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by Lisa Bingham

eBook Distant Thunder download ISBN: 0671739506
Author: Lisa Bingham
Publisher: Pocket (January 1, 1992)
Language: English
Pages: 320
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Rating: 4.9
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Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary

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Report an error in the book. A beautiful tale of a childhood love that grows into an adult passion set against the romance, adventure and danger of the Old West (Romantic Times).

Distant Thunder book. will appeal to anyone looking for a romance that is not only brimming with delightful characters and sweet love, but also deep with meaning. A truly enjoyable read.

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com's Lisa Bingham Author Page. Lisa is the bestselling author of more than thirty historical and contemporary romantic fiction novels. Lisa has been a teacher for more than thirty years. She is also considered an expert in historical clothing and has served as a costume designer for theatrical and historical reenactment enthusiasts. She has been lucky enough to live and study in such exotic locales as Brazil, Mexico, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Currently she lives in rural northern Utah near her husband's fourth-generation family farm.

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Written by Lisa Bingham, Audiobook narrated by Fiona Duval. Haunted by guilt for not preventing the Comanche attack on the Bryce family, Texas Ranger Hap Walker is surprised when he stumbles across the captive Annie three years later. Comanche Rose great book. By Ellen on 12-14-17. The Daughter of River Valley.

Driven by a dark secret in her past, Susan Hurst is determined to enter a cloister, until her childhood friend, Daniel Crocker, rides into town hoping to make her his wife
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I was genuinely touched by the love at the heart of this story. Lisa Bingham does a wonderful job of conveying the deeper currents of human need and makes it the driving force for the passion between her lead characters. So often in romance novels the passion is presented as the result of the heroine's beauty and allure and the hero's virility, and then the recognition of love comes later. That's all well and good for certain styles of romance and can make for a fun read, but I've read three of Bingham's books now and in all of them, the love, deep and human, is central to the draw between the two leads and precedes the passion - even if just by a bit. It makes the story so much more relatable. Love makes people beautiful to one another. It creates the desire to merge together in all ways, not simply because of physical and sexual desire. It gives the passion depth and meaning. In this story the love between the two of them drives everything.

That said, there are still palpable moments of sexual tension and yearning, but given the nature of the past damages, especially in Susan, they are not of the bodice-ripping sort. They are, however, very affecting because their feelings for one another have been so well conveyed that you can feel what they feel.

The plot of this book, (and the two others, Silken Dreams and Silken Promises), was fleshed out enough to be absorbing, but not overly complicated, and the secondary characters are largely appealing or engaging, and even delightfully campy and humorous. The villains are a bit cardboard, but personally, I'm okay with that. I'm not a big fan of complex shaded villains. I like my villains to be problematic enough to churn things up, but not all powerful and not candidates for empathy or sympathy. I just want to cheer when they are vanquished. Bingham's villains fit the bill.

So, all in all, I enjoyed Distant Thunder, as well as the other two, and recommend them as more nuanced and genuinely emotional than is often found in the historical romance genre.
“Distant Thunder” by Lisa Bingham Is a book set in Colorado in the late 1800’s. It is the story of two orphans, Susan Hurst and Daniel Crocker. Daniel has been Susan’s protector since she was a little baby. She was taken to an orphanage after her parents were murdered by deserters in the war. Daniel was an orphan living on the streets in a Pennsylvania town, but lived at the orphanage for a time. Their lives took divergent paths.

Susan was deathly afraid of men and decided to spend her life as a nun. Daniel fought in the Civil War and became a Pinkerton agent afterwards. Their lives came together again when Susan is about to take her final vows as a nun. Daniel is injured and trying to recover when he finds out what Susan is going to do. The story continues as the two of them rekindle their closeness and in the face of evil come to realize that neither can do without the other.

I enjoyed this book very much, but it seemed to be too predictable in light of others I have read. I downloaded this book from to my Kindle. This review is on my blog at, on at
10 Stars! Yes, it is that good!! I can't say enough about this novel. It is well written with multidimensional characters unlike so many novels today.

The story has meat. It is a journey that you can sink tour teeth into. It is so realistic that it allows you to slip away into the time period in which it is written. You can actually "feel" the brutal cold when the author describes the surroundings and experience the desperation the hero feels when the train he's riding on has been ambushed and his wife used as a pawn.

This is one that I will read again and again. I can't wait to read other books by this author!
This book was so so. When I read the description I was expecting Christian romance considering Susan was going to become a Nun. I excepted there to be some sort of real faith. Nope, this is not a Christian romance and there is no shred of what a real relationship with Christ looks like. Very disappointed to see how a nun's faith is portrayed.

And Daniel- he thinks he can heal Susan- who by the way is afraid of being raped and men in general- by seducing her on every page. Yeah- having sex with an almost rape victim will help the situation- good thinking. And then she can heal from her past in one night? The words he uses to 'heal' her wounds are the same that she uses for him a few pages later. Then poof they are both better. past is overcome. Very unrealistic. Very shallow love.
A rough and weathered young man, a woman soon to take her vows, a nun that wasn't always a nun, the mighty Pinkertons, a gang of outlaws and an orphanage round out the cast of characters and situations Daniel and Susan find themselves flung into. A faith that grows stronger once the past is revealed and healed and of course an abiding love and not just for the main characters. The story moved slow in places but overall was worth the ride. For those looking for a Christian story you found one but it wasn't so overly Christian that all wouldn't enjoy it regardless of beliefs.
Two orphaned children became friends in the orphanage. When they are adults one is a novitiate about to take final vows to be a nun and one is a
Pinkerton Detective working for the railroad companies. The train robbers who the detective has put behind bars have escaped and are trying to kill him. The two main characters come for the orphanage reunion, fall in love, and stop the bad guys. A satisfying story.
Enjoyed this one from the start. Both hero/heroine had their own past troubles to deal with. They'd known each other forever and as they reconnected they helped heal one another. I get sick of authors just throwing two people into a scene and boom they're all over each other. This story shows them growing up, the people they become, and shows them slowly falling for the other over time.