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Vintage paperback romance
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Aye Chihuahua! This is one seriously hawt Billionaire M.D.!

He has loved Cybele from afar for too long. She does not know who he is initially. But he insists on bringing her to his home to heal following a plane crash. What will happen when her memories return?

Olivia Gates keeps ratcheting up the ante with every word she writes. I found it interesting that several of my guesses about who the bad guy was; who the real father is came true. I even figured out in the first third of the book what would be set off the black moment, however how it actually played out did have a few surprises. This is an author that spells passion with every adjective she uses. She continually increases the emotional and sensual tension between her hero and heroine. She finds inventive new ways to torture them and her readers. Her books are nearly impossible to put down, at least for this reader.
Olivia again did her best to provide readers with the Hero's perspective throughout the book and I am definitely grateful for that!

The nature of the story; that we have a heroine who suffers from amnesia is of course, a challenge in terms of what the correct perspective and interpretation is. Due to this amnesia challenge, and maybe the lengthy description of the environment, I think the book suffered a bit from it. There's also the issue of He seems to be perfect and magnanimous to the extent of imbalance between the two characters; I am at times wondering what she has to offer him.

The micro forceps was..... creative and definitely unusual.
What a hunk of wonderful sexy man with a soul, conscious, kindness and passion. h had woken up from trauma with no memory. She just knew how drawn to Hero she was. He was more stronger emotionally then ten men. What he did for her and his family was humbling. Hid his true feelings for h until he could not stop himself. Scenes were Hot! Typical Olivia. I will read again without a doubt.
I must to admit that I did want to stop to read this book after maybe 20 %. It was to much medical terminology for small romance book .Well, I am glad I did keep reading! The hero is unbelievable, I mean there is no such a man exists in the world, but still you will keep reading to find out what happened next. Wow, I am glad that I discavered new author. ( I am sorry my English).
This book had a very unusual plot that worked. There was a great deal of chemistry between the hero and heroine and their love for one another was very real.
Boring , please Brenda Jackson don't do this to your fans. You can't help all the writers . Just say no. I want my money back .
Which reader of romance does not love a hot sexy totally delicious Dr hero! I for sure darn do! And if there is one author that can write a truly brilliant Dr. hero and add in a world of complete wonder and excitement it is Olivia Gates.

She completely wowed me in this read with twists and turns that left me in no doubt that I will forever more be hooked on her books.

The read tells of Cybele( btw Olivia that name is GORGEOUS), she is whisked away by Dr. I'll -drive-you-wild-with-a-mere-look Rodrigo., to recover from a truly unfortunate life altering event. Once there it is not only the passion between them that flares but the raging emotions of hurt, betrayal and anger all come bubbling to the top when secret after secret is revealed and this new found relationship is set to be doomed before it even really starts.

The character of Rodrigo was all kinds of deliciousness but also so kind and tender that when looking at just how hot he is, the sweet and tender thought will be the furthest thing from your mind.

Yet the author created the perfect man. Well almost, he does have a secret or too that when revealed left me going " No, no, no that so cannot be!" But then again who does not have secrets.
Cybele was really awesome, she is strong and fights back which is easy when you are that type of person but with as many `set backs' as this heroine faces it is a true wonder that she makes it out to the other side.

The author created a truly fantastic story of just how explosive secrets can be but also showed that hidden in the depths of darkness a secret left untold will forever haunt you.
I recommend this read for anyone who is a fan of romance with loads and loads of twists, turns and completely unexpected events. There is no way you will be able to say "I figured out this book" before you get to the very last page.

5 star review

" He has her, but will his secrets let him keep her?"

**Copy provided by the author in exchange for a honest review
Billionaire, M.D--Man of the Month by Olivia Gates

"Man of the Month"--Rodrigo Valderrama & Cybele Wilkinson's Story

This a must read story but be prepared for the emotional rollercoaster. Olivia Gates can definitely put you there in the story. I was drawn in at first it was so intense. Then as I read the use of all the medical jargon through me a little bit but it is a story about two doctors. But then the story started having all the twist and turns that had drawn me back in. All the little surprises was awesome and it told of the love a first sight and the love of a man for his true love and his family and what he will do for that family was compelling and the woman who has lost her memory but wasn't sure she wanted it back because life before was bad but knew with all her heart that Rodrigo was the man she wanted and loved. Olivia used the shock factor as far as I was concern because by the end my mouth just dropped open. I'm still wondering how & why???

But he is definitely worthy of Man of the Month!!!