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by Norah Hess

eBook Raven download ISBN: 0843946113
Author: Norah Hess
Publisher: Leisure Books; First Edition edition (October 1, 1999)
Language: English
Pages: 391
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Rating: 4.4
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Category: Romance
Subcategory: Historical

Norah Hess is a good story teller and this is my second time reading Raven, first was years ago and this time . I am never disappointed reading Norah's book not enough time in the day once I start reading its hard to put down. Published 9 months ago. dmcrane.

Norah Hess is a good story teller and this is my second time reading Raven, first was years ago and this time on my Kindle. I enjoyed both times.

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Norah Hess - the complete book list

Norah Hess - the complete book list.

Along the Montana/South Dakota territory of 1886, cowboy Chance McGruder meets again with Raven, a recently widowed woman who has haunted him ever since he had been cheated of sleeping with her after paying her husband for her favors. Original.
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i love nora hess but i dont know what happen to her when she wrote this book!! it was long, and boring i wanted to punch raven in the face half way through the book dont let this one book of nora hess ruin it for u just pass this one up..
I love this book. I have for years. Its a great story of two people meeting by chance and falling in love with one another, regardless of how much they fight it.
This story has so much promise, then never really delivered. I don't like to knock books, because the authors work so hard writing them, but I was a bit disapointed in this one. The main character Raven was great, I liked her strong lead, but the male lead of Chase, I wasn't crazy about. The story was based on a woman who was married to a gambling husband who insisted she sleep with a handsome stranger (Chase) for $1000, this being in the 1800's, that was alot of money. She she reluctantly did it because she feared her husband if she didn't. When it was over, Raven soon became a widow by accident. Chase never knew and went on his way to his ranch in Montana. Raven was now alone and runs into her brother. They buy a ranch in Montana, and she soon finds out her neighbor is none other than Chase. This is where the book should have taken off, so to speak, but it never did. Chase didn't really seem to care that her dead husband used her like that and I had to wonder what kind of man Chase was to even ask to spend the night with the man's wife. It nagged me the entire book and when he felt he loved her already, I didn't feel convinced. There was also a second romance going on in the story that never ended or really took off either. The villains were real and true villians, but they also never took off, so to speak. This book had soooo much potential and it upset me that it never truly got off the ground.
The book was a good read, but it didn't stand up to previous Norah Hess novels. In my opinion Norah Hess could have done MUCH better. All Chase was interested in after find Raven at the neighboring ranch, was taking advantage of Raven and collecting what he considered to be enough sex to make up for the $1000 dollars he was out of. Though Raven was a wonderful character, I found it rediculous to have Chase pretend that they were intended to wed when Raven lost her memory, that seemed to me that that was just another way for him to collect what he thought he was due. Norah Hess can do so much better than this...
Not her best but it was an interesting story and the romance was steamy. I like good stories, plenty of humor with sizzling romance and a hero worth loving as in my newest favorite, "Anything, My Love" by Cynthia simmons. A real page turner.
Raven was an excuisite book, that was fun to read, and a perfect romance. The characters were awesome, and the herione, Raven was well developed. I loved Chance, and wished all through the book that he were mine! The only thing I didnt like was the fact that there was a seperate romance, that never got finished. i would have liked to here more about Troy, and Amy's pending romance. Other than that, I loved it, and cannot wait to read more books by Norah Hess.
This is my first book by Nora Hess and I must say, "I`am hooked". The characters jumped off the page and the romance was very hot. The story was quick moving and kept your attention quite well. I loved it.
I have read many romance novels, and none have caught my attention like, Raven. I am curious to see what other tales Norah Hess has waiting!