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by Helen Kirkman

eBook Embers download ISBN: 0373770170
Author: Helen Kirkman
Publisher: HQN; Original edition (November 24, 2004)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.5
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Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Alina, Princess of the Picts, has betrayed Brand, and earned his undying hatred, and now he must deliver her to his king before he can have his revenge.

She was still sitting on the bench and nothing had changed, not really. Things were just as they had always been. It was only that she had not understood their shapes before. It was only that she had not understood their shapes before humiliating dark spots that had formed before her eyes. Weakness because she was so weary. The heaviness of the hand curved around hers. The thick gold ring engraved with the stag's mask bit into her skin. Of course not. Brand's warmth was gone. She had no right to it. "Alina. She looked at her father's hand.

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In 716, Athelbrand has finally caught up with the woman he once loved, but now detests. He helped Pict's Princess Alina escape from her abusive spouse, but later thought she died in a fire. Now he has found her alive in a Wessex nunnery.

Alina realizes that the irate Brand plans to use her as a pawn when his country Northumbria goes to war. He warns her if she pulls any of her tricks he will hand her off to her loathsome brother-in-law Goadel who will marry her off to forge an alliance with her people or her vile half-brother Cunan who will use her as a negotiation chip to gain an advantage. Feeling trapped, Alina concludes her only hope of survival rests in her jailer even as she knows that she still loves the man she betrayed.

EMBERS is a fine Dark Ages romance that brings to life England in the eighth century through the double crossing intrigue that readers will say et tu Alina as well? The story line is action packed with the villains chasing the star crossed lovers across the country. Alina's motivation for her vanishing act and how Brand finds the woman he mourned are revealed relatively late in the plot leaving fans to doubt whether to root for this couple, Helen Kirkman provides a stirring post Rome Britannia tale.

Harriet Klausner
Ms Kirkman blows my mind with her Dark Ages novels. I was not prepared to like them "SO MUCH". I normally don't care for these kind of novels that take place in the dark ages with the "Picts" & "Northumbrians" & such. It started in Wessex in 716 A.D. with Brand finding the lost love of his life. Athelbrand "Brand" is the brother of Athelwulf from "Forbidden" & continues the story. Everything was so violent in the dark ages. They had what were called Berserker's who were violent killing machines,(people) that kept fighting and killing until they died. Brand was afraid that he was one of them after his vicious fight with Goadel, the brother of his enemy Hun. Athelbrand & his love "Alina" were both other words he was a Prince & she was a Princess of different heritages. She was a Pict & he was Northumbrian. He had thought she died in a fire but he found her at a nunnery. He had to bring her back by Kind Cenred's orders to end the fighting between their countries. She was more or less a political pawn as most women were in those days. I have really enjoyed all of Ms Kirkland's books thus far. Find it hard to put them down.
This second novel set in 716 a.d. in Wessex, southern England, tells the tale of the brother of Athelwulf, the hero from FORBIDDEN. Athelbrand "Brand" is the hero who finds the woman he'd once loved beyond reason, who betrayed him, and whom he'd thought had been killed after she left him, the Pict Princess Alina. Years before, he had helped her escape her betrothed, the ruthless and abusive madman Hun. Now, Hun was dead by his hand and he'd found her alive, living in a nunnery in Wessex.

With many lives in the balance, Brand was to deliver Alina to his king, where once again she would be used as a pawn in a political struggle both to save her father, and brother from execution. Only Alina who still loved Brand, knew how she had betrayed him and felt now he would only want revenge. Brand, who still loved her couldn't fathom her mind, or why she had run and thought she left because he had so little to offer her at that time.

*** Once again, Kirkman tackles the very early days in Great Britain's history, complete with the Picts struggles against the Northumbrians. She doesn't employ dialog as much as she expresses what the characters feel and their moods. In this story, the main character's motivations seem to be the focus of the story with secondary characters playing somewhat minor roles. Unfortunately, I found this to be very slow moving and if not having read the previous book FORBIDDEN, I might have felt a bit lost as to what had transpired to make Alina and Brand feel guilt over what happened to Brand's brother Wulf. Kirkman does have a writing style all her own though in this, if I'd not read the previous novel I would have been totally confused and floundering with questions. The sensuality is pleasant but this came towards the end of the book. Kirkman's debut novel (A MOMENT'S MADNESS) was exceptional but this latest novel will reap greater satisfaction if you read her second novel FORBIDDEN first.

--- Marilyn, for [...] ---
This book was enjoyable to read, but it was somewhat disappointing. Eventhough it is supposed to be in a series there really isn't any connection between the two until a very brief description near the end. IT IS NOT as sensual as one would have liked, since the first book was better. If someone is looking for a slow paced romp through the past without much happening for most of the book between the heroine and hero, then this is the book for you.