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by Jessica Hart

eBook Cinderella's Wedding Wish (Mills  Boon Historical Romance) download ISBN: 0263206084
Author: Jessica Hart
Publisher: Mills & Boon; Large Print edition (July 1, 2009)
Language: English
Pages: 285
ePub: 1806 kb
Fb2: 1466 kb
Rating: 4.3
Other formats: txt docx lit lrf
Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary

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Published September 1st 2011 by Mills & Boon Sweet Romance.

Published September 1st 2011 by Mills & Boon Sweet Romance.

CINDERELLA'S WEDDING WISH is an enchanting modern day fairy tale which allows readers to believe in their own happily-ever-after. To the classic Cinderella tale, Jessica Hart adds a several innovative changes in the details. Neither Miranda not Rafe wait while others plan for them. It's the times when she goes with her feelings that make her so very adorable.

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Читай онлайн книгу Cinderella's Wedding Wish, Jessica Hart на сайте или через приложение ЛитРес Читай. uk. Cinderellaâ?™s wedding wish. Chapter one. â?˜OH, FOR heavenâ?™s sake!â?™ Miranda yanked impatiently at the front of the photocopier and banged it open so that she could peer inside. ?˜Now what?â?™ she demanded. ?˜Iâ?™ve cleared the jam, Iâ?™ve refilled all the paper traysâ?¦ I canâ?™t believe you really need toner too! Youâ?™re just being difficult.

Cinderella’s Wedding Wish. A book in the In Her Shoes series, 2009

Cinderella’s Wedding Wish. A book in the In Her Shoes series, 2009. Dear Reader, The year 2009 marks a personal milestone for me-it’s twenty years since my first book was accepted-but it’s a much more exciting one for Harlequin, which is marking its sixtieth anniversary this year. The mind boggles at how many romances Harlequin has published since 1949, and at how many women around the world have read them and enjoyed them over the past sixty years! I feel very lucky-and very proud-to be part of such a great tradition of romance writing.

Miranda Fairchild has always blended into the background.

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Miranda Fairchild has always blended into the background. But she still dreams of finding her fairy-tale prince.... At first glance, her new boss--dangerously charismatic Rafe Knighton--does "not" fit the bill.

Rafe is beginning to see that there's more to Miranda than meets the eye. Will he give this stubborn Cinderella the happy ending she deserves?

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I thought it was great how they literally met on page 2 and were together ever since. They were together over a few months time as friends and their relationship developed slowly and you could fell that they had real feelings for one another. It was a really good book to read.
Quick-read romance. Predicable plot. Characters are likable. A good book to read on a rainy afternoon with a cup of tea.
Characters with complexities, very well drawn. Loved the ending, they both worked at it and changed. Just wonderful! Will be buying more of this author's work
Just a plain and simple wonderful romance! Jessica Hart is a go to author when I want a good book to read.
Miranda Fairchild has always believed herself to be the ugly duckling amongst a family of beauties and therefore puts no care into her appearance. Hair pulled back and shapeless suits allow her to fade into the background. She's utterly practical except for a few fanciful ideals - her dream house overlooking the sea and her thoughts on marriage and love. One she can make happen with lots of hard work and the other? Well, if her Prince Charming never puts in an appearance then she'll settle for a dog.

Rafe Knighton has recently taken over his father's position as the new Chairman and Chief Executive of the Knighton Group. Unfortunately no one takes him seriously because he's considered a playboy but he's determined to change people's perception of him - by getting married. Love has nothing to do with finding the right woman; all he needs is to find a serious woman he finds compatible and attractive. Unfortunately he hasn't found anyone who fits the bill yet.

Miranda is working as a temp at Knighton Group in the middle of a showdown with a photocopier when she first meets Rafe. At first Rafe thinks Miranda is nondescript with the exception of her remarkably expressive green eyes and sharp wit. They engage in a conversation and Rafe is quickly captivated by her quirky sense of humor and how she isn't throwing herself at him - like most women do.

Since Miranda's time at Knighton Group is almost at an end Rafe decides to enlist her services to help arrange a ball. She's sure that this idea will only cement his image of a playboy but Rafe believes that he'll be able to meet the right sort of women while raising funds for his charitable projects. After visiting his grandmother's home where they plan to have the ball and with the old woman's suggestion that he just marry Miranda burning in his ear he realizes that Miranda's everything he could want in a spouse. The problem is she's looking for a Prince Charming and happily ever after where love is all they'd need and he's well aware of how all encompassing and devastating that sort of relationship can be. Dare either of them dream of a life together when their dreams seem so very different?

CINDERELLA'S WEDDING WISH is an enchanting modern day fairy tale which allows readers to believe in their own happily-ever-after. Miranda's had more than her fair share of heartaches and is generally very practical. It's the times when she goes with her feelings that make her so very adorable. She's a beautiful woman in both body and spirit but she's buried her own attractiveness under attitude and frumpy clothes. Rafe has played the field and been with plenty of women but now that it's time to settle down he's having trouble finding the one woman with whom he wants to share the rest of his life. I got a huge kick out of Rafe's grandmother and how she and Miranda's sister Octavia play `fairy godmothers' with a unique twist.

Jessica Hart has quickly become an author who I've come to admire. Her stories are inspiring and leave readers with a good feeling deep in their hearts. Be sure to watch for Ms. Hart's next book HONEYMOON WITH THE BOSS to be released in June 2009.

Chrissy Dionne (courtesy of Romance Junkies)
Miranda Fairchild is trying to pick up the pieces of her life again. While working as a temp for the Knighton Agency and a waitress, she hopes to save up enough money to start a new life away from the hubbub of the city. When her new boss, Rafe Knighton, takes over the company, she hears the rumors about his playboy lifestyle. From what she can see of him at a distance, the rumors all seem to be true, until she sees him up close that is and then she knows the rumors are true! During a simple task, the photocopier breaks and she lets loose all her inhibitions on the tempermental machine. The one thing she doesn't realize is that her new boss is right there to witness it all! From the first moments of close contact, the chemistry between Rafe and Miranda is undeniable. Miranda's spunk and humor draw Rafe to her, giving him exactly what he needs. Rafe has just become the new head of his family's business and tensions are high as he tries to prove himself. Miranda finds herself irritated with the way he does business, a way she finds too lax and unprofessional and he wants to see more of her unihibited self. Will she be able to see the innovative prowess behind his methods? Will he be bring the same determination and planning he has in business to his romantic pursuit of Miranda?

Miranda has never seen herself as beautiful. She dresses in professional neat and trim clothers, the kind of clothes that let a woman fade into the background. Through an unexpected series of encounters, Rafe sees the other side of Miranda. Can he bring her out of her shell? As the two work on a project to elevate his standing in the community, Miranda feels all the more skeptical about his playboy reputation, but how can she resist his charm? Will a romance beteen them finally set both Miranda and Rafe free from their past to finally reach for their dreams?

Jessica Hart has a knack for creating wonderful dynamic and humorous initial encounters between her characters. In CINDERELLA'S WEDDING WISH, Miranda's battle with the photocopier inspires laughter, now just a smile but a laugh aloud enjoyment as Rafe catches her in an unrestrained moment. She might be a plain Jane but there is no mistaking her spunk and the electric chemistry even the smallest gesture provokes in Rafe. Through the use of dialogue, Jessica Hart develops the closeness between Rafe and Miranda. The reader feels the love between them growing beyond the physical attaction that draws them together. In CINDERELLA'S WEDDING WISH, Jessica Hart fans will find all the ingredients characteristic of her romance, the ingredients that make her books so special --- humor, dynamic energy, and romance with a special twist.

CINDERELLA'S WEDDING WISH has a wonderful fairy tale atmosphere with an added element of spunk and modern humor, a fairy tale complete with a modern business Prince Charming and even a ball. To the classic Cinderella tale, Jessica Hart adds a several innovative changes in the details. Neither Miranda not Rafe wait while others plan for them. Instead, each has a hand in creating their happy ending. The delight in CINDERELLA'S WEDDING is as much recognizing the subtle yet ever so effective way Jessica Hart changes the outline of the classic fairy tale as it is recognizing the classic elements in common with the Cinderella story. In addition, CINDERELLA'S WEDDING WISH goes beyond the fairy tale into a wonderful look into appearances and how it is easy to label people. CINDERELLA'S WEDDING WISH is a romance of a man and woman seeing beyond the labels family and society tend to use into a view of each other that takes into account the uniqueness that makes human beings and romance so interesting.

CINDERELLA'S WEDDING WISH is a wonderful romance to read at any time, but if you need a romance to pick up your spirits or distract you, this romance is the perfect choice. Read it now --- and keep it in reserve for rereading for all those moments in life where a good dose of humor and romance are needed!

Oh my gawd, this story is positively lovely and romantic. A friendship that blooms into love between a feisty Hart-style heroine & her smitten food-magnet hero, then throw in a bride-hunt ball...what more can one ask for?! Magnificent art and adaptation by Hiroko Fujimaru, kudos!