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by Guido Moosbrugger

eBook And Still They Fly! download ISBN: 0971152314
Author: Guido Moosbrugger
Publisher: Steelmark LLC; Revised edition (February 2004)
Language: English
Pages: 424
ePub: 1935 kb
Fb2: 1553 kb
Rating: 4.2
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Category: Religious
Subcategory: New Age and Spirituality

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And Still They Fly! book.

Guido Moosbrugger's involvement is well documented and he has written his own books about the Billy Meier UFO case, called: "And Yet They Fly" and And still they fly!. He was formerly a school teacher and principal in Austria. In Contact Report 109 an apple grown on another world or The Great Spacer is given to Billy who later gives it to Guido

And Yet They Fly, Guido Moosbrugger, Sep 1, 2001, Religion, 452 pages. This book contains 46 UFO cases and over 130 photographs Meeting the Innovation Challenge Leadership fo. .

And Yet They Fly, Guido Moosbrugger, Sep 1, 2001, Religion, 452 pages. The Secret in the Bible, Tony Bushby, Jan 1, 2003, Religion, 344 pages. This book contains 46 UFO cases and over 130 photographs Meeting the Innovation Challenge Leadership for Transformation and Growth, Scott Isaksen, Joe Tidd, Jul 6, 2006, Business & Economics, 418 pages.

The Meier Contacts-The Key To Our Future Survival DVD produced by Michael Horn is now on the shelf. Might of the Thoughts and The Psyche-by Billy Meier with spiritual teaching on consciousness and thoughts are now on the shelf.

Guido Moosbrugger’s, . nd sie fliegen doch!’, 1991 book is translated into English in, ‘And Still They Fly’. He bought the book about 20 years ago in a book store in Warsaw and still owns it. He confirmed that the text in the PDF file version of ‘UFO Z PLEJAD’ is accurate and the Red Meteor information appears (in Polish) on pages 307 and 308 in the original book!

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When And Yet They Fly was first introduced more than two years ago, it set the standard for a clear, concise introduction to the extraterrestrial contacts of "Billy" Eduard A. Meier. In simple and easily understood language, author Guido Moosbrugger brings this largely untold story alive with eyewitness accounts, reviews of the scientific evidence and almost 40 color pages of UFO photographs taken between 1975 and 1979.

Moosbrugger’s extraordinary review takes readers directly into the world of UFOs and paranormal activity, offering an unwavering account of Billy Meier and his life as a contactee, as well as in-depth information on extraterrestrial life, an overview of their technical capabilities and the reasons for visiting earth. And Still They Fly is sufficiently detailed as to satisfy the reader who is contemplating a closer look into the scientific facts of the case or those seeking the most definitive story on Billy Meier and his extraterrestrial contacts.

This second edition, entitled And Still They Fly, was updated and expanded to include a new chapter entitled the Henoch Prophecies. These prophecies were given to Billy on February 28, 1987 and have never before been released to the public! The Henoch Prophecies warn of a looming World War III and mention, by name, the countries that will be involved. With the ever-increasing change in the world situation, these prophecies serve as an urgent appeal for mankind to change our thoughts and actions and avert a worldwide catastrophe.

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Anyone who carefully studies the different SIDES of the NEWS about the Russia Georgia August 8 2008 WAR can read carefully and thoughtfully pages 276-277 (excerpted and posted on Michael Horn's excellent THEYFLY site' under archived headlines 2008) for a rather keen and uncanny description and PREDICTION of what happened, published first in 2001 and 2004, as I read it my first time while in Tbilisi Georgia in 2006 in the fascinating book 'And Still They Fly' by Guido Moosbrugger. This book is a critically important and fascinating work, that has already PROVEN beyond any doubt it's predictive value, and immeasurable value and insight. As US born and raised citizen, who first read this book in Tbilisi, The Republic of Georgia in 2006, and who has been again in Tbilisi in 2010 and 2011, this issue as spoken about on these pages exactly mentioned is incredibly important. This work also leads us to "The Teachings of the Spirit" or 'The Spiritual Teachings' the most deeply profound, uplifting, UNIVERSAL spiritual teachings unlike anything in any text or anything on this earth anywhere. There is 26,000 pages of 'contact notes' most still in German, a continual source of contemplation, deep study, and full of critically important information that has the chance to give us the insight to shape a better future. Highly and strongly recommended reading.
I have been captivated with the Billy Meier case since first time I heard of it. Initially very skeptical and cautios but the more I read about it, the bigger it is my desire to go deeper in understanding the irrefutable pile of evidence that this book shows. This is a must read for all human being that want to know facts instead of fairy tales.
This is an outstanding book written by Mr. Moosbragger about a Swiss farmer’s truthful world adventures.
This book is fantastic, it opened my eyes to some truly interesting information and a lot of what is being proven to be fact now. The section on the Henoch prophecies brought me to tears, after so much time it seams that we have learned nothing.
Abandoned Electrical
This is the second addition to the first book and it still has great information with great photos showing all the things that have happened to Billy Meier in his relationship with the Pleiadians.
I found this book quite informative. it provides a lot of information about contactee Billy Meier and his experiences.
I have just begun reading this book. The Meier case is complicated and many faceted. There are a great amount of pictures and documentation to back up the sometimes outrageous claims being made. The subject matter is definitely "out there" which is why I purchased the book. It makes you think that everything you THOUGHT you knew may not be all there is. A great read for those willing to keep an open mind.