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by Kim Kelly

eBook Black Diamonds download ISBN: 0732284139
Author: Kim Kelly
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd; Edition Unstated edition (May 1, 2007)
Language: English
Pages: 400
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Rating: 4.2
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Category: Romance

It is 1914 and Lithgow is booming, Daniel is a young German- Australian, a coalminer and a socialist. Francine is the Irish- Catholic, too good for this place daughter of the mine's owner. When their paths collide, they fall in love despite themselves.
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It's 1914. Daniel works for Francine's father in the mine of Lithgow. Business is going well for the mine owners, however some of the other luck for Francine's family has run out. Francine and Daniel are getting to know each other because of tragic circumstances and even though they're from different backgrounds they have an instant connection. The next logical step is marriage, but then the First World War breaks out and Daniel feels a sense of duty and leaves for Europe.

Francine and Daniel are spending most of the first years of their relationship apart. Daniel is in the army and Francine stays in Lithgow, running the mine. Their love is being tested in many ways. Their values are constantly developing because of the social and political situation, they don't want to be idle bystanders, they want to do something. However, their limited communication isn't making things easy for them as a couple. They're grieving, celebrating, trying to enjoy what they have and risking their lives. Will Daniel and Francine have a chance together or will the war ruin everything good they could have had before their marriage even properly started?

Black Diamonds is a brilliant story about true love, war and duty. Francine is fabulously quirky. She's smart, talented and capable and she's always completely herself, which is something I absolutely loved about her personality. Daniel is grumpy and creative. He has a good heart, but that sometimes makes him take decisions for the greater good that aren't in the best interest of the people who are closest to him. Both Daniel and Francine are beautiful people inside and out. It was a joy to read about their adventures, the things that happen when they are together and when they are apart. I feel lucky that I had the chance to read about this amazing couple. They have a precious bond and it's the little things that are making this obvious over and over again, it's something I really loved about their story.

Kim Kelly writes about the impact of war in a terrific honest way. Her descriptive writing makes her stories come to life incredibly well. It felt like I could see and experience everything she was writing about. I love how vivid and vibrant her style is. She combines this with stunning words that are making the story even better. Black Diamonds is a fantastic impressive book. It has many surprising elements, it captivated me from beginning to end and it often moved me to tears. I absolutely loved this very special novel and highly recommend it.
In 1914 in Lithgow, Australia, Daniel Ackerman worked in the Wattle with his father. The Wattle was a coal mine in the area, and Daniel's dad was well respected in his field. To his mother's horror, Daniel had followed in his father's footsteps...they had moved from Port Kembla when the massive explosion had killed hundreds, settling in Lithgow where the family were content.

Francine Connelly had moved to Lithgow with her father, just the two of them, and Mr Connelly owned the Wattle. The day of the collapse in the mine was one they would remember forever as many lives were changed. But following some months later was a bigger event, one which changed hundreds of thousands of Australians' lives - World War I began and immediately Australians began to enlist. The glamour of war was all they could see; little did those young men realize there would be no glamour in war, ever.

Daniel and Francy met and even though their circumstances were completely different, they fell in love. Marrying in those early days of their relationship had many wondering, but they were happy. And when Daniel grew restive, moody and unhappy, then proceeded to tell Francy he had enlisted, her shock was immense.

The story of Daniel and Francine is told between the two of them; the effects of the war on Daniel, the front line, his friends and the horrors of war, where they were sent and the job he was to do - Francine and her life at home, lonely, alone and scared for Daniel, terrified he wouldn't survive, but determined he would. The depth of their stories, the mixture of wonderful characters both at home in Australia and in the war zone with Daniel is inspiring.

There is a great range of emotions in this book, with humour lighting the way throughout. This is historical fiction laced with love, a sense of character and the celebration of two wonderful young people in love and desperate to be together. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this novel by Aussie author Kim Kelly.
Kim Kelly is an extraordinary writer! Black Diamonds is an Australian masterpiece!

Softly my tears fell as I was reading this phenomenal work of fiction. My heart quivered and fluttered and sang with every word, and every sentence, and every paragraph I read: They were poetic and hypnotic, humorous and romantic, haunting and poignant, powerful and warming, they lifted my soul and moved me so. This book/story will stay with me forever! Unforgettable!!!

This most beautiful novel deserves at least 100 stars and no less!