
This book does a great job of explaining how one can deal with and correct the many annoyances that plague the user with computers running XP. As is typical, however, before I was able to apply all that the book covered, XP was replaced as an OS by Windows 7 and a whole new learning curve began with an.all-together different set of annoyances. Time for a new book!
Of little relevance to those of us with XP Service Pack 3 and/or Win 7 Pro 64 bit.
I do think this book is one you need after you have learned how to compute. I found it very useful and informative even after 10 years of computing. I'm only about one quarter thru the book but have done a lot of their suggestions and found them to be very useful. Worth buying.