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eBook Haunting Olivia download ISBN: 0821778919
Author: Janelle Taylor
Publisher: Zebra (October 1, 2006)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.4
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Category: Romance
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kensingtonbooks in shoulders as she skipped. The boy, holding a frog, gently cupped it in his hands as he held it out to Olivia before both children faded away

Haunting Olivia book. I really enjoy reading Janelle Taylor's books. I can't wait to read the book detailing there third sister Amanda's journey to happiness.

Haunting Olivia book. Blueberry, Maine holds only bittersweet memories for Olivia, heart.

Bestselling author Janelle Taylor's novels of romantic suspense deliver it all-desire, deception, and thrilling danger

Bestselling author Janelle Taylor's novels of romantic suspense deliver it all-desire, deception, and thrilling danger. A Face From The Past. Olivia Sedgwick never really knew her wealthy father, and she can't imagine why he bequeathed his summer cottage to her. It's a cozy little place, but Blueberry, Maine, holds only bittersweet memories for Olivia-heartrending memories of Zach, her long-lost first love, and the child she gave up for adoption.

Bestselling author Janelle Taylor's novels of romantic suspense deliver it all-desire, deception, and thrilling danger. The title and cover of this book, as well as certain tags, gave me the impression this book had a paranormal undertone. Other than a few vivid dreams, that the author seemed to sort of forget about.

And I flash back to a snippet from school, a line from a poem or a science book, I can’t remember which: There are certain prehistoric things that swim beyond extinction.

Shortly after Olivia’s death, my parents started travelling regularly in the Third World. And I flash back to a snippet from school, a line from a poem or a science book, I can’t remember which: There are certain prehistoric things that swim beyond extinction. I wake up from one of those naps which leach the strength from your bones to a lightning storm.

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Zach is stunned that Olivia has returned to the small town where they fell in love. Zach is stunned that Olivia has returned to the small town where they fell in love. But what's more shocking is the realization that her father lied to them both, driving them apart all those years ago. Rebuilding their relationship offers a temptation that neither of them can resist.

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Blueberry, Maine holds only bittersweet memories for Olivia - heart rendering memories of Zach, her long-lost love, and the child she gave up for adoption. For thirteen years, Olivia Sedgwick has been haunted by a vision of two children. She presumes it is due to the fact that she never knew whether her stillborn child was a girl or boy, but after her estranged father's death, ghostly visions are the least of her concern.

When she inherits a summer cottage from her estranged father, magazine editor Olivia Sedgwick, forced to confront her painful past, returns to Blueberry, Maine, where she encounters her first love and the child she thought she had given up for adoption. Original.
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watching to future
Wow this was better the first Finding Amanda.
I could not put it down.
I just wish she made more books of this type but this was truly awesome I am so glad I read it.
Oh I fell in love with teen it was so right on the money for a teen funny to heart touching in places also just one great book.
I nothing bad to say on this one not one bit
The back of the book, in a couple of paragraphs, tells you the whole story in a nutshell. If you read the back of the book then you have read the book. Very predictable story. You know how it's going to end after reading a couple of chapters. No surprises, here.

Thirteen years ago a pregnant teenager (Olivia) gives birth in Maine and is told her baby was born dead. Her estranged rich father is behind the lie and drives the couple apart. The baby is given to Olivia's boyfriend to raise & he tells him Olivia never wants to see him again.

Fast forward thirteen years, a large sum of money and a summer cottage in Blueberry, Maine is bequeathed to Olivia after her father dies. To "earn" the cottage she must live in it for a month and buy a couple items each day at the store and hand her receipts over daily to the caretaker(Olivia's father old girlfriend).

As expected, Olivia meets up with her old boyfriend (Zach) who is the father of the baby (Kayla) she thought was dead. The little family reunites. Olivia gets to know the child she thought was dead for the first time. The chemistry between Olivia & Zach is still there after all these years. There are several explicit and graphic love making sessions described in the book, I suppose to make the story more interesting.

There is someone who doesn't want Olivia around and trashes her cottage & makes threats. This just makes her & Zach closer. She moves in with Zach and Kayla. The "inner-beauty" pageant for Kayla & her 13 year old friends also has a stalker. You spend most of the book trying to figure out who the stalker(s)is.I find that this takes away from the love story that redevelops for Olivia & Zach. (I was much more interested in that part of the story).I was quite distracted by the stalker storylines and didn't care about it at all.I just wanted to "get on" with the rest of the story.

This is a sappy love story that sounds too good to be true. Who wouldn't wish they could be Olivia? Not only is this guy Zach who's a architect gorgeous and still single but very rich, too. She will never have to work another day in her life. It doesn't seem like Zach works that much, either. These people are rich with tons of free time on their hands!

To make a long story short, at the end they move away to a beautiful mansion built on a cliff overlooking the ocean that Zach built in upper Maine and everyone lives happily ever after. They even bring Olivia's pain in the neck mother along.

Olivia puts the cottage up for sale (she had no ineterest in it to begin with.We never do find out what the sum of money was that was included with the cottage that Olivia's father leaves her. Perhaps the author forgot all about it?

This story is just too good to be true & would probally never happen in real life. It's a fairytale story.
I love all of her books and I highly recommend it.
The best thing yet, never been disappointed yet .
Olivia has not been back to Blueberry, Maine except for an occasional weekend visit since her father sent her to a home for pregnant teens and forced her to give her baby up for adoption, only to believe that the child was stillborn. In reality, her father gave the baby to her boyfriend who was unsuitable for his daughter but not his granddaughter. Zach was told Olivia wanted nothing to do with them and given a $25,000 stipend to stay out of their lives.

The unusual will her father drafted requires her to stay in Blueberry for a month and purchase two items per day from area businesses. When she happens upon Zach (who returned to Blueberry eight years earlier), she is shocked to see him with a child that could be theirs, and soon discovers the deception of her father. Zach is not sure he wants her back in his life, since he just started seeing someone new. As Olivia slowly becomes a part of Kayla's life (a pretty grounded kid all things considered), she and Zach realize that their dormant passion has taken over again. But someone is hell-bent on seeing that Olivia is not able to collect her inheritance, and soon sabotages Kayla's chance to follow in her mother's footsteps in an "inner beauty" contest.

Despite the baddie being obvious, and the over the top shenanigans of Zach's girlfriend Marnie, it's actually a sensitively written story with a realistic teen for once. Though I thought it a bit odd how forgiving all the characters were of the deceptions that tore them apart, particularly Olivia not being more angry with her father and Kayla being so accepting (and receptive) of a stranger taking time away from her father.
I found the story both interesting in parts and lacking in others. For one thing, Zach did not seem to have any empathy for Olivia and her situation. Another, he was not in touch with his feelings for Olivia at first, even after knowing she was the injured party. There was one instance where he treated her brutally (sexually). I would liked for Olivia to have a lot more backbone than she had. It seems that the author could have made the child a little younger than 13. Also, the author does not have the knack for sex scenes. She needs to read one of Linda Howard's books for guidance in that area.
A woman is reunited with her first love and meets her long lost daughter for the first time when she returns to her hometown. All is not well, however, when someone begins stalking her and doing their best to scare her away. 3 stars