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by J. R. Moehringer

eBook The Tender Bar download ISBN: 0340828838
Author: J. R. Moehringer
Publisher: Hyperion; New Ed edition (2006)
Language: English
Pages: 384
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Rating: 4.5
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Paperback. Has use due to reading.
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An engaging story of growing up in a turbulent time, with a loving hard working mother and several strong caring men of the local bar. Well written and honest, with heartfelt emotions associated with the young mans life experiences. Except for the epilogue, this could be any mans story of growing up, being influenced by the family and company of proud men. The child and young man without a father, in any community tavern, make a strong case for the character and strength of men, and a boy becoming a man. The story centers on a truly American bar and the cadre of folks that are regulars. The book also provides excellent insight on the roll of drinking and the implications associated with being a regular. This book feels very personal, and of the authors soul. Thank you JR.
His writing was fine, but the content was boring. JR had a difficult life growing up but he missed opportunities in his life.
He fills this book with characters who are interesting enough but once you get to know them, he repeats their appeal
throughout the book which is boring. The end is predictable but that was ok. Just to tedious to read.
This was my second time around The Tender Bar. JR Moehringer and I are like brothers from similar, but different mothers. My father left but after we had moved to Scottsdale. We moved from an Indian Bend ranch to an apartment next to the Grand Canal and so on. Even my 6th grade picture looks like the kid on the cover only I came along ten year's earlier. The similarities are haunting; even how we both physically cried over fathers that neither of us really knew. Hell yes, I recommend this book because I know how authentic it is.
I've read this wonderful book twice. Many of us have started our adult lives working in bars and that drew me to read it the first time. I sent it to my writer/son as he started his first bartending job. And then read it again. Few books are better the second time. This one was. He speaks to all of us. Our foibles. Our short comings. Our insecurities. But mostly he speaks to the heart, about commitment, effort, failure, and over coming our own ideas of what the world has in store for us.
This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. Full disclosure: my entire family and best friends on earth spent many years at J.R.'s Tender Bar, and every single one of us who read his book have been mesmerized by his talent for spinning all of our tales. His journey through childhood failings and desires to his eventual bar stool in paradise is so touching and entertaining that everyone who shares in his masterful storytelling will feel as if they had been there too. The author's embodiment of everything he remembers lights each page with someone you want to be pals with as well. I promise you that this loving story of adoration will inspire all, and make them wish that they could remember everything that formed them into the accomplished person they became. J.R.. where are you now? Please bless us with a telling of your newest adventures!
I cannot count how many people I have recommended this book to. It is a beautiful story of a young man that longed to fit in and feel loved in a difficult broken household.

The writing is my favorite part of this book. Moehringer's command of the English language is unmatchable by most authors. He kept me up late as I turned the pages, waiting to hear the ending of his first sexual conquest. His wide use of vocabulary kept me thinking and wanting to learn more. Finally, his ability to paint characters including his comical uncle Charley made my sides hurt as I laughed.

Read this book. It is fantastic. J.R. has had an incredible life that anyone should be able to connect with on some level. It changed my life for the better, and I loved every minute of it.
This is a well written, unique and often poignant memoir by a former LA Times reporter. In a genre awash with repetitive books about recovering addicts, Moehringer chooses a much more original slant--the story of a man's relationship with a bar from the time he's a small boy until he reaches mature adulthood. Along the way, the men at Pubicans in Manhassett, New York educate him, offer him solace and encouragement and teach him how to steer his way through the uncertain waters of young manhood.

Using this hook, Moehringer introduces his readers to a wide variety of interesting characters ranging from Steve, the benevolent bar owner to Uncle Charlie, the bald bartender and bookmaker to Bob the Cop, Crazy Grandpa and The Voice, the radio presence of the author's absent father. This a cast of oddball people that would feel at home in a novel by Charles Dickens. Moehringer is above all a storyteller and his memoir is filled with wonderful stories. The author writes with clarity and compassion and I would highly recommend this book to book clubs looking for a good read that will spark discussion or any reader who just wants to know what it was like to grow up in a bar.