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by Anna Dolores Ready

eBook A Cat's Life: Dulcy's Story download ISBN: 0517588722
Author: Anna Dolores Ready
Publisher: Crown; 1st edition (September 22, 1992)
Language: English
Pages: 90
ePub: 1554 kb
Fb2: 1335 kb
Rating: 4.7
Other formats: lrf docx doc azw
Category: Self-Help
Subcategory: Death and Grief

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Dee Ready's A Cat's Life: Dulcy's Story is beautifully, memorably illustrated by the spectacular artwork of Judy J. .This outstanding book is a story about the befriending, training, hurt, and love that a cat, Dulcy, and her human experience throughout their life. King and simply wonderful reading from first page to last. A Cat's Life; Dulcy's Story. Published by Thriftbooks. As Dulcy's tells her life story with her human you will smile, laugh and even cry as their life together unfolds. As an animal lover and friend this story made me remember all the patience my dogs (2) and cats (2) have had to endure while training me.

I bought this book because I just lost one of my beloved cats, Marbles, and I was hoping a book like this would help me with my grief. It did not. The narrator's accent grated on my nerves, the choices the "human" makes on behalf of her cats often angered m. had 5 cats (now 4) and I volunteer for animal organizations. I just wanted the human to make Dulcy an indoor-only cat so the awful things that happened to her would stop happening! It was only . hours, so I finished it, but I would not recommend this book.

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Dulcy, a cat, recounts her seventeen years of life with her human mistress, and describes how their relationship developed
Comments: (7)
At first you might think, "Oh, how cute! A book supposedly written by a cat and her owner - I'll get that for my cat-loving friends." But please don't underestimate this book, because it is SO much more than that. It's about longing and disappointment; it's about hurt and heartache. It's about caring, compassion and commitment. Most of all, this book is about love and learning to trust in love. It's a love story and it's a handbook for LIFE.

Dulcy and Dee's lifetime together unfolds through 12 chapters in which Dulcy reveals her feline wisdom, meant to be helpful to "kits and cats," and Dee shares how Dulcy's guidance transcends species and can help us human beings live fuller, more loving lives.Dulcy's commitment to loving her human, whom she hopes with all her heart will someday also love only her, is moving and poignant. Dulcy is wise, she is proud and sassy, she is steadfast and true. She is clear about who she is and what she wants. We are mere humans, and so it is Dee who must learn from the example that Dulcy sets. Fortunately, she too shares her journey with us.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the book:
Dulcy: "Find your heartwish and begin to dream. Everything is possible for a kit - or cat - who dreams."
Dee: "...Given freely, love can make us unique .... But more than my love has made Dulcy special. She knows how to listen and how to give delight. She knows the possibilities of silence. But most of all, she knows herself to be loveable."
Dulcy: "I am old now and one day the great god of cats will call me. But I have planted memories in my human's heart. When I am gone, she will discover them there, and they will comfort her."
Dee: "How can we let another see the deepest, darkest secrets of our life? How can we let another see the yearning, the longing, the dreams, the heartwishes? ... How can we step off the cliff and trust ourselves to the abyss of another's love?"

As you can see from just these few snippets, the book is beautifully written. Dulcy's personality is so real and vivid that you will quickly forget she is a cat! And there are many, many more beautifully expressed words of wisdom for life from both cat and human, but I want you to have the chance to read them for yourself.

I really loved this book - so much so, that writing this review has made me want to read it again.

~Melissa Ann Goodwin, author of The Christmas Village
I started to read A CAT'S LIFE: DULCY'S STORY about an hour & a half ago & just finished. I could NOT put it down. I am so moved I truly do not know what to say.

First, I must comment on her prowess as a writer. She made this book--& Dulcy--come alive to me. I felt Dulcy was actually telling me her story. I felt the true love that creatures of two different species had for each other. How fortunate the two of them were to have found one another. I laughed when she was "training" her & I cried when she said, "I had to try to live--for her".

I had long considered "Marley & Me" to be my favorite animal book. She has now moved it out of 1st place. Although, to be fair, I really am not sure if DULCY'S STORY is an animal book or a love story. I guess it's both!

I would recommend it to anybody & everybody!

Dee Ready is truly a treasure--Dulcy knew that!
Just what I needed on yet another cold winter's day was this gracious gem of a book about a cat and her human! Like Dulcy waiting the return of her human, Dee, each day, "A Cat's Life: Dulcy's Story" had been siting upon my shelves waiting for just the right time to remind me that it was languishing patiently to be read.

Between Dee Ready's tender writings of Dulcy's story and Judy King's evocative illustrations, this charming little book was a balm for my soul - and I encourage all cat lovers, and sensitive folks, to read this and to gift a friend with a copy as well.
I love cats and this book is a sweet story of love, told from the cat's viewpoint of her life with her owner/human (Dee) from when she was a kitten until she dies. By the end of the story, I loved both Dulcy and Dee and their life together and I cried when Dulcy inevitably passed. A very quick but good read, and I hugged my cats afterward!
Fast Lovebird
This beautiful book found me a year after my precious cat died from throat cancer. I bet I read it 10 times, each time finding something new that related to us. It is tucked away, forever to be kept, tear-stained in the hallows of my mind and heart.

If you've never had or loved an animal, this book will change your heart and life me!
Dee Ready wrote the story of her beloved cat, Dulcy, totally from Dulcy's perspective. I was pulled into the world of being a cat so easily, as the writing is excellent. When I finished the book, being a human felt strange and foreign. So well written, so well-executed.
This book is so beautifully written. It's lovely and lyrical and touching. It would be a great book for parents to share with their children. Dee Ready is an outstanding writer.
this is a very touching story of a cat and its prepared to grab some kleenex. Gives the story from a cat's point of view. Absolutely loved it.