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by Richard Bach

eBook Writer Ferrets: Chasing the Muse (Ferret Chronicles) download ISBN: 0743227549
Author: Richard Bach
Publisher: Scribner; 1st Edition edition (October 1, 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 208
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Fb2: 1228 kb
Rating: 4.9
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Category: Religious
Subcategory: Worship and Devotion

Presents a tale of a married ferret couple, both aspiring writers, who, in their quest to write the great ferret novel. Richard Bach is the author of thirteen books, including the bestselling Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions.

Presents a tale of a married ferret couple, both aspiring writers, who, in their quest to write the great ferret novel. A former USAF fighter pilot, gypsy barnstormer and airplane mechanic, he flies a seaplane today. He writes this series with his ten ferret advisors.

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The Ferret Chronicles SeriesRichard Bach. It isn't often I "gush" about a book, but I will about this one. Yesterday I opened to the first page of "The Ferret Chronicles - Writer Ferrets: Chasing the muse. Rancher Ferrets on the Range (The Ferret Chronicles, Richard Bach. I have just finished i. his could well be classed a children's book, as could most books by Richard Bach: "Jonathon Livingston Seagull," "There's No Such Place as Far Away.

The Ferret Chronicles is a series of novellas written by American author Richard Bach and published in 2002-2003. Rescue Ferrets at Sea. Writer Ferrets: Chasing the Muse. Rancher Ferrets on the Range. The stories mostly expound upon the world of anthropomorphized ferrets which is not usually seen by human eyes. The Last War. Curious Lives.

Richard Bach's first book, the autobiographical Stranger to the Ground (1963) . Richard Bach and Lynn Garrison with Helio Courier G-ARMU used for Von Richthofen and Brown, 1970.

Richard Bach's first book, the autobiographical Stranger to the Ground (1963) described the deployment to France of his Air National Guard unit, and was received favorably, for example, by Edmund Fuller in the Wall Street Journal. In 1970, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a story about a seagull who flew for the love of flying rather than merely to catch food, was released by Macmillan Publishers after the manuscript was turned down by several others.

The Ferret Chronicles. Air Ferrets Aloft. Curious Lives: Adventures from the Ferret Chronicles. The Last War: Detective Ferrets and. the Case of the Golden Deed. Messiah's Handbook: Reminders for the Advanced Soul.

Items related to WRITER FERRETS Chasing the Muse. Near Fine in a Very Good+ dust jacket. Ferret Chronicles; . 3 X . 7 X . 1 inches; 208 pages; Original unclipped dust jacket protected by archival Brodart cover. Home Richard Bach WRITER FERRETS Chasing the Muse. WRITER FERRETS Chasing the Muse. Ask Seller a Question. Bibliographic Details. Title: WRITER FERRETS Chasing the Muse. Publisher: Scribner & Company, New York. Publication Date: 2002.

Ferret chronicles rescue ferrets at sea richard bach audio book unabridged ne. CD-Richard Bach Writer The Ferret Chronicles - Writer Ferrets: Chasing The Muse.

Rancher Ferrets on the Range. Customs services and international tracking provided. Signed-Rescue Ferrets at Sea (Ferret Chronicles, No. 1) (ExLib).

Bach returns to the highly successful terrain the put "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" on top of "The New York Times" bestseller list for almost two years. Like "Jonathan, The Ferret Chronicles" blend adventure, philosophy, fantasy, and spirituality, introducing readers to a parallel universe filled with courageous, questing animals pursuing typically human challenges and dreams.

Presents a tale of a married ferret couple, both aspiring writers, who, in their quest to write the great ferret novel, learn how important it is to be loved by one another, as well as achieving the ultimate success by satisfying one's inner circle.
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OK so it's Richard Bach ... the guy who channeled _Jonathon Livingstone Seagull_ and the rest ... basically explaining the nature of writing. Let's run that by ourselves again: Here's RICHARD BACH explaining from the ground up the actual _nature of writing_. I'm not sure if there's a lot more you can ask than that.

Regarding the Ferret "Chronicles" in general, it's hard to immediately sum them in a few words: people use the word "fable" a lot, to sort of reach for the ideas that these stories are:

-- deathless

-- incredibly "big"

-- as "simple" an invention as - say - the Wheel, or maybe Fire

"Fable" is just a word; I'm not sure if that does it. There's kind of nothing else like the Ferret Chronicles, not yet anyways. You have to take your thinking to a whole other perspective to absorb it. The only real question and the only fun question is: which is the best ferret book.

Surely this is the best one: I mean come on, there's the duality between "children's" writing and "popular" writing; there's faith that _just does not go wrong_ no matter what; and for me rather reminiscent of _Bridge Across Forever_ there's the "story after the happy ending".

Which is the really good bit in life - right?

I really have to say that this has to probably be the BEST Ferret Chronicle. It is an Ebola-strength consciousness virus, it will be with you forever. Please Enjoy!
This is 1 of 5 books in a series. BUY ALL 5 OF THEM. Phenomenally simplistic in tone with Richard's heart poured into every word. I will not spoil any plot. I highly recommend this book to adults up to including those of us that are still kids in our hearts. Great bed time stories for your kids / grand kids. Don't miss out on extraordinary writing and fuzzy characters that you can assimilate to in a heartbeat.....
Wonderful Warm Fanciful, I loved it! Richard Bach goes through all of the stages of writing, writers block, getting rejected, getting published, fame, fortune and does it all so gently. Don't give up! that is the ferret way to write. After reading this book, my muse said it was time to write again, so off I go into my own world to write the next best seller. I will definitely read more ferret chronicles when I have the time.

It is hard sometimes to read allegorical novels about animals. Grownups in particular have a hard time suspending reality long enough to enjoy what is written. Let loose, be happy, be a kid again and enjoy this novel!
It's about writing. Being an unpublished writer I enjoyed this ferret's trip to stardom as a book writer.
I'm so sick of ferrets being portrayed as evil weasel is books. Ferrets are truly happy, fun-loving and gentle little souls. Bach, who owns several ferrets himself, obviously knows this. I love the concept of the Ferret Chronicles, and the drawings are lovely, but Bach's writing style is just a bit too simplistic for me. I understand that is part of his charm and the reason most people DO like his writing, but for me the storylines just didn't hold my interest. (Still, I bought them because I will buy anything in support of ferrets! Kudos to you, Richard!)

Staci Layne Wilson
Love these stories
Love this series
I put on the CD, lit some candles, turned off the lights and listened in peaceful delight to this story which is integrally loaded with practical writing/publishing suggestions. The story merits future re-visits, and I look forward to doing so.