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by Jayne Ann Krentz

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Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
Publisher: Mills & Boon Ltd (December 13, 1996)
Language: English
Pages: 250
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Rating: 4.1
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Category: Romance
Subcategory: Contemporary

Though Legacy read like a two star book, I liked how author Krentz handled the psychological aspect of Mayfield’s and Stoner relationship.

I was expecting something completely different then what I got. It was one of her earlier works so there is some leeway there. Though Legacy read like a two star book, I liked how author Krentz handled the psychological aspect of Mayfield’s and Stoner relationship. Feb 12, 2014 Kari rated it it was ok. Shelves: audiobook, 2014. Legacy was a fairly good book. Again, it's another one of those books that would probably have worked better as a mystery than a romance. The mystery was pretty good.

A broken promise reveals a terrifying legacy in this electrifying novel from the New York Times bestselling author of When All the Girls Have Gone. Seattle gallery owner Virginia Troy has spent years battling the demons that stem from her childhood time in a cult and the night a fire burned through the compound, killing her mother.

Jayne Ann Krentz - Eclipse Bay Trilogy: Eclipse Bay, Dawn in Eclipse Bay, Summer in Eclipse Ba. y Jayne .

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Jayne Ann Krentz writes romantic suspense under the pen names Jayne Ann Krentz (contemporary), Amanda .

Jayne Ann Krentz writes romantic suspense under the pen names Jayne Ann Krentz (contemporary), Amanda Quick (Historical) .

Books Written a. ayne Ann Krentz.

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Legacy by Jayne Ann Krentz Honor Mayfield has been taken by Con Landry. He owns Legacy and he's about to run in a race. Her first book, Gentle Pirate, was published in 1980 under the name Jayne Castle. She currently uses only three personas to represent her three specialties. She uses the name Jayne Ann Krentz for her contemporary pieces, Amanda Quick for her historical fiction pieces, and Jayne Castle for her futuristic pieces.

American author Jayne Ann Krentz is well known for her romance novels, having become a best-selling author under the ‘New York Times’, a list which she’s made on multiple occasion. Also going under the name ‘Amanda Quick’, she pens historical-romance as well. Her maiden name of ‘Castle’ is used for her more paranormal and futuristic romance-suspense novels. Early and Personal Life. Born on the 28th of March, 1948, Jayne Ann Krentz was brought up in Cobb, California, in America.

Honor Mayfield and Conn Landry meet as the result of a legacy, a prizewinning racehorse and a link to their past. Too late Honor finds herself in love with the man who is seeking to avenge a trail of murder and betrayal, and together they are tangled in a web of deception. From the author of TEST OF TIME and THE TIES THAT BIND.
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This is another book from Krentz's early career and it reflects the insane notions people held back then of what constituted romance. The hero of this story, Conn, is a first class jerk who is completely incapable of looking at things from anyone else's perspective. He's also psychotically violent.

<Spoiler Alert>

We begin the story with the heroine, Honor, following a known loan shark in order to pay him back some money her sister owes. It's never explained just why Honor had to do this herself when it's the sister's debt. Even though Honor is lending her the money, the sister should be the one making the payment, but whatever. Conn sees Honor following this bad guy and makes a very cold and calculated decision to waylay her, not to keep her safe, but to forcibly put her in his debt.

See, unbeknownst to Honor, Conn has been literally stalking her for the last month. Their fathers were business partners over a decade ago and they allegedly killed each other in a quarrel over some illegal gun-running. Conn has long believed that his father was innocent of the smuggling and it was Honor's father who was behind it and then killed Conn's father when he found out. Now, more than ten years later, Conn's hatched a scheme to exact revenge on Honor and her family in some vague and undefined way through specifically targeting her. He's laid plans and, in his words, spun a web around Honor that will guarantee she falls into his trap.

When he stops her from following this loan shark he does so by grabbing her arm and dragging her into the stables at a race track. He then deliberately speaks in cryptic half-truths for a while before finally telling her that the loan shark was about to walk into a police sting operation and if Honor had been with him at the time, it would have gone badly for her. Conn then proceeds to inform her that she now "owes" him a seemingly unpayable debt for "saving" her. He also goes behind her back and pays the loan shark the money Honor's sister owed and again insists that Honor now "owes" him another debt. Even though she had the money ready to pay the loan shark and didn't need him to swoop in and do any saving. She gives Conn the money she'd intended to pay the loan shark so that should have squared things but no, not to Conn. He's operating on his own set of twisted logic in which Honor will be indebted to him for the rest of her life....and she seems to agree for reasons that aren't adequately clear.

As he tells us in his ice-cold inner monologue, this is all part of his plan. He wants to be "in control" of their relationship because he's spinning this web around her. He never seems to have much of a plan for what he's going to do once he has her trapped but it's very important to him that he dominate the relationship and she not have any power at all. To that end, he deliberately withholds his true identity from her and initiates phase 2 of his plan; seduction.

Conn more or less bullies Honor into accepting a dinner date with him and when they come back to her apartment they come very close to having sex but when she protests that they barely know each other, he reluctantly stops and leaves. The next day he demands that she have dinner with him again that night but she's nervous about the way he's acting, all possessive and domineering, so she tells him she has other plans. His jealousy circuits are immediately tripped and he starts demanding to know who she's going out with, is it another man? Because he won't stand for that! He even spends 2 hours camped out on her doorstep waiting to see who brings her home and if it had been a man, there would most likely have been violence.

Instead, Honor runs directly into his arms because she's being followed by a sinister-looking pickup truck. Conn is elated that he got to "play the hero" even though he didn't actually do anything and had been behaving like an obsessed stalker all night. And he takes full advantage of Honor's emotional upheaval to get her into bed. When they're finished he tells her emphatically that they're now "bonded" in some unbreakable way and instead of being afraid that a man she's known for two days is trying to stake a claim of ownership on her person, Honor readily agrees that they are indeed bonded. You see, despite knowing almost nothing about Conn and him behaving like a caveman, she's already started to fall in love with him.

The next day, she's on cloud nine for a few hours until an acquaintance of Conn's pays Honor a visit and clues her in to who Conn really is and the fact that he's sworn revenge on her family. She's devastated that he's been lying to her this whole time (all 2 days of it) and she feels like a fool for falling in love with him when he's just been out to play some revenge game. She confronts Conn that night and in standard 1980's "hero" fashion, he's completely and utterly illogical about the whole thing. He acts like the fact that he stalked her for a month for the sole purpose of enacting some kind of revenge plan is no big deal and that she's just being a feminine airhead for being upset about it. He even lets it slip that seducing her was part of the plan but hand-waves that like it's okay because once they'd slept together he realized that they now had that "bond" thing going on so it's irrelevant what his initial motives were.

He never, not one single time, apologizes to her or even entertains the idea that he might be in the wrong. In fact, he gets angrier and angrier with her that she refuses to see that he's "right" about everything, especially the part about her belonging to him now that they're lovers. When she tells him to get out of her apartment he does, but his parting words are more insistence that they're bonded now and a declaration that she still "owes" him. For what I can't possibly guess.

He spends the night drinking himself into a stupor, all the while never admitting that he's behaved despicably. He recognizes that he didn't handle the explanation of the whole "yes I've been stalking you and I'm not who I said I was" thing very well, but feels that's her fault for surprising him with the questions. He'd intended to tell her eventually, when HE deemed the time was right. When he'd had the opportunity to bind her to him in a more permanent fashion so she could never get away. That's when he'd have started feeding her the truth little by little. Still, throughout the whole night of drinking, he never recognizes that what he did was wrong, not to mention illegal. He decides to give her 24 hours to "calm down and think rationally" before he'll go back and demand she submit to being his woman again.

The next morning he's woken up by the same acquaintance who'd outed him to Honor, and the guy insists Conn come down to the stables immediately because something has happened with Conn's horse, Legacy. Once there, the guy shows Conn 2 apples that have pills shoved into them and helpfully describes a woman who fits Honor's exact description as having been seen putting the apples in Legacy's stall. Conn immediately believes the idea that Honor could have tried to kill his horse. After all, her father probably killed Conn's father, right? Must run in the family! Never mind that Honor's never in her life done anything even remotely close to wrong and that she's been a perfectly normal and honest human being throughout their whole relationship while Conn's the one who has behaved like a crazy, violent stalker. Nope, she's tried and convicted in Conn's mind without any further information needed.

He goes storming over to her apartment, completely out of control and ready to do violence, only to find that Honor is gone. She had wisely recognized that Conn wouldn't leave her alone for long and wanted time and space to think about what he'd done and reconcile it with her still-present and inexplicable love for him, so she packed up and headed for her family's beach house. To Conn's way of thinking, the fact that Honor "fled" is damning evidence that she tried to kill his horse. He can't even conceive of the possibility that she'd leave to get away from him and the things he's done. No, it's got to be horse-killing.

Conn goes raging over to Honor's sister's place - which he only has the address for because he's been stalking Honor and has a file on her known associates - and demands to know where Honor is. The airhead sister takes absolutely no notice of the murderous air around Conn and happily lets him listen to her voicemail messages to see if Honor left her one. When they get to the one from Honor, she specifically asked the sister not to tell "anyone" where she's gone, with it heavily implied that by "anyone" she means "Conn". The ditzy sister then says "oops, I guess I shouldn't have let you listen to that, huh?" and then STILL gives Conn the address to the beach house and then doesn't even call Honor to warn her that Conn is on his way!!! Thanks for nothing, sis. With friends like you, who needs enemies?

Conn drives the several hours down to the beach house all the while stoking the fires on his murderous rage. He's even scaring HIMSELF with how violent his thoughts are and all because Honor hurt his feewings. That's apparently a crime worthy of a beating and possibly even death. To his way of thinking what she's done is infinitely worse than him stalking and seducing her for revenge. Never enters his mind of course that she might be innocent of the poisoning.

He ambushes her at the house and she's so terrified of the look on his face that she turns and runs down the beach trying to escape. He chases her down and tackles her to the ground where he narrowly avoids strangling her to death. He accuses her of the poisoning and she of course denies it but he doesn't believe her. She finally tells him to just do whatever he plans to do because obviously his mind is made up and nothing she says will change it. He ends up forcing a violent kiss on her and says over and over that he's going to "get her out of his system". Insisting that she's evil and heartless but that he can't stop desiring her so he's going to have to take her over and over until he stops wanting her. She lays there passively while his pours all his hate and violence into the brutal kiss. Eventually he's dispelled SOME of his initial rage and he lets her get up but manhandles her back into the house. He orders her to take a shower which gives her a perfect opportunity to grab a phone and call the police to rescue her from this violent psychopath but it never even occurs to her to try.

Once showered, she goes back downstairs to sit through more accusations and descriptions of how she's the most horrible person on the planet. Conn pays no attention whatsoever to her protests that she hasn't done anything to his horse and that she's the victim in this whole scenario. At the end of the night, Conn's gotten himself under control enough to let her go to bed by herself, but still insists that she's not allowed to leave the house. They're going to stay there together until he achieves this magical state of having her out of his system. Honor tosses and turns in bed and finally gets up to go offer herself to Conn. I cannot for the life of me fathom why she would do this. The man has clearly demonstrated himself to be a violent, unreasonable psycho. He even warns her to go back to bed when she emerges from her room because he can't guarantee his behavior if she doesn't.

Of course she keeps on coming and Conn makes good on his threat to take her to bed. Naturally, because sex fixes everything in 1980's romance novels, by the time they're done they've both forgiven each other for the most part. Conn finally admits that Honor couldn't have poisoned the horse, allegedly because she gives herself to him so completely during sex that it means she's incapable of horse-poisoning because, you know, that makes sense. Honor still feels a bit disgruntled that Conn stalked and lied to her not to mention accused her of trying to kill the horse but seems to decide that she should count her blessings that he's no longer trying to kill her. Ah, true love...

Once that's sorted out, Conn actually starts using his brain for once and asks Honor who told her who he really was. Lo and behold it's the same person who told Conn she'd poisoned the horse. What a coincidence! How could anyone have unraveled this complex master plan? At the exact moment they realize who is really behind everything, they also notice that the phone lines have been cut. They try to flee the house, only to find that their cars have both been sabotaged. A masked gunman, the driver of the pickup truck that scared Honor earlier, appears out of nowhere and instructs them to start walking towards the pier so he can shoot them and toss their bodies in the ocean. They defeat him without much trouble but get back to the house to find the criminal mastermind there with another gun. Conn's inner monologue is full of self-recriminations for his failure to "protect his woman" and similar things. So let me get this straight, you think it's totally fine to stalk her and seduce her for impure motives and to physically assault her and threaten violent repeated rape....but when a guy shows up out of nowhere with a gun THAT's something you feel bad about and take responsibility for? Dude, your priorities are way out of whack.

It all comes out that this guy is the one who killed both their fathers and had been running the gun smuggling operation all those years ago. They defeat him and turn him over to the cops without much fuss. They're in bed together the next day when Conn announces that they're going to fly to Las Vegas so they can be married as quickly as possible. When Honor balks because Conn hasn't said he loves her, he gets angry again. She's already said it many times and he's said that he "wants" her and will take care of her, that should be enough. When she tries to get him to realize that what he feels for her IS love he starts calling her names and hurling accusations. Saying that she just wants to have power over him in the relationship. That the only reason she wants him to confess love is because by doing so it makes him vulnerable in some way and he will not stand for that! He MUST be the one with all the power in this relationship!!!

He storms out and goes to see his horse where he talks to himself for a while and eventually decides that he must not have fully trusted Honor after all if he'd accuse her of having an ulterior motive for wanting him to love her. About this time Honor shows up and they exchange apologies wherein she tells him that it's fine if he won't say he loves her. That she realizes now that she "shouldn't have pushed him". Right, how dare she try to have an equal partnership with a guy she's supposed to marry? What kind of crazy talk is that? They get married and then basically nothing happens but Conn suddenly says he loves her. There's no real on-screen epiphany leading up to it. He just says it. It was pretty anticlimactic after his big uproar about power and whatnot.

All in all it was pretty standard for an early 80's romance, but that doesn't make it good. The hero was extremely violent and completely unreasonable. Totally convinced that his way was the right way in all things and that doesn't really change by the end so I can't see their relationship really working out in the long term.
Wow o Wow that's absolutely a awesomely wonderful read!!???? It has mystery intrigue suspense romance humor interesting characters and plenty of intriguing plot twists!!!There are horses in this story!!! I loved it!!! I give it five stars because it captivates your interest!!! It's a page turn that you don't want to put down and it's a tear- jerker!!! Enjoy!!!
LegacyI have this book in paperback form. When I received email ( signed up on her website for fan newsletter) that this book was available as eBook, I went right to my kindle and got it. I know, why buy it again? Sometimes I like to reread some of my authors books. With my kindle, I have my library with me, don't have to wait 'til I get back home to look for it.
Now as for the story, do remember this is an old book from the mid 1980's. First you have Constantine Landry (Conn)the business man who has bought a race horse, Legacy. Legacy is the foal of his late stepfather's champion stallion.
Second, the lady, Honor Mayfield who Conn wants to get to know Very well. Honor, whose father was a partner with Conn's stepfather in the business world as well as co-owners of a racehorse before both men were killed. Honor doesn't know who Conn really is or his real reason for wanting to meet her. The story starts off with them both meeting at the race track where Conn's horse, Legacy is racing. I could go on, but why spoil the story for you.
The characters are similar to others in her much older books, domineering male etc. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did.
This is an early book made to look like a new book. The publisher is making a bad habit of doing a reissue in hard back of her books which were originally paperbacks. I can't believe she needs the money so the publishers must be hard up. Be sure to check the original publication dates before you order.
I am sending this back, as I didn't realize that it was a reissue of three much earlier books. When the rename these and put them together, it is very misleading. It should be clearly marked as a reissue so others don't make the same mistake I did and think they were getting a new title.
That being said, I do have the original titles and I enjoyed them when I read them - a long time ago.
I loved reading this book. I could hardly put it down. I felt sadness for both characters at the loss of fathers they both loved even though it happened 15 years before they met. I felt sorrow and pain for Conn because of some well invented information he received he believe that he had been betrayed by someone for whom he cared. I was impressed by Honor for her decision not to give up on the man she loved despite his inability to put what he felt for her into words she wanted to hear.
Jayne Krentz is my favorite author, mystery, suspense, humor and romance.
I love horses and totally enjoyed the light love story of Honor and Conn. I recommended this story to all the romantics out t here.