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by Seth Bates

eBook SharePoint 2003 User's Guide (Expert's Voice) download ISBN: 1590595149
Author: Seth Bates
Publisher: Apress; 1st ed. edition (July 6, 2005)
Language: English
Pages: 368
ePub: 1681 kb
Fb2: 1542 kb
Rating: 4.9
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Category: Technologies
Subcategory: Hardware and DIY

Bates has over 12 years of experience engineering business solutions, primarily using Microsoft technologies

Seth Bates, Tony Smith.

Seth Bates, Tony Smith.

Book · January 2005 with 2 Reads. Isbn: 978-1-59059-514-5.

by Seth Bates and Tony Smith. Online blogs didn't help. Microsoft phone support didn't help.

Published January 1st 2005 by Seth Bates and Tony Smith. 1430200405 (ISBN13: 9781430200406).

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* Provides a "real world" view and best practices around using SharePoint 2003 technologies to meet business needs.

* Seth Bates was the technical reviewer for both of Scot Hillier’s books.

* Lists the most common deployment scenarios of SharePoint technologies and the ways to best leverage SharePoint features for these scenarios.

Comments: (7)
It helped understand the software and how to use it. Trouble is it keeps changing and it's hard to keep up with the different versions.
If you need another good reference then this book will help. It has several examples and suggestion that all levels of experience can use.
You will have more help on the help menu or much more help on the discovery kit that you can get downloaded from Microsoft.

This book doesn't give you a needed view and does not give you a real example of a deployed scenario. It does not explain the role of the Active directory and how to take advantage of it. It does not explain why you would need to create a Portal Area and why you would need to change the factory properties (like Division, Region) that come with the product.

The explanation is very straightforward but it's useless for a project leader.
I am an IT executive who has been a heavy SPS user for the last 1.5 years. During that time I have met with many companies that have an interest in Sharepoint, but who do not have a good vision on how to use it. I have seen a gap in understanding the core capabilities as well as how to put the pieces together into a solution. This book fills that gap. It covers all the core capabilities of Sharepoint in a clear, understandable way. In addition, it shows how to put the pieces together into solutions such as document collaboration, project collaboration, meeting mangement, and information centers. This book will appeal to a broad audience, from IT and business/IT execs to information technology implementers. This book is a good place to start if you are considering implementing Sharepoint or you just want to learn more about it. If you have already implemented Sharepoint, this book can fill in the gaps in your knowledge.
Excellent read! The book held my hand through some of the rough areas of Sharepoint and helped me set up a comprehensive Project Management site for my team. The samples were very helpful and covered the right topics. You get a good appreciation for what Sharepoint has to offer and how you can customize it to your needs.

I recommend this book to anyone just starting off with Sharepoint. No deep technical knowledge required.
I'm an experienced software developer and an IT executive for a financial services company who was looking to see what Sharepoint could bring to my organization. I found the book to be a great learning tool for anyone who wants to see what Sharepoint is all about, and dive deeper into its capabilities. It is not "too" simple for someone who has intimate knowledge of software development and systems integration, yet it won't go completely over the heads of someone starting out.

A recommended buy for anyone interested in using Sharepoint, and a start for a more strategic or technical person who wants to find ways to integrate it into a business environment.
I have used this comprehensive users guide as my support for any and all issues regarding development of the sharepoint site. Online blogs didn't help. Microsoft phone support didn't help. This book helps. It has a description of every aspect of the sharepoint system and is just unbelievably helpful. This book has already paid for itself in terms of time and money saved. GREAT!
Finally a book that explains how to use Sharepoint!I love the detailed examples; the authors left no stone un-turned. The second half of the book really helped me get myself organized by walking me thorough sample document & project collaboration solutions, as well as meeting management solutions.