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by Nancy C. Muir

eBook Kindle Fire For Dummies download ISBN: 1118267885
Author: Nancy C. Muir
Publisher: For Dummies; 1 edition (December 20, 2011)
Language: English
Pages: 200
ePub: 1614 kb
Fb2: 1757 kb
Rating: 4.6
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Category: Technologies
Subcategory: Hardware and DIY

Your Kindle Fire HD is loaded with new features, and this book shows you how to take advantage of every on.

I love my Kindle Fire HD, but couldn't keep going back and forth between the directions and what I was working on. "Kindle Fire HD for Dummies" gave me the opportunity to try new things without losing what I had accomplished. 28 people found this helpful.

Learn all about the cool things your Kindle Fire can do with help from longtime For Dummies author Nancy C. Muir and these five Fire features that are sure to fuel your love of tablets and technology. 1. Content, Content, Content! Kindle Fire is intended to be a device you use to consume media, meaning that you can play/read all kinds of music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, e-books, magazines, and newspapers.

Kindle Fire For Dummies. From the Book: Selected Kindle Fire HD Features. Browse through the Apps feature to find popular games and bestsellers and discover new must-have apps.

Covers the Kindle Fire HD and original Kindle Fire Helps you navigate the interface, customize your settings . Nancy C. Muir is a writer and consultant as well as the author of more than 100 books on business and technology

Covers the Kindle Fire HD and original Kindle Fire Helps you navigate the interface, customize your settings . Muir is a writer and consultant as well as the author of more than 100 books on business and technology. Библиографические данные. Kindle Fire HD For Dummies -For dummies.

Spark your interest in Kindle Fire HDX and start burning through books, movies, music, and more with this bestselling .

This full-color, For Dummies guide shows you how to take advantage of all the Kindle Fire’s functionality including browsing the web, sharing photos, watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, reading newspapers and magazines, and personalizing the device for your needs.

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Kindle Fire For Dummies book.

Covers the Kindle Fire HD and original Kindle Fire Helps you navigate the interface . How This Book Is Organized

carousel previous carousel next. Nanotechnology For Dummies. How This Book Is Organized. For Dummies books don’t require a linear read, meaning that you could jump in anywhere and find out what you need to know about a particular feature.

Blaze into the future of tablets with the Kindle Fire and this one-of-a-kind e-book!

Amazon's all-new Kindle Fire tablet device sports the latest technology, and this e-book helps you take full advantage of all it can do. It walks you through all the tablet's features, shows you how to set up the device, navigate the touchscreen interface, buy music, stream video, download apps, and read e-books from The book demystifies this all-new tablet and provides a handy reference that can be conveniently downloaded and read right on your Kindle Fire device. Looks at the new Kindle Fire, which features revolutionary technology and access to cool new services; this e-book explains both in plain EnglishIs only available in e-book format and downloads directly to the Kindle Fire and other Kindle devices, making it a handy reference you can take virtually anywhereCovers not only the basics, but also tips and tricks for taking full advantage of the Kindle Fire and the services of Amazon's online stores

Kindle Fire For Dummies is packed with powerful tips designed to help you get more punch out of your Kindle Fire tablet.

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Great "in other words" Explanations - of course you can find operating instructions on your Kindle Fire - however, consider this: A wonderfully written Kindle Fire operating manual you can use at the same time you are working on your Kindle Fire!

This is my key reason for having a useful "Dummies and Reference Guide" that you can turn the actual paper pages as you work on your Kindle Fire. This guide gives you great illustrations and explains more than what you have on your Kindle Fire.

INTERESTING TIP: In this book you'll find you can download to your computer and then print it out as a manual, or print out just the pages you would like to. You'll get it in about a minute - it will be saved on your Amazon Cloud and on your computer and on your Kindle Fire.

If you are use to the "Dummies" style books you will appreciate the way it is written and that you don't need to read it from cover to cover; just go to the part you need information on.

Enjoy your Kindle Fire even better with this book!
I have owned many "For Dummies" books over the years and have found that most, if not all of them, seem to forget their own title. This one is no exception. While it does meet certain needs, such as getting you up and going, but then you can do that right out of the box. The only real complain I have is that this book, along with others, is they are not quite detailed enough. They said things like, with such and such screen open you do this, but in the case of some folks, they may not know how that screen got opened. They should write as if the person who purchased the book knows nothing about that subject. However, having said all that, I have found the book to be a big help in that this is my first purchase of a tablet of any kind. By the way, I do love my Kindle Fire.
The "Kindle Fire for Dummies" did not quite come up to my expectations. It covered the basics fairly well, but I had thought that it would go into much more depth than it did. I still have many questions about the Kindle Fire that have gone unanswered. Of those questions:
1. How do I go about sharing a book between me on my Kindle Fire and my wife on her Kindle Fire. I could not find anything on that topic and I surely don't want to have to purchase the book twice, especially since that feature is part of the Kindle Fire marketing material.
2. What's the difference between reading a book from the "cloud" and one that was downloaded?
3. When a book is "downloaded" to one of our Kindle Fire's, why does the Kindle Fire come back with "No wi-fi connection" when we attempt to continue reading that book. What happens when you are in a car, or airplane and there's no wi-fi connection available. If the book is downloaded, it shouldn't require any wi-fi in our thinking.
These are some of the questions that I had expected to be answered when I purchased the "Kindle Fire for Dummies", but were not covered. Therefore, I'm disappointed in this purchase.
Bill C.
Most Instructional books come up short these days in that they assume much to much in hte way of product knowledge on the part of the reader or reading audience. I have long and loudly argued that "Books for Dummes" are mislabeled because they strive for completeness or thoroughness in their content. Kindle Fire for Dummies meets this level of performance. Thus, I recommend it to any owner of a Kindle Fire seeking to maximize his or her enjoyment of this magnificent product. I salute the publishers of this terrific book and the developers and manufacturers of this terriffic product.
John Tyler Gibson, Livonia, Michigan USA.
Not clear enough for me to be able to relate. Felt it was not kept up to date with current available versions of product. Chapters/headings were not stated in language I can understand I am not of the tech generation.
This little "Kindle Fire for Dummies" book, by Nancy C. Muir has really come in handy for me. I don't find it easy to keep up with the young people who have grown up on all of the wonderful gadgets that are available, so I was a little unsure about asking for a Kindle Fire for Christmas, but since I purchased this wonderful book from, it has really made it so much easier for me to get comfortable with my Kindle Fire. It has a great Table of Contents and Index along with lots of easy to understand black and white photo-graphics that make it so easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to quickly find their way around the Kindle Fire.
I really don't like these books except to give you a jump start and explain some essential things; but I really feel it can help you with the basics. Then jump around the kindle and have some fun.

I use it when I have to find out if something can be done on the fire and I am not sure if it's possible.

I take my fire with me , but I don't drag the book along. I wish they would revamp and color code some things that are important and place them in a list that you remove andtake with you. They can explain the reasoning later on when you actually want to read the book.
The book was and is totally useless. It was a waste of money. Hands down. I went looking for the basics- where to load a card or how to put my Kindle on airplane mode. Useless. I will not be buying any self help book like this again. I ended up asking the 9 year old little boy down the block for help and while he doesn't have a kindle, within minutes, he figured a few things out and gave me a very informal but quick tutorial. I bought him a McDonald's food card and with his mother's permission, I have his home phone number on my phone.

By the way..The only reason I gave this review one star is because it wouldn't let me submit this without putting something down. What a rip.


Peggy Converse