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by Asselia S. Lichliter,Nancy Pierce,edited by Frank Asselia S. Lichliter

eBook 700 Years of the Beville Family download ISBN: 0788413295
Author: Asselia S. Lichliter,Nancy Pierce,edited by Frank Asselia S. Lichliter
Publisher: Heritage Books; 2nd edition (1999)
Language: English
Pages: 630
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Rating: 4.8
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The book begins with a brief.

Asselia S. Lichliter. Asselia S. Lichliter’s books. 700 Years of the Beville Family of Huntingdonshire, England. Pioneering in America with the Beville Family: The Continuing Story.

by Asselia S. Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13:9780788413292. Release Date:December 1999.

Lichliter, Asselia S. Published by Heritage Books, 2007. ISBN 10: 078841724X, ISBN 13: 9780788417245. This volume includes the history and accomplishments of the Beville descendants in America up to the present day, and presents four new lines of descendants.

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Compare DNA and explore genealogy for Asselia (Strobhar) Lichliter born 1912 Biloxi, Mississippi died 1996 Silver Spring, Maryland including ancestors + descendants + 1 family memories + mitochondrial DNA + more in the free.

Compare DNA and explore genealogy for Asselia (Strobhar) Lichliter born 1912 Biloxi, Mississippi died 1996 Silver Spring, Maryland including ancestors + descendants + 1 family memories + mitochondrial DNA + more in the free family tree community. Asselia (Strobhar) Lichliter was born in 1912 and passed away in 1996. The following information is contained in the death record of Asselia Lichliter: Name: Asselia Lichliter SSN: 315-07-0176 Last Residence: 20903 Silver Spring, Montgomery, Maryland, USA BORN: 17 Sep 1912 Died: 14 Oct 1996. cgi?page gr&GRid 52005696.

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700 years of the Seville family . 584 p. 6 Asselia S. Lichliter; 25Jan77 (in notice: 1976); A821074.

700 years of the Seville family: the lives and times of 18 generations of the Beville family of Huntingdonshire, England and some allied families, including the Bowerman, Hoo, Carew, Saunders, Lacy, Himberly and other families in England Compiled by 4sselia Strobhar Lichliter. second alarm: the Fresno Fire Depar- tment, 1877-1977. 237 p. e Bill Bragg; lSep76; A821078.

This is not a typical who begat whom genealogy. While it is a meticulously researched genealogical record, it is also a gripping story of the Beville family, set against the lives and times of contemporary England, from the day that the original deBeville knight came ashore with William the Conqueror in 1066 A.D. through the arrival of a lone immigrant, Essex Beville, who came to the New World to find his fortunes in the Virginia Colony in 1660. It is from Essex that all Bevilles of any spelling who live in America today are descended. The first edition of 700 Years was written and privately printed in 1976 by Asselia S. Lichliter, a linear descendant of Essex Beville. In the course of her research, she spent years in England and France conducting exhaustive research at every historical site she could think of, consulting church records, court documents, deeds, wills, and of course, the extensive records held by the British Museum. She then combined the fruits of this research with her extensive knowledge of English history, producing a book which smoothly integrates a detailed, unbroken genealogy with the context of the times in which the Beville and various collaterally related families lived. It is small wonder that a thousand copies were sold well before her death in 1996. To meet the continuing demand for this fine work, it is being reissued in a second, specially revised and updated hard-bound edition, one which exceeds the first edition in level of detail and areas of research which have been explored. The book contains several illustrations, a glossary of terms found in medieval documents, detailed indices after each chapter, and appendices including links to other families. (1999), 2007, 6x9, cloth, indices, 642 pp.
Comments: (4)
Good information. However, if you are from the William Buell line your ancestors won't be included.
Only those with a Bevil / Beville / Beauville / deBeauville / Chesterton, England connection will want this book, but for them it is excellent, readable, and useful, not only in its geneaology but in its history and observations on England up until the 18th century. The authors have accomplished an outstanding job of research.
Limited audience, but for that audience it's a gem.
When the words "700 Years..." are in the title of ANY genealogy book about a family, one instantly wonders about how accurate it is. Yet "700 Years of the Beville Family" is just that: a meticulously researched and documented account of a family whose origins began with two Norman knights who aided William the Conqueror in his quest for the English Crown by crossing the Channel and fighting with him at the Battle of Hastings in the year 1066 A.D.
The book begins with a brief review of how the Duchy of Normandy came into being with the invasion of the Norsemen ca. 911 A.D., and its relation to the rest of the then Frankish kingdom. It covers how Duke William of Normandy came to lay claim to the English throne and the political environment of England at the time of Edward the Confessor leading up to The Conquest.
It next documents the actions of William the Conqueror and the two "de Beuville" brothers, William and Humphrey (noblemen from the town of Beuville in Normandy) and in the subsequent invasion. The story then moves on, detailing the marriages, alliances, roles (including two Knights of the Bath and two members of Parliament), and property transactions of the Beville family for 600 years in the County of Huntingdonshire, England (surrounding present day Peterborough). It concludes with 100 years of the family in colonial America, when Essex Beville emigrated to Virginia, and the next three generations that descended from him.
Using wills, baptismal, marriage, and property records, and several excellent sketches (photographs are added in the 2nd edition), Mrs. Lichliter gives form to the lives of a family's people over 600 years in medieval England. For those with a familiar knowledge of English history, some of the passages are quite revealing as one considers the contemporary events. And the updates made by Frank Pierce and Nancy Beville Pierce provide a very unexpected and fascinating link to both the current Royal family of England, and to the early noble and royal families of England in the centuries after The Conquest.
Specific sources down to the archive, volume and page numbers of references and historical records are given for each revelation and snippet of family history described throughout the work, including references from the Domesday Book of 1086.
Originally published in 1976, the Pierce's have done a masterful job of updating and adding to the original work by the late Asselia Lichliter, including information obtained by other members of the Beville family since 1976.
This work will defintely be of interest to any Beville, Bevill, Bevil, (or variation thereof) and their related family descendants as an authenticated account of their history begining in the year 1066.
It will be of interest to genealogists in general, especially amateur genealogists as Mrs. Lichliter was an "ordinary" woman with an exceptional interest in her family's history. It can also add body to desciptions of feudal society in England for those interested in history.
Exceptional, amazing and fascinating. This story of one ancient family's history is sure to become a genealogy classic.