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by Sue F. Miller

eBook Targeting Pronounciation: Audio CDs (5) download ISBN: 0618444211
Author: Sue F. Miller
Publisher: Cengage Learning; 2 edition (July 6, 2005)
Language: English
ePub: 1974 kb
Fb2: 1214 kb
Rating: 4.1
Other formats: lit mobi docx lrf
Category: Reference
Subcategory: Foreign Language Study and Reference

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Targeting Pronunciation . .has been added to your Cart. I usually enjoy reading Sue’s books, but not this time. The story was too crazy and silly and just didn’t interest me. I didn’t like the characters and I couldn’t wait to get it finished.

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Useful Materials for Teaching Pronunciation with Suprasegmentals: Gilbert, Judy.

Targeting Pronunciation : Intonation, Rhythm and Sounds of American English. By (author) Sue F. Miller.

Targeting Pronunciation uses an interactive approach and clear explanations to help students communicate effectively in English. It makes pronunciation easy to teach and fun to learn. The text features a diagnostic package for setting individual priorities. Students build independence by improving their ability to self-monitor and self-correct and by completing home assignments for practice beyond the classroom. The Second Edition includes increased coverage of consonants and vowels, enhanced Web activities, additional authentic speech samples, and indexes by chapter and activity type for easy reference.
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L is another action-packed and thrilling installment in the Kinsey Millhone series. This one barely takes place in California as Kinsey is forced to Texas while following a lead.
It seems that she got into more nonsense than usual this time around. I mean, she stole a maid’s uniform and pretended she was part of housekeeping. Meanwhile, I was laughing through it all.
These books have a way of being highly entertaining and humorous while maintaining integrity and offering up a true thriller.
L keeps you on your toes and keeps the pages turning.

4/5 stars only because I missed the California crew.

Memorable Quotes: “I don’t mean to be a bitch, but in the future I intend to hesitate before I do a favor for the friend of a friend.”

“This is the beauty of keeping up those skills. In a crisis situation, I had only to open my mouth and a fib flopped out. An unpracticed liar can’t always rise to the occasion like I can.”

“There’s a certain horror when you can’t quite remember who’s whistling so merrily behind the bathroom door. Often, when I found out, I couldn’t help but question my taste in male companionship. It didn’t take long to see morality as the quickest way to avoid self-loathing.”

“’What do you know about family?’
‘Not a thing. That’s my point. I like all this bickering now that I’ve got the hang of it.’”

“So far, almost everything I’d done was illegal except the vacuuming – breaking into hotel rooms, aiding and abetting escaped felons. Probably even the vacuuming broke some union contract. Why bother to get prissy at this late date?”
Global Progression
A better title for this book should be Kinsey and her misadventures with the Clampetts. Even though this book is one big Murphy’s Law event for Kinsey, I still liked it. When main characters can’t seem to catch a break in a book until the very end, I usually get very annoyed but not so with L is for Lawless. I give the credit to Sue Grafton for giving this book a more light-hearted feel to some of the other books and Grafton didn’t allow Kinsey never to catch a break even in the end.

This book’s story is a jigsaw puzzle which each piece slowly bringing the story full circle. It didn’t feel like one of Kinsey’s normal cases because she had no adversary to chase. The story is wrapped totally around Kinsey’s sense of curiosity and desire to know the truth. The Rawsons are not the best supporting characters but Grafton made it all work and kept me engaged in the answers just as much as Kinsey.

If there was one thing I didn’t like about the book it was the split personality Kinsey has to family dynamics. She seemed to enjoy being stuck with the Rawsons and observing their antics while totally being determined not to interact with her own family. Not sure why she was this way, but I just couldn’t understand it
I love the politically incorrect lady PI in this book. She is tough and she gets the job done. She is somewhat dysfunctional, which makes her all the more believable and likeable. After reading this series, I got my mother hooked on the series.

Not quite as good as others in the series, but Sue Grafton on a bad day is still streets ahead of many other authors on their best days. Gets 4-stars from me because there is no real mystery. More of an exciting ride-along experience.

After my mother read all the "Kinsey Millhone" stories, she discovered the Joe Gunther Mystery Series, which she loved. The first book is: Open Season (Joe Gunther Mysteries)

If you are looking for exciting adventure books for kids / teenagers, my mother recommends Jake Johnson And The Half Bloods (Quest 1) (Jake Johnson And The Greek Gods) and its sequel Jake Johnson And The God Of War (Quest 2) (Jake Johnson And The Greek Gods).
I first read I is for Innocent 27 years ago and was hooked. When I found out this was a series I was so happy. I've loved spending time with Kinsey and all of her crazy friends! This series of books is never disappointing, can't put it down suspenseful and so well written! The characters are so well developed and it's never hard to picture them as I go on adventure after adventure with Ms. Millhone.
Wife loved it and it came super quick. It was a last minute gift for Valentine's day but said the 14th was the soonest it could come if not for 2+ weeks. So I'm super happy that I got it on the 14th. My wife was happy to get a signed copy, she was devastated when Sue Grafton passed away. They met a few times and she always had positive things to say about my wife's own writing and even gave her the time of day on more then a few occasions to give her work a read. She will be missed...
Kinsey was more human in this book. Altho it was suppose to be a detective story, it was more a han interest story. Crooks got away with a fortune but evev they were presented in a human manner. I liked the crook who has spent forty years in jail.
I usually enjoy reading Sue’s books, but not this time. The story was too crazy and silly and just didn’t interest me. I didn’t like the characters and I couldn’t wait to get it finished. Sorry for the bad review, but this story was not for me.
I loved her books. Every book I read, there's a twist. There's murder, love, suspense. I love the Women's Murder Club. I love all the women and their spouses