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by Arthur Anthony MacDonell

eBook A Vedic Grammar for Students New Deluxe Pa Edition download ISBN: 8124601275
Author: Arthur Anthony MacDonell
Publisher: D.K. Printworld (September 1, 2011)
Language: English
Pages: 513
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Rating: 4.4
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Countless Vedic Students and Scholars have been inspired and motivated by this book. I would recommend an intermediate level Classic/Epic Sanskrit before attempting this

A Vedic Grammar for Students. by Arthur Anthony MacDonell (Author)

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A Vedic Grammar for Students by Arthur Anthony Macdonell .

A Vedic Grammar for Students (Hardback). Arthur Anthony MacDonell (author).

Title: A Vedic grammar for students Author: Arthur Anthony Macdonell.

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Here is a key to unlock the oldest treasury of mankind's wisdom: Vedic literature -- not just the metrical language of its hymns, but also the prose pieces of the Brahmanas/Brah-mana-like writings: whether from the Atharva or the Yujurveda. Setting forth a comprehensive phonetic survey of Vedic sounds, the author: an eminent Orientalist of yester years, offers lucid explanatory accounts of Vedic sandhi-system (euphonic combination), declension, conjugation, indeclinable words, nominal stem formation and, finally, of its syntax -- with numerous illustrations. At the base of Macdonell's Grammar is the first ever, yet the most authentic, linguistic material of the Rigveda -- supplemented, though, it is from other Samhitas as well. Also marked here are the grammatical forms of the Brahmanas where they differ from those of the later-day classical Sanskrit. Now 'reprinted' afresh in an innovative format, this book has sustained its decades-long worldwide importance as an undisputed, systematically organised aid to the study of Vedic literature. And, for sure, retains its indispensablity to scholars even today!
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This is one of just a handful of rare books that exist on Vedic Sanskrit grammar. This book is a companion version of the book "Sanskrit Grammar for Students" by the same author that describes Classical Sanskrit grammar. Every section in the Vedic book references the corresponding section in the Classical book, explaining and highlighting only the Vedic specific grammar/usage. The assumption is that the reader is already familiar with the classical usage found in the companion book, so you need to buy that book to refer to really understand this book.

This book (Vedic grammar) is a scanned facsimile copy of some old library book and has many marks, writings, side notes, stampings, etc. typical in library books. I guess the publishers could have erased the marks after scanning, but they didn't do it. The font is huge and the print is clear, so the marks don't affect the readability, just the aesthetics. One other thing, the Sanskrit text is not in Devanagari font but in transliterated Roman font, unlike the companion book which uses the Devanagari font for Sanskrit text.

Overall a very useful and lucid book that walks you step-by-step through the intricacies of Vedic Sanskrit grammar. Such books were always a rare find, and more so nowadays.
such books should not be sold. The title is misleading: this is NOT the "Vedic grammar" most readers are thinking about - instead, it is the shortened version, "The Vedic Grammar for Students" (it actually says so inside of the book, but not on the cover). It is a very good book, too, of course, but those looking for the longer version should by no means buy this poorly photographed cheap edition. A real shame publishers are allowed to get away with such poor work.
The author explains that, while the intended audience is the Vedic student, it is appropriate to know basic Sanskrit first. I don't but intend to. Nonetheless, I've found it tremendously helpful with pronunciation and grasping some of the nuances of the allegoric literature. Although a more extensive edition exists, the information in this one is massive and cogently organized. The order arrived within days.
The quality of the print is quite poor and difficult to read.
MacDonnell's Vedic Grammar is the classic reference book for the beginner and, indeed, for the advanced student of the Rg-Veda. It is traditionally arranged, covering phonology issues, accent, and morphology. The book thoroughly covers the nominal and the verbal systems, which may be especially confusing for the student. A separate chapter discussing sandhi is especially well written.
I recommend this book as the best Vedic grammar published in English , although it has its drawbacks - for example, some (more or less obscure) verbal forms do not appear. But, even with all the deficiences in mind, MacDonnell's book is still an excellent grammar, a must for anyone who wishes to study the Vedic language.