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by Susan Fox

eBook Marriage on Demand (Tender Romance S.) download ISBN: 0263826384
Author: Susan Fox
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (January 4, 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 186
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Rating: 4.7
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Category: Romance

Marriage on Demand (Paperback). Published April 2002 by Harlequin Books. Tender Romance, Paperback, 186 pages.

Marriage on Demand (Paperback). Harlequin Romance Paperback, 192 pages. Author(s): Susan Fox. ISBN: 0373036965 (ISBN13: 9780373036967). ISBN: 0263826384.

Marriages made on the ranc. n Arranged Marriage. The death of his mother when he was four years old had cut him off from the simple, exquisitely tender kind of giving that comes from the gentle heart and hands of a good mother. He’d learned quick not to expect anything to magically come his way, not love and certainly not anything more than what it took to keep body and soul together.

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Fox writes a very traditional romance, with a twist that leaves it feeling quite untraditional. An Alpha male with a Beta soul, and a heroine who's strong enough to survive her life and find something better. I found her books last year and can't get enough of them.

Similar authors to follow. Fox writes a very traditional romance, with a twist that leaves it feeling quite untraditional.

Susan Fox is a bookaholic and movie fan who loves cowboys, rodeos, and the American West, past and present. She has an intense interest in storytelling of all kinds and in politics, and she claims the two are often interchangeable. Susan loves writing complex characters in emotionally intense situations, and hopes her readers enjoy her ranch stories and are uplifted by their happy endings.

Marriage on Demand (Tender Romance ., Fox, Susan, Used; Good Book.

When he touched his lips to hers, she moaned softly and brought her hands up to his shoulders. When he brushed his mouth back and forth over hers, she parted for him, calling him into her. He told himself to back off, that she was more kinds of trouble than he could handle. He didn't know what it was about her that got to him. It could have been her innocence or that damn crush.

You can't go wrong picking up a Susan Fox book. Dave Cousins, owner of the Wild Rose Inn, is known throughout Caribou Crossing as the nicest-and loneliest-guy in town. He's had his heart broken more than once, and he's determined not to let it happen again. So it's no wonder he's wary when a free-spirited drifter leaves him longing for more than just a steamy fling.

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I appreciated that they generally had adult conversations and not a lot of deliberate misunderstandings. Better than most stories in this genre.
Great reading
Close toss up as to who has worse fictional parents, Margaret Way or Susan Fox.

This MOC romance between the poor, pitiful and put-down heroine and a surprisingly nice guy hero is overshadowed by the evil actions of her father. Raised as nothing but a cowhand and a scapegoat by her father as she was the cause of her mother's death, she has no emotional protection.

What worked was this was a real MOC and the hero was both gentle and a gentleman about drawing the heroine out from a shutdown plain Jane into real woman.

If I were going to suggest a SF, this would probably not be it, but more likely Wild at Heart, The Bad Penny or The Black Sheep.
Dancing Lion
Keep the tissues handy. Rena Lambert is treated badly by her father Abner, because she has been lead to believe her birth caused her mother's death.
Abner tells her because her being a male daughter she can't get a husband, so he gets one for her, by offering Ford Harlow the ranch, upon (his) Abner's death.
Hurt and confussed Rena packs her things to leave. She has been the only person keeping the people working on her father's ranch, because Abner is more than a little touched in the head, and all the workers know it.
Ford Harlow finds Rena to be beautiful and he has always wanted to get to know shy Rena. But Ford doesn't trust Abner to keep his word, Ford also knows Abner is touched.
Ford and Rena marry, and Abner losses his whipping girl, he soon turns to the bottle, and has a stroke when he is drunk.
After the death of Abner, Rena learns her mother hadn't died in child birth, she had pictures of herself with Rena as a baby. Her Mother left her father, and she took Rena, but Abner kidnapped Rena to force her mother to come back, and when her mother died, Abner no longer needed Rena as a tool to get his wife back.
Rena turns in on herself, but Ford comes to the rescue, and he lets Rena know in no uncertain terms he loves her.
Again Susan Fox writes a winner.
Marriage on Demand by Susan Fox
A marriage of convenience: he gets her property and she
will do anything to keep it. Only way for her to keep the
land is to produce a son.
Rena was on her way to Fred's to talk to him prior to the dinner
before the wedding when the stallion got away from him and was
about to attack her but she handled the problem by grabbing onto
the flank and the lead rope til the horse circled himself out of
the tantrum. She stayed calm the whole time. Fred was amazed.
His plan is to marry her, then give her the land as her own but
stayed married to her. This way her father can't take the land
from her-Fred feels it belongs to her.
After her father is brought to the hospital major changes happen..
Back cover reads:

Bride for sale!

In just four days, Rena will marry Ford Harlow. Just imagining the ceremony fills her with intense excitement--and trepidation! It won't be an ordinary wedding. Their union is a marraige deal: Ford wants her property; Rena will do anything to keep it...

But if Rena is expecting a marriage of convenience--sharing their lives but never a bed--she has a shock in store. Ford has long been intrigued by his shy bride, and he fully intends to be a husband in every sense of the word!