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Author: Tom Brown
Publisher: Berkley Trade (June 1, 1995)
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Everyone should read Tom Brown Jr. books. They really take you away from todays turmoil and offer insights to survival with some wonderfully true stories.

Well written, fun, and informative. I'd recommend reading it after his first book, "The Tracker". 2 people found this helpful. Everyone should read Tom Brown Jr.

Way of the Scout book. Tom Brown (n Tom Brown, Jr. is an American naturalist, wilderness tracker and the author of numerous books, including a series of Field Guides. Brown attributes his tracking skills and his spiritual philosophy to the teachings of a Lipan Apache elder named Stalking Wolf, who instructed Brown during his childhood.

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This is not a skills book but Tom Brown's stories about the Way of the Scout, which he now .

This is not a skills book but Tom Brown's stories about the Way of the Scout, which he now teaches at his tracker school. All these skills are very attainable. com User, July 23, 2001. Like most of Tom Brown's books (especially The Journey, The Vision, and The Quest), there is a wealth of information between the lines.

Tom's books have given me more inspiration and motivation to learn about (and practice) nature . The later books (such as Grandfather and The Way of the Scout) certainly contain a lot of material that makes some people think there is no way this could be possible.

Tom's books have given me more inspiration and motivation to learn about (and practice) nature and survival than anything else I have seen, except for the experiences I had myself playing in the bush as a child. My own opinion is that while perhaps some of it may be exaggerated, at least most of it is probably true.

The bestselling author of The Tracker presents 12 new stories which illustrate the advanced tracking skills taught to him by the Apache he knew as Grandfather. Brown reveals the lessons of the scout-the eyes and ears of the clan-showing how the physical skills of the ancient art of survival can lead to spiritual rewards of personal awareness and inner peace.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. Tom Brown's Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking. Brown Tom Jr. Категория: fiction. 4. 7 Mb. Tom Brown's Body.

In it he tells his story, from meeting his teacher Stalking Wolf as a child to various incidents in his life as an adult. Tom relates his experiences with quick mud, body control, tracking, the feral dogs of the Pine Barrens, Boy Scouts, lost people, poachers, bears, and an entire year spent in the wilds living with what the Earth offered, plus more. The first track is the end of a string

Tom Brown, Jr. began to learn hunting and tracking at the age of eight under the tutelage of an Apache elder, medicine man, and scout in Toms River, New Jersey, and is the author of 16 books on nature.

Tom Brown, Jr. Recently, he was the technical advisor on The Hunted, a major motion picture starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benecio Del Toro. In 1978, Tom founded the Tracker School in the New Jersey Pine Barrens where he offers more than 25 classes about wilderness survival and environmental protection.

As a boy, Tom Brown, Jr. learned the ancient skills of survival from a Native American he called Grandfather. His most advanced lessons were those of the scout. A member of a secret society, the scout was the eyes and ears of the clan, highly attuned to the earth and the "spirit-that-moves-through-all-things." These physical skills opened the way to heightened perception and true enlightenment. Now America's most acclaimed outdoorsman reveals the secret training methods of the scout by sharpening our powers of observation and unlocking the mysteries of our physical world. It is an ancient art of survival that conveys a powerful message for our time - a way to look deeper, a way to live more fully and a way to transcend the limits of our bodies and minds. The way of the scout is not an easy one, But the experience offers great rewards of personal awareness and inner peace. A timeless journey that can change our perception of the world - and ourselves.
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This book, the second in chronological order of Tom Brown's nature focused books, inspired both my wife and I to spend more time in wild places and notice much more while we are there. We love it! It's been a family bond and shared interest. Well written, fun, and informative. I'd recommend reading it after his first book, "The Tracker".
Everyone should read Tom Brown Jr. books. They really take you away from todays turmoil and offer insights to survival with some wonderfully true stories
Dancing Lion
This book is really hilarious like many have said, and is a great read.

I, too, have not been too thrilled at a FEW of the stories in the book, at some of the things he does. However, the people in question obviously didn't care whether or not they polluted the environment, who got hurt by what they did, or what the world will be like for their children in the future.

I read this book and I see the same things happening today. People drop cigarette butts on the ground and don't even bother to put them out. They flick them out of their car into the grass without even the slightest lick of concern for whether or not it will start a forest fire.

Are they to be blamed? Well, no, because as Stalking Wolf says it is not the white man, but the white man's actions that you should hate. (from his book Grandfather)

I think it's obvious that nobody is perfect and Tom's constant bout with his anger is sure proof of that.

I believe it is very wise that the scouts used psychological warfare instead of physical violence because physical violence would only get them killed. Physical violence on both parts led to many indian massacres in the 1800s.

This book shows some of the atrocities that people perform for greed and many of these atrocities are still being performed today. If this continues the world will be uninhabitable. It is very logical, and easy to understand why. To say it isn't so is to deny all logical reasoning.

This book may simply tell stories but it does scratch the surface of many scout ideologies and skills that you can learn about more in his other books, or at his school. It is an extremely entertaining read that will enlighten others to the Way of the Scout. It does not teach how to be a scout, nor do I think it was meant to.

That's like expecting to read a book and become a master of martial arts.
I knew going in it was about personal accounts in his life, but it was more preachy than I expected. It has an arrogance of youth about it that probably also comes from a person who was too far removed. There is much to learn in this book and I am glad I bought it. I just wish Tom was less judgmental of us urban and suburban dwellers. We didn't have the lessons that he had.
I love this book. Great information.
Strong book that tells a moving story, tests and stretches the reader's own observational ability, and encourages mindfulness and openness to anyone willing to listen.
My son in law's favorite book. He read this in his early 20s and claims it had a tremendous impact on the man he endeavoured to become and career choice as a Forrester. He even named his Golden Retriever pup Scout and she became the best trained dog I've ever met. She was also the first dog officially approved to accompany her Forrester master into the woods by the state of Oregon. He was thrilled to get a copy of the book again and I can't wait to get it away from him having read some of Tom Brown's other books.
Loved the book, TBJr is a great storyteller. Remember that what cannot be achieved physically can be accomplished spiritually. The spiritual skills taught at the Tracker School are at least just as important as the physical skills. People who are only interested in physical skills will be left questioning what is presented here and should basically not purchase this book. Go read other authors that emphasize "the push". They are a dime a dozen.