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by Deletant

eBook COLLOQUIAL ROMANIAN PB (Colloquial Series) download ISBN: 0415051290
Author: Deletant
Publisher: Other (November 17, 1983)
Language: English
Pages: 344
ePub: 1368 kb
Fb2: 1716 kb
Rating: 4.3
Other formats: lit lrf lrf rtf
Category: Reference
Subcategory: Foreign Language Study and Reference

Colloquial Korean provides a step-by-step course in Korean as it is written and spoken today. Recorded by native speakers, the audio complements the book and will help enhance learners’ listening and speaking skills.

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In short, this book is more mysterious than any detective store. I have no idea why the author decided to downgrade his own book to this extent. The one improvement made is that the conversations are more up to date and relevant in this course.

Dennis Deletant is Professor of Romanian Studies at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College, London. Ramona Gönczöl-Davies is a native speaker of Romanian and Lector in Romanian at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies.

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A step-by-step course in written and spoken Romanian.
Comments: (7)
I am happy I read the reviews and bought an old version of this book -- 2nd edition 1995. I don't really care that it's not up-to-date. I don't expect to be able to speak like a native. The 1995 edition italicizes the accented vowel. This is really, really helpful. You can read whole paragraphs and know where to accent each word. As a textbook for a course, I'm sure the current edition is fine, but if you're teaching yourself, you'd be better off with the 2nd edition. The grammar is explained very well. Lots of nice chunks of text in Romanian. Aside from the Pimsleur CDs, this book has been the most helpful to me in teaching myself.
The book would be a lot better if it taught everything before asking you to use it. For example in exercise three of chapter one, you are supposed to use the correct forms of the verbs to be and to have, only chapter one does not taech the verb to have... then the exercise uses vocabulary also not covered in the chapter, or even listed in the glossary! Perhaps the author's intent is to make you work harder by cracking open your dictionary and grammar book, but in my opinion this edition is very poorly written.
Most of the Romanian language books I've purchased (college textbooks and travel guides) focus on the things you might need as a tourist. These books also favor a formal form of speech that you seldom hear when speaking with the average Romanian (though they'll certainly understand the formal version). When I saw the title of this book, I thought it might emphasize "conversational" Romanian, the kind friends might use. The fact that it didn't was a bit disappointing. Still, it is a good introduction to the language and will help me catch a train, stay at a hotel, find my way around, go shopping, or eat at a restaurant ... all very valuable lessons.
Son says its very good.
The book comprises a lot of useful vocabulary and grammar information. However, the authors should have spent time by adding the pronunciation of every word. They do explain how every letter is pronunced at the beginning of the book. Yet it is very difficult for a beginner to have to go back and remind himself the sound of every other letter in a word.
I can't assess the accuracy or effectiveness of this course yet, but I gave it a good rating based on certain criteria.
First. I have long used Linguaphone courses. I have always found their standards to be the best in language courses. They don't produce a course in Romanian, but they do recommend this one. That influenced my decision to buy it.
Second. A good and effective language course has to have conversational speech in the language by native speakers. These can be variable. The old US military language courses were done on 78rpms or tapes in the 40s or 50s. Unscrupulous producers of language courses were able to buy that old [stuff]and repackage it pretending they had a decent language course in such exotic languages as Telugu and Tibetan and Albanian. The sentences were ok but the actual phonic reproduction was muddy and garbled. They are a complete ripoff. They weren't rerecorded nor even "cleaned-up", and they're still being touted as acceptable language courses.
This course has good clear recordings, with the desirable option of cassette or CD. So for these reasons I feel this course warrants five stars.
This probably is the best Romaninan text book available. It is very organized, and extremely well thought out. I would recommend anyone learning Romanin to use this text book.
The Kindle version drops all accented Romanian characters in the text, making it impossible to pronounce and learn the words correctly. In the scanned paradigms the accents are there, but the type is so small as to be illegible, and cannot be enlarged.