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by Yvonne Whittal

eBook Devil's Pawn download ISBN: 0263748707
Author: Yvonne Whittal
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (December 14, 1984)
Language: English
Pages: 192
ePub: 1690 kb
Fb2: 1153 kb
Rating: 4.2
Other formats: lrf lit doc docx
Category: Romance

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The Devil's Pawn book. Everything is unravelled at a good pace with a loyal, strong heroine and a cold, angry Hero who can’t forgive, forget nor face the truth of his past. There's an added bonus of fleshed-out secondary characters.

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Yvonne Whittal was a popular writer of 45 romance novels in Mills & Boon from 1975 to 1992. East to Barryvale (1975). The Slender Thread (1976). Devil's Gateway (1977). Price of Happiness (1977). Where Seagulls Cry (1977). Handful of Stardust (1977). Magic of the Baobab (1978). Scars of Yesterday (1978). Beloved Benefactor (1978). Love Is Eternal (1978). Bitter Enchantment (1979). Summer of the Weeping Rain (1979). Man from Amazibu Bay (1980). Silver Falcon (1980).

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Comments: (4)
I am hcv men
Good condition.
Ugh...What to say about this train wreck. So, brief synopsis, since there's no description here on Amazon. Cara is the daughter of the president of a construction/ engineering company (or something like that). Turns out her father is in debt, and he can't pay back the loan he took out 18 months ago, so the guy who loaned him money, Vince, says he'll give Cara's dad another year to pay back the debt, but only if Cara marries him. So Cara just decides to marry him, just like that. Even though she doesn't know Vince at all, and he's not the nicest guy in the world. Just after the wedding, Cara overhears a conversation that makes her realize Vince hates her father and the only reason he married Cara is because he wants vengeance... and he wants her bod. So Vince-- a little too forcedly-- and Cara consummate the marriage, their physical relationship is great, etc. Except Vince is a huge jerk! Not only is he dismissive of Cara and her feelings, he also invites a former mistress to their house and makes Cara believe that he's sleeping with said mistress under his wife's nose. Horrible human being! He doesn't even attempt to redeem himself until the last 20 pages of the book (and Cara's dad is on his death bed from a nervous breakdown), and even then it was a pathetic effort. I seriously hated Vince's guts and wanted to punch his nose in by the time the book was done. No joke. I'm still seething just thinking about it. Stupid Vince.

And throughout the whole book, heroine goes from thinking she hates Vince's guts, to deciding in about five seconds that she loves him desperately. And despite everything he does to her and puts her through, she still thinks she loves the guy. So if you like dictatorial, somewhat abusive cavemen, and pathetic wet blanket heroines, this might be the book for you... I've read many an old Harlequin, so I feel like for the most part I'm kind of numbed to these types of characters, but this one was really bad. Just really bad.
I hated this so much.

The hero is so awful from beginning to almost the end.

Big time forced seduction, verbal abuse, physical abuse. It just doesn't quit. This poor stupid dweeb of a little h never gets a break. Then she falls in love with him. Okay, I knew it was coming, but he was so bad. How do you fall in love with someone that has no redeeming features. Oh yeah, I forgot: the magic insert-word-that-Amazon-won't-let-me-use effect.

Plus, the dialogue. Wowza. Purple prose at it's best. He called her liebchen and don't get me started on the smarmy dialogue when he flirts with the other woman. Blech.

Sadly, this review will inspire people to read it, and for some they will love it. I like my heroes to have something redeemable.

And he's blonde.
Could Cara's love cancel the debt?

"Marry me, and your father can have twelve months more on his loan." Vince Steiner's insolent, faintly sensuous smile told Cara she was as much an object of desire to the South African construction magnate as she was the daughter of the man he despised.

Cara knew nothing of her father's dealings with the Steiner family. She only knew that her new husband's heart seemed to have little room for love.

Yet somewhere behind Vince's harsh unrelenting exterior, Cara glimpsed a man who might someday need more than a pawn in a deadly game of revenge.