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by Aliyah Burke

eBook Greeley's Spyce download ISBN: 0557012864
Author: Aliyah Burke
Publisher: (September 24, 2008)
Language: English
Pages: 192
ePub: 1295 kb
Fb2: 1874 kb
Rating: 4.5
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Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary

He had nothing left; she had sucked him dry. But in a good way. A very good way. The chime of his watch told him it was three in the morning.

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Ernst Zimmermann’s life changed with a touch

Ernst Zimmermann’s life changed with a touch  . Every life needs some flavor in it and Ernst is bound and determined to prove to Kacy she is the one. After all, she i. reeley’s spyce.

Greeley's Spyce book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Greeley's Spyce (The Megalodon Team, as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Ernst Zimmermann’s life changed with a touch. The woman with satin.

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Greeley's Spyce - Aliyah Burke.

Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Aliyah BurkeReleased: Jan 31, 2013ISBN: 9781301535286Format: book. carousel previous carousel next. Greeley's Spyce - Aliyah Burke.

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Unexpected situations can be amazing if you allow yourself to believe.

What will prove to be stronger, duty or love?Keane Patrick is a top lieutenant in his leopard clan yet all it takes is one small wolf shifter and he is ready to follow her anywhere. The truth of who she was to him was revealed after their one night together. Unexpected situations can be amazing if you allow yourself to believe. Joseph Meyers grew up on a fruit farm in northern Wisconsin, and planned on spending his life there until the day his father kicks him off.

Book in the The Megalodon Team Series). Kacy Travis can't help but feel the electricity that flows between her and the handsome man she bumped into on the street. seemed able to penetrate through to her soul. What's a woman to do when faced with such temptation? Give in? Or will past memories ruin any chance she has even before it starts?Navy SEAL Ernst Greeley couldn't get the woman out of his mind.

A Naval pilot, a one night stand and years later a second chance, can they make it work this time? Pharmacological student, Ayanna Barker, was working hard to give her and her son a good life. Settling into her new life in Oregon, Lana faces more potential dangers while a newcomer to the vineyard sends her life in a new direction.

Ernst Zimmermann�s life changed with a touch. The woman with satin skin, the color of coffee with a splash of cream in it, was the one. At thirty-four, he had believed he was perfectly happy with his life as a Navy Seal.At thirty-four, Koali �Kacy� Travis has a thriving electrical business. Friendship was about as committed as she wanted to be with men. Up until the day her life intervened with the blond Caucasian, whose mere contact ignited something she thought dead within her.From a night on the beach in Hawaii, to their homes in Virginia, Ernst pursues this woman, resolute that they belong together.Kacy, reluctant to have faith in a man again means Ernst must fight to gain her absent trust and ultimately her love.Every life needs some flavor in it and Ernst is bound and determined to prove to Kacy she is the one. After all, she is�GREELEY�S SPYCE
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If it were left up to Kacey, they would not have a relationship. She used her past to hinder her from a loving relationship. She may have doubted her ability to be loved by someone but Ernst fought hard to keep her in his life, even after she pushed him away several times. He knew that she was who was destined to be in his life forever. He felt that soul stirring connection when they met.

I wished the author would have uncovered who her parents were and why she was left at an orphanage. Kacey had so much self esteem issues to work out on her own due to her being an abuse survivor and an orphan. Ernst recognized that early on and wanted her to get it out of her system so they could move forward in their relationship. I was shocked to read which one asked the other to marry them. An epilogue would have been nice in this story. I felt it ended too abruptly.

It was so hard to read about her relationship with Adam, the only person whom she felt that she could love. They had so much in common. He was so young and it was difficult to read of his illness and dying. I could have seen Kacey and Ernst married and adopting him if he were not ill.

This was a sweet easy romance story to read. It accurately depicted the issues abuse survivors have to work through in their daily lives.
This book was so good, it made me cry several times because it is deep. It deals with being raised in an orphanage, then being in a abusive relationship and terrified of that person even though you are no longer with them. It deals with feeling unworthy of any loving you and accepting a compliment because someone has put you down so much that you feel you are nothing. It deals with finding love of a man and trusting in him to be there for you and making you feel safe and complete. It deals with having so much love to give and helping people and giving it to an little boy at an orphanage that has aids that eventually dies. This book was "GOOD"! If we are really honest with ourselves we would admit we ask ourselves these questions that Kacy the female character in this book feels about herself. She also goes to meetings that help victim's of abuse in relationships. Like I said, it is a deep book and very good. A must read! It's realistic too regarding Ernst the male character in the book, how men can be sometimes and how they may feel when they meet "that one", they get crazy just like a woman does just differently. You did good Aliyah Burke, I look forward to reading more of your books. Keep up the good work!!
This series keeps getting better and better even though Lacy and Ernst started to get on my nerves this book kept my interest . I would definitely recommend this book.
This is the third title in the Megalodon series and the first I read. The potential was there for a great story. Kaci, the heroine, had a difficult childhood. Ernest, the hero, was a warrior at heart. Kaci had an abusive boyfriend who wouldn't just let go. All the elements for the typical romantic suspense. A woman conquering her past and allowing a man into her heart once again. We've all seen it done time and time again. Sometimes its done so well you don't mind another woman in peril story. Sometimes its done so poorly you wonder why the author bothered. This is the latter.
This book left me wondering......How many times would a man allow you to run away from him before HE gave up. Love or no love. The story did start out good by the middle i started to trail off. Also i wanted a super interesting Navy Seal mission. I never got it. I found myself skipping pages and we know when that happens it's a wrap. Also grammer and errors began in the middle to end of book. HATE when that happens. Now it hasn't stopped me from continuing the series so giving this another chance i have moved on to another one of her books.
I cannot get enough of the series. This is series that let's you get get a look at how military men love very talented women and how they would go to any length to protect them. Ernst and Kacy are so good together--> especially when he defend/protects her from an abusive ex-boyfriend. Yet, this particular books also takes a look at issues that are very real in society today and how Kacy has handled those issues and Ernst is proud of how she deals with the issues.
I am one to give away any spoilers but you can read other posts for that. Mainly it was not the a bad read but the heroine was a bit schizophrenic which got real old real fast but I guess in light of what she had gone through made sense. I just thought the character could have been for articulate with her feelings and emotions. Poor Ernst spent much of his time trying to pull things our of her which was like pulling hens teeth!
It was nice to read a story where the hero was just a regular guy. The story was more realistic, and believable than the ones where the guy has a gazillion dollars and is hung like a donkey. It was quite refreshing and fun to read. This was the first book of the series I've read. Now I am definitely downloading the entire series. Great job Ms. Burke.