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by Marjorie Farrell

eBook Jack Of Hearts download ISBN: 0708947069
Author: Marjorie Farrell
Publisher: Ulverscroft; Large Print edition edition (August 1, 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 528
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Rating: 4.1
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Category: Romance
Subcategory: Historical

Caitlin Burke returns to her family in New Mexico from an Eastern school. Sequel to Desert Hearts. American Historical Romance by Marjorie Farrell; originally published by Topaz.

Caitlin Burke returns to her family in New Mexico from an Eastern school. Her horse, Night Sky, injured in an accident, has been cared for by wrangler Gabe Hart. Cait and Gabe are attracted to each other, but a threat is posed by the greedy cattle rancher Nelson Mackie to take over the Burke ranch. Heartless Lord Harry. Caught in a snowstorm, the Marquess of Sidmouth and his friend Viscount Clitheroe, sought shelter with.

Miss Heriot, I am very glad to see you. I wish to apologize again for my daughter’s behavior. There is no need, my lord, Anne assured him. d was hoping you could join us for a stroll in the park tomorrow?. The baron cleared his throat. I know we have not spoken directly about our mutual purpose in coming to London. But it is very important to me that you and my daughter form a friendship. As it is to me, Lord Leighton, Anne reassured him.

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Anne Heriot, the daughter of a wealthy mill owner, already possesses. See a Problem? We’d love your help.

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2000) A novel by Marjorie Farrell. Headed for London, she made a list of possible titled bachelors - and the charming Jack Belden wasn't on it. But he needed money to enrich his estate, so he put himself forward.

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Anne Heriot, the daughter of a wealthy mill owner, already possesses a sizeable fortune - she just needs a title to make her life complete. So when her quest for the ideal husband takes her to London, Anne draws up a list of eligible bachelors...Notorious womanizer Jack Belden is not on Anne's list. He's a titled charmer who needs money to resurrect his impoverished estate, but his sullied reputation stands in the way of a mutually beneficial marriage. However, when it comes to true love, only one man can get to the heart of the matter... A Regency romance.
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I had previously read only one book by this author - one I didn't particularly enjoy, that being - Miss Ware's Refusal - but still decided to buy and read another one and although for me, it was kind of a "plodding along" read, there were some aspects to the book that captured my soul.

In Jack of Hearts, we do have a very in depth storyline about a young "wool" heiress, Anne Heriot, who decides to go to London and "select" her husband from among the young desperate lords who need her money. She's highly independent and has run her business since her father's death with the help of her cousin who may or not be the villain in this story. Yes, she owns mills where wool is processed, hiring the village locals and even children as young as six years of age who work with dangerous machinery. The manner in which Anne goes about finding a husband is a type of role reversal, in that we normally read about the gentlemen searching out an appropriate bride in such a business like manner - not the heroine.

So, in that respect, the book was very unique. Anne and her solicitor agree to select three candidates upon whom she will focus her attentions. Of course we know from the beginning who she will wind up with because "Jack" is the person the book is named after - no brainer there. But, the journey takes awhile and first, Anne must needs go through the agony (for the reader) of deciding how and why the other two will not work out. It's quite a lengthy process and along the way, we have some really great insight into the concerns that a conscientious mill owner must go through while trying to ensure order is in place, families are taken care of, children's safety issues are dealt with while dealing with at least one former "Luddite."

The children working in the mills was repugnant to me until I began to consider how much the families depended upon the money. This took me back to my own background which involved my sisters and I working in the fields of California and Oregon alongside my parents from the time I was a young child. Yes, as soon as we were able to contribute in some small way, we were put to work. My father was an uneducated man who couldn't read or write so he was a farm laborer during most of his life. Although we were never ill treated by our parents, I recall being awakened at 4:00 am to drive 50 miles to Bakersfield where we would work in the potato fields. No, I was not strong enough to pull the potato bag between my legs while bent over walking down the potato row as did my father and older brother. But, at 7 years old, my 5 year old sister and I could pull all the rocks out and cast all the potato vines aside, placing the potatoes on one side of the row in order to make it easier for my father and brother to pick up the potatoes. The primary goal - they could pick up potatoes "faster" - which was the key word because the more potato bags you set aside for the mechanical picker to come along and pick up, the more $$ would be earned. So, I spent my young years working in the cotton fields of Western Oklahoma, the potato and grape fields and walnut orchards of California and the strawberry and bean fields and cherry orchards of Oregon. Therefore, when I look at my own life, I can understand why families depended upon the work and labor of their young children in these wool mills. Ideal? Hardly! Necessary for survival of the families? Often! Was there a better way to live? Definitely! How to find that better way for your family? Often - seemingly an impossibility!

But Rome wasn't built in a day so during the years this storyline covers, many of the necessary reforms for child labor were not in place and children were at the mercy of their parents and the manufacturers - in short, a cheap and often effective means of getting labor performed even though much of it was despicable when one considers the young boys used as chimney sweeps and the uglier aspects of child labor in the mills and factories.

Because this book gives us such a good background story about the issues both owners and workers involved in the mills faced, I have added a star to my review. Against the backdrop of the life of Anne Heriot and her focus on her wool empire, we also have a very sweet romance between Jack and Anne. Unfortunately, it takes a very long time to get to the romance part. Jack, however, stands out as a man who didn't lose his self esteem when he was purchased like a stallion at Tattersall's which in itself was an amazing feat for any writer. Yes, women were expected to accept such a demeaning experience as a matter of course, but to write about a hero experiencing this was and is brave. The biggest issue I had with this book is that we don't get many warm feelings between Jack and Anne until the book is very nearly done. I am a big fan of warm feelings and do expect quite a bit more in my romance books.
adventure time
"I have always thought the questions we ask ourselves more valuable than the answers."

This is a superb sequel to the magnificent RED RED ROSE. Though, in my opinion, not quite the equal of the first novel, it is nonetheless exceptionally good. This isn't frothy; it invites the reader to think. That's not to say it's a heavy tome ~ far from it! There's humor in all the right places.

Ms. Farrell's ineffable writing skill allows us to know the characters so be them...that we find ourselves there, sharing their journey. Jack, having served behind the lines in Spain during the Peninsular War, now finds himself back home in England with a title, loaded with the debts that came with it and in need of an heiress. Anne, a pragmatic soul and heiress of a mill owner, is in the market for a title and she has a list! Unfortunately for Jack, he's the darkhorse and all because of his innate charm. He's not a rake, he's just naturally charming ~ a lovely man ~ but Anne takes a dim view of his charms. Poor guy. But our Jack is indefatigable.

Amid the fun of the wooing going on, we see Anne become increasingly knowledgeable of, and involved with, the human element of one of her inherited mills. She is naturally kind and compassionate and it's interesting to watch the gradual development of her awareness and her conscience regarding her employees. She is beginning at square one, after all. She has been sheltered her entire life and the mills have been nothing more than debits and credits to her. I like Anne.

There is much more to this nifty novel than all I'm droning on about. A lovely, fun romance. An unexpected and sweet romance between two secondary characters. The frequent appearances of Val and Elspeth Aston...integral to the story, well as their happy, comfortable relationship with Val's father. That made my heart sing.

Such a pleasing, satisfying, interesting story!

Enjoy your reading! :)