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Author: Sachiko Murata
Publisher: I B Tauris & Co Ltd (May 31, 1996)
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Murata, Sachiko; Chittick, William (1994). Murata, Sachiko (2015). Temporary Marriage in Islamic Law. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Murata, Sachiko; Chittick, William (1994). ISBN 978-1-55778-516-9. ISBN 978-1-5191-4192-7. Murata, Sachiko (1985). ISBN 978-4-00-004656-5.

Vision of Islam (Visions. has been added to your Cart

Vision of Islam (Visions. has been added to your Cart. Basic doctrine, moral teaching, and ritual obligations are, as Murata and Chittick point out, all that the ordinary Muslim believer, prospective convert, and casually interested non-Muslim observer really need to know.

The book covers the four dimensions of Islam as outlined in the Hadith of Gabriel: practice, faith, spirituality, and the Islamic view of history

The book covers the four dimensions of Islam as outlined in the Hadith of Gabriel: practice, faith, spirituality, and the Islamic view of history. Drawing on the Koran, the sayings of the Prophet and the great authorities of the tradition, the text introduces the essentials of each dimension and then shows how it has been embodied in Islamic institutions throughout history.

Islam today is the religion of about one billion people. It is far from correct to think that all Muslims are familiar with the story of how their religion became established. History as such has never held much interest for most Muslims

Islam today is the religion of about one billion people. History as such has never held much interest for most Muslims. What is important about historical events is simply that God works through them. The significant events of the past are those that have a direct impact on people's present situation and their situation in the next world. From this point of view, the one event of overwhelming significance is God's revelation of the Koran.

The Vision Of Islam book. Sachiko Murata and William Chittick are a wife and husband team who teach Islamic studies at the State University of New York. Sachiko was the first woman to ever study fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) at the University of Tehran. This multi-gender viewpoint on the Islamic faith only aids to the deep richness of this introductory work.

The Vision of Islam (Visions of Reality. Understanding Religions).

School Stony Brook University. Such people have replaced serious and leisurely discussion 1 Among the books that we recommend to our students are the following: Victor Danner, The Islamic Tradition: An Introduction (Warwick, . Amity House, 1988); F. M. Denny, An Introduction to Islam (New York: Macmillan, 1985); G. Eaton, Islam and the Destiny of Man (Albany, .

pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File . df), Text File . xt) or read book online for free. Understanding religions) Includes bibliographical references and index.

The Vision of Islam - Murata, Sachiko/ Chittick, William C. About Movie Mars. Something is lost when Western thinkers approach Islam

The Vision of Islam - Murata, Sachiko/ Chittick, William C. Показать все 2 объявления с новыми товарами. Something is lost when Western thinkers approach Islam. They seem to see the religion in historical and cultural terms, obscuring Islam's own internal logic and its true beauty and spirituality. This clearly written introduction to Islam changes that, vividly explaining the Islamic perspectives that have rung true for Muslims for nearly 1400 years. The book covers the four dimensions of Islam as outlined in the Hadith of Gabriel: practice, faith, spirituality, and the Islamic view of history.

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2016 Western Test : Top English book on not just intro to islam knowledge but enough Reality itself

I would highly suggest reading this. It was when I finished this that I had trouble finding anything else except the thought the knowledge I seek is in Arabic Language, Inshallah we all take the path of learning to get closer to Allah(God)

Book: Hadith Of Jibreel(islam, iman, ihsan, last days)

You can do a youtube search and there is a series of lectures on this book.

There is a chapter at the end called "Contemporary Issue" has spot on accuracy of Humanities current understanding of themselves and what they value is important.

The book is written from a believers perspective. All praise is due to Allah. I wish many/majority with influence and authority recommended this as almost fard reading for all muslims.
I'm not a Muslim but this book awakened me to a side of Islam that I had never known existed. After this I see that there is something immensely beautiful, wholesome and majestic about Islam as it could be. I will further explore Islam after this.
A super clear introduction to Islamic theology written using typical systematic theological vocabulary to make it easy for Christian seminary students to understand. HIGHLY recommend this text for a more in depth understanding of Islam.
As a relatively well-read perennial student of the Middle East, I was genuinely excited when I ordered this book. A Muslim friend recommended it, and I usually enjoy his recommendations.

This book is a wealth of knowledge. It is far deeper than an "introduction" to Islam, and though it claims it to be for those who know little of the religion, I would not recommend this book to those wanting a true introduction to the faith. This book is dry and dense, but knowledgeable. It explores more complicated theological issues than most have the patience for or interest in. I learned a great deal from the book, but instead of picking it up and digesting 30 pages without effort, it was a hard slog.

I highly recommend this book for those who already have a good basis of the religion and are interested in a deeper understanding of Islam, not because the book is well written, far from it, but because I have yet to find a better introduction to more esoteric debates within the religion.

Unfortunately, for readers who want just an introduction to a religion foreign to them, I cannot help you for I have not found anything worth recommending. If you can, however, read Karen Armstrong's book on the topic while picking through her obvious bias, I do recommend that. You have been warned, many of her "facts" are arguable and rest on interpretation - interpretation, no less, from the followers of the religion, who had quite a stake in making it seem a fact.
This book provides all the details of the practices and beliefs of Muslims and the religion of Islam
Very Old Chap
Although a bit tedious, this is a great read for anyone interested in understanding Islam and its practice. I think the authors delve far into the details of philosophic ideas, which I think is far too advanced a discussion for an introduction.
This is an excellent introduction. It is unconventional in that it is not a linear history - there is no real attention paid to the political history of Islamicate civilization in any large sense. Rather, the book looks at the tradition from the inside out - looking at key concepts/themes/ideas and expanding from there. This is an immensely valuable approach, for it allows for a more organic understanding of the tradition and how its internal logic spirals out to inform Islam as a larger whole (or more properly Islam in its various manifestations). This should be on the shelf of every student of Islam - it's simply invaluable.
Incredibly detailed, seems a bit too much information for an introductory course.