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by Sandra Marton

eBook The Bedroom Business download ISBN: 0263820475
Author: Sandra Marton
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (January 5, 2001)
Language: English
Pages: 184
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Rating: 4.1
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Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary

Sandra Marton THE BEDROOM BUSINESS His secretary. Emily bit her lip. Okay. So, maybe she wasn’t getting any younger

Sandra Marton THE BEDROOM BUSINESS His secretary. Jake McBride is a self-made millionaire, brilliant at business, talented in bed-and cynical about. So, maybe she wasn’t getting any younger. Maybe it might be nice to know what it was like to go on an occasional date. To have some man send her flowers, the way McBride-correction. The way she sent flowers, to his women.

The Bedroom Business book. Then it all dissolved into bickering and mind-changing - they're going to get together! Then they're not!

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The Bedroom Business.

Jake McBride is a self-made millionaire, brilliant at business, talented in bed-and cynical about women. Jake McBride is a self-made millionaire, brilliant at business, talented in bed-and cynical about women. and an innocent when it comes to the opposite sex! But when Jake teaches Emily how to transform herself from shy secretary into sexy siren, he loses his grip on his legendary cool.

Sandra Marton, a best-selling American author, wrote her first novel when she was seven. It was a romance, which probably says a lot about fate and the mysterious paths that sometimes lead us through life. By the time she was ten, she’d read Gone With The Wind even though that famous scene where Rhett carries Scarlett up the stairs puzzled the heck out of her. /

The Bedroom Business. The Bedroom Business.

Save bookmarks and read as many as you like. It was something Slade had never done before. When Jessie runs away from her wedding, it's because she's fallen for the best man, Liam Malone!

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The Bedroom BusinessThis is one of Sandra Marton's earlier works. I already read this before but I just had to read this again. Jake is Emily's boss. He is ruthless in business. When it comes to his women, although not exactly the love them and leave them kind of guy, he does not allow any of them in his heart. Enters Emily, his personal assistant. A shy and seemingly unattractive woman. When Jake makes it his business to do a makeover for Emily and to teach her how to flirt and how to act on dates, it is a disaster and heartbreak just waiting to happen since both of them eventually realize that they feel something for the other. Funny & romantic. A must read!
Jake is a rich and successful business man. Emily is his Executive Assistant. Jake sees Emily is a very hard working, efficient and a loyal employee, average looking (which is good, no office romances allowed). He doesn't seem to notice but everyone around him notices how Emily is very attractive in her own way. Emily is trying to meet people to date and suddenly Jake feels the need to be protective and "responsible" for her. He offers to introduce her to people he knows and to teach her everything she needs to find someone appropriate to date. The more time he spends with her, the more he realizes how much he wants to keep her just for him.

The banter was so fun in this book. Some situations were so funny. It was a well written book. It was a very fun and entertaining read. Read it in a day as I couldn't seem to be able to put the book down. Very cute and sweet!
deadly claw
Emily and Jake `s adventure in discovering a forever kind of love was heartwarming. When Emily decides to have a life outside of work the problems and fireworks begin. Jake resists a forever relationship so often that he has the lines down pat that is until his sparrow takes flight first. Absolutely loved hearing Jake's thoughts.
This story was wonderful but ending HORRIBLE. If I could give a negative star for the ending I would’ve, the ending deserved so much more. You’re one of my favorite authors but I feel slighted in this story. Just wasn’t enough.
Very Old Chap
I have been hankering to re-read this novel lately because I kept remembering just how I much I enjoyed the sparring verbal matches that take place between Jake and Emily. Jack is a self-made millionaire who is enjoying life as he always wanted to. The one thing that hampers his lifestyle are the women who inhabit his bed fully knowing that he is not the forever kind of guy and still going ahead and demanding something more from him. Thank God he could always rely on his straight-laced assistant Emily who has smoothed over his life many a time since she started working for him.

Growing up with two beautiful sisters and feeling like the odd one out because she had always been shy and more interested in books and studying than the opposite sex, Emily thinks of herself as the average brown mousy type of woman. No wonder she has been feeling restless and lonely of late because it had been ages since she had tried going out on a date. But the one thing Emily knows with gut wrenching certainty is the disdain she feels for men like her boss Jake who thinks they are the next best thing since sliced bread for women.

However from the minute one of Jake’s acquaintances turn up to see him and declare that he found his secretary who always dressed in brown tweed suites alluring and sexy, Jake can’t help the protective and possessive instincts that rise up deep within him. For Emily hearing Jake confirm what she sees herself as is the last straw for her and she decides to accept the impromptu offer to have dinner with Jake’s friend.

Jake doesn’t understand how he has turned into this seething mass of green-eyed jealousy overnight and fights the caveman instincts that arise in him whenever other men except him notice Emily. And it doesn’t help matters when Emily practically melts whenever Jake takes her in his arms which in turn creates havoc with Jake’s emotions. The continuous arguments that crop up between the two as they fight not to succumb to the alluring attraction between them is one to be savored. I found myself laughing out loud several times and whilst Jake is the type of hero who can melt you on the insides, Emily is a heroine you can relate to and root for.

What starts out as lessons in seduction for Emily certainly backfires on Jake and it is one enjoyable ride that Ms. Marton takes us on till Jake and Emily ultimately find happiness with one another. I guarantee there is never a dull moment within the pages of this book. Highly recommended for those who love Harlequin romances.

My favorite scene of the book would have to be when Jake traps Emily inside the elevator and what takes place next is just steamy hot!

Rating = 5/5

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This book was sweet with some serious LOL moments and considering that I have hundreds of HPs, this is my first book from this best-selling author and hopefully not the last.
I love Sandra' s books ans this one is no exception. She chose a really good story line. I was unable to put it down. I love the strong characters who say what they want and are not phony. Sandra has a way of reeling you in and keeping your yarn.
I like this book. I enjoyed it! Like a previous reviewer, I finished it in one night ( that's rare for me, as I usually take my time). I'm getting even more endeared toward Sandra Marton's books. Perhaps it's too early to say that as I've only read 2 of her books. I found the hero's jealousy very hot, actually, it made me smile severally. He didn't want anyone near her at all, because he had just made a discovery about his executive assistant- she was irresistible!

Update March 18, 2011: I loooove this book. I have read about 7-10 harlequin books since I read this and this remarkable book still comes to mind, especially the hilarious way Luke discovered his attraction toward his EA! I am changing this from 4 stars to 5.