eBook Tender Fury download

by Connie Mason

eBook Tender Fury download ISBN: 0843925507
Author: Connie Mason
Publisher: Leisure Books (December 1, 1984)
Language: English
Pages: 400
ePub: 1993 kb
Fb2: 1522 kb
Rating: 4.7
Other formats: txt mobi azw mbr
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Historical

Published by. Dorchester Publishing C. Inc. 276 Fifth Avenue. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the Publisher, except where permitted by law. The name Leisure Books and the stylized L with design are trademarks of Dorchester Publishing C. Printed in the United States of America.

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BEYOND THE HORIZON "Connie Mason is at her best! She draws readers into a fast-paced, tender and emotional . It was not appealing and the book just went down hill from there.

It was not appealing and the book just went down hill from there. However, Connie Mason is a very good writter and story teller, so if anyone wants to read a delightful Connie Mason book try The Laird of Stonehaven, Lionheart, Pirate, Pure Temptation, A Taste of Paradise or The Lion's Bride.

Two months had elapsed since she had been swept overboard during the fateful storm and despite the $ 5,000 reward he had heard nothing.

Two months had elapsed since she had been swept overboard during the fateful storm and despite the $ 5,000 reward he had heard nothing he believed it. He could not even give her a decent burial. Of one thing he was certain, he would never marry again. First Cecily and now Gabby. Surely there was a curse on him and the women he loved. He refused to inflict a sure death sentence on another woman by marrying her. Poor, innocent Gabby. She had died while saving his life.

Connie Mason's Tender Fury starts off predictably enough for a bodice ripper promising nonstop adventure. Gabrielle La Farge has just about resigned herself to her fate as a nun before her parents sell her to a man she has never met before, a plantation owner hailing from Martinique by the name of Philippe St. Cyr.

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Connie Mason surrender to fury - Free download as PDF File . df), Text . His fingers rubbed the nub hidden between the tender folds of pink flesh until she was slick with moisture. df), Text File . xt) or read online for free. ISBN - - The name "Love Spell" and its logo are trademarks of Dorchester Publishing C.

Comments: (7)
There's only one review, so I was prepared that there's adultery and such...********MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!************

But really, I was not prepared for my HUGE DISLIKE for the main characters. I hated the hero, Philippe, so much I wish he'd hurt his ding dong so he won't be able to use it anymore. He pretty much raped and abused his wife, (oh i'll get to the wife later). He couldn't keep his pants on. He desires his wife A LOT or anything that moves. As soon as he sees naked girls seducing him, he's a goner...and the nerve of him to put ALL the blame on his wife about the miscarriage was disgusting. I wanted to throw something and it ain't going to be my laptop....

Now granted, I knew he was going to cheat but I was curious as to what LED him to cheat. But noooo, he just cheats because he can, and he's horny. Take note, it's not like his wife was withholding herself from him, because even if she says no, he still takes her...and she can't he's getting some equally from his wife and others...I'm not saying him cheating would make it ok if she was withholding sex from him, but I'm just saying he has no respect for his wife...and he says he loves her? I don't believe for a second they loved each other. I believe that as soon as a girl seduces him again, strips naked in front of him, he would cheat on her without a doubt.

As for Gabby, I wish she would've just ended up with Marcel. Granted I know she feared him which led him to commit the act of adultery first, but it's sad that she felt vulnerable enough to fall under Rob's charms because he showed her gentleness that her husband should've showed her in the first place...but I think she should've cherished her vows even if her husband couldn't...

In the end, I just didn't believe their love was sincere...I wished she had ended up with Marcel, and twenty years later, Philippe is old and lonely, yet he's surrounded by his mistresses...and he sees Marcel, Gabby and HIS son, happy and together and he notices the resemblance between his son and himself...and realizes everything's too late...and he's miserable for the rest of his life...and yes I really wish him ill...

So in short, they should just call this book, "Cheaters in Love"
Where do I start? This book is absolutely horrible. I have read hundreds of romance books but this has to be one of the worst. Phillipe and Gabby are the H and h straight from hell. Our hero is not much of a hero. He is so horrible that I am not really sure if I ended up liking him or not. Biggest, most selfish manwhore that I have ever read about. Oh, but do not feel sorry for our heroine. She was just as bad. Everytime she felt that Phillipe treated her bad she would run and confide in the villian I can't tell you how many times she said he was her only true friend) and rant and scream about her husband. Sweet, viginal, innocent Gabby came across as a spoiled, stupid brat of a girl. Dense does not start to desribe this idiot. This loving couple actually cheated on each other quite a few times after the marriage vows. Why did I give it such a high rating you ask? Well, for starters be prepared to throw this book across the room quite a few times while reading it. But I promise that you will run over, pick it up and contiue to read. You will want to find out what will happen next, you won't be able to help yourself. Believe it or not you are going to start to cheer that these two stay together, I mean honestly nobody else would want them. They truly deserve each other. So climb on board for this trainwreck of a story. I promise you will love it (or maybe I should say hate it) as much I did. I am still trying to figure it out!!!
They cheated on each other way to much. Not happy with this book. Not into books with cheating involved. Not sure any this book.
Oh wow but this is an AWFUL book! Ok, I like soap operas, melodrama, all that jazz. I read the reviews for Connie Mason's "Caress and Conquer" and went in well prepared for what I would find. Though I didn't like certain aspects overall I liked the book. I read the reviews for this one and expected the same. IT'S AWFUL. Philippe is a monster who debases and abuses his wife extensively and cheats on her constantly. 'Course she cheats on him too but I don't really blame her as much as I do him. You'd see what I mean if you read the book but I REALLY don't recommend it. The entire plot itself is just over the top. The soap opera genre has "coincidences" all the time but this one just had too many. At one point in reading the book Philippe just HAPPENED to be in the same place as Gabby and I literally said out loud, "of course he is!" If I had been reading it in print form I might have thrown it across the room at that point but I didn't really want to do that to my laptop. Oh! And the dialogue! I have never read more contrived dialogue in my entire life! Uh, and someone needs to check their history books! I don't mind a little bit of flubbing for the sake of story when it comes to historical fiction but Mason has something happen in the book that doesn't happen until a HUNDRED years later - come on! All in all, one of the worst, and I do mean THE WORST, books I have ever read. And I have read a lot - I am getting my master's in literature. Believe me when I tell you to avoid this book - don't be stupid like me and take reviews "under advisement" - DON'T READ IT. Seriously, one star is too high.
I hate this book mostly because of the heroin so i don't know why people are putting all the blame on Philippe for all the bad thing that happen to the heroin. if you read the book careful you will see she brought all the problem on herself.first she cheat on her husband but people are not talking about that all they talk about Philippe cheating on her when she was the one who cheated on him first.i hate the heroin and the hero so much that the book made me sick.i don't blame Philippe for everything that happen to the heroin but i blame him for the way he treat his mistress in fact i felt so sad for her that i cried.taken as his mistress as a child and being use and beating by him and then taken from her family and sold was a very disgusting thing for any man to do to a women.i did not blame the mistress for what she did to the heroin in fact i was happy maybe it because i hate the hero and the heroin that the thought of both of them unhappy made me glade.