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by Linda Schinke-Llano,Richard A. Spears

eBook NTC's American Idioms Dictionary w/CD-ROM download ISBN: 0658001302
Author: Linda Schinke-Llano,Richard A. Spears
Publisher: Ntc Pub Group (January 1, 2000)
Language: English
Pages: 208
ePub: 1840 kb
Fb2: 1985 kb
Rating: 4.6
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Category: Reference
Subcategory: Dictionaries and Thesauruses

The Dictionary contains an exceptionally comprehensive Phrase-Finder Index that allows you to look up any key word in an expression and find the exact location of that expression in the main body of the dictionary. This unique feature allows you to identify and locate partially remembered expressions quickly and easily

ISBN-13: 978-0844208282. 3rd e. 2000) with: (a) Green, Jonathon: Cassell Dictionary of Slang, 1998, and (b) Chapman, Robert: Dictionary of American Slang, 3rd e. 1995. The advantages of this dictionary over the other two are: (1) some words/phrases are in this book but not the other two (. "kipe," "WYSIWYG"); (2) it has more examples of usage in context (usually two per entry); and (3) it is less expensive.

NTC's American idioms dictionary. Spears, Richard A; Schinke-Llano, Linda. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Start by marking Ntc's American Idioms Dictionary W/Cd Rom as Want . Alas this book is another of my failed experiments, as such me reading all the idioms, is of no value since, I am going to forget them all in no time.

Start by marking Ntc's American Idioms Dictionary W/Cd Rom as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Alas this book is another of my failed experiments, as such me reading all the idioms, is of no value since, I am going to forget them all in no time, since I don't have a hook memory or a context to trap them and then use an SRS (Spaced Repetition System), to engrave the hook deeper and deeper with.

Ntc's American Idioms/American Slang. Richard A. Spears, Linda Schin. Ntc's American Idioms/American Slang. Are you sure you want to remove Ntc's American Idioms/American Slang from your list? Ntc's American Idioms/American Slang. by Richard A. Spears, Linda Schinke-Llano. Published August 1990 by Passport Books.

By (author) Richard A. Spears. AbeBooks may have this title (opens in new window).

Linda Schinke-Llano's scientific contributions. Publications (7). NTC's American idioms dictionary.

Читать бесплатно книгу NTC'S AMERICAN IDIOMS DICTIONARY. Lincolnwood : NTC PUBL. THE MOST PRACTICAL REFERENCE TO THE EVERYDAY EXPRESSIONS OF CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN ENGLISH (Spears R. и другие произведения в разделе Каталог. Spears, Richard A. Ntc's american idioms dictionary : the most practical reference to the everyday expressions of contemporary american english, richard . pears; associate ED. L. schinke-llano. ISBN 0-8442-545 : Б. ц.

of American idioms, Richard A. p. cm. Includes index. NTC's Thematic Dictionary of Ame. This new book introduces 300 more everyday American English idioms and expressions. American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms. 37 MB·11,694 Downloads. American Heritage® and the eagle logo are registered trademarks of Forbes Inc. The American. NTC's Pocket Dictionary of Words and Phrases : 12,000 Words, Idioms, and Phrasal Verbs for Travelers and Learners. I wrote More More Spe.

Items related to NTC's American idioms dictionary (English). Published by McGraw-Hill Contemporary (2001). Richard A Spears NTC's American idioms dictionary (English). ISBN 13: 9780844254524. The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms (1997) surveys more than 10,000 expressions and provides approximate dates of first use and histories. The Cassell Dictionary of English Idioms defines approximately 10,000 idioms used in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and the British Isles. ISBN 10: 0844254525 ISBN 13: 9780844254524.

Here's something new and exciting from NTC, the leading publisher of books for students of English as a second language. Electronic dictionaries on CD-ROM make it easy to look up a word or phrase instantly and have access to thousands of typical American English example sentences. The student can store selected entries in his or her personal electronic notebook.Conduct faster, easier research with eDictionaries on CD-ROM-- Open and search any number of dictionaries at once-- Internet link provides updates and additional entries-- Free on-line site for purchasing additional reference materials-- Each eDictionary also includes two bonus dictionaries: NTC's Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations and NTC's Dictionary of Proverbs and Cliches
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Perfect for ideas for a weekly game for a retirement community
practical and useful
This dictionary has just a few idioms, the most common.
I use this book on daily basis and I couldn't be more satisfied with it. Idioms are so common in speech and writing in today's English, that you really don't stand a chance of speaking or understanding the language properly if you don't get familiar with its idiomatic expression. I recommend that you buy this book together with "Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions" and read a few pages of both every day (you don't have to do it in alphabetic order, of course). Do it whenever you have 10 or 20 minutes off. The effect of the time you dedicate to this activity will amaze you. That's all what it takes to transform you into a great English languge speaker. The book is packed with many practical examples that you can start using straight away.
NTC's American Idioms Dictionary, Second Edition by lexicographer Richard A. Spears provides 12,000 examples of usage for over 8,500 idiomatic forms in American English. The Dictionary contains an exceptionally comprehensive Phrase-Finder Index that allows you to look up any key word in an expression and find the exact location of that expression in the main body of the dictionary. This unique feature allows you to identify and locate partially remembered expressions quickly and easily.
NTC's American Idioms Dictionary is designed for easy use by life-long speakers of English, as well as the new-to-English speaker or learner. An appendix includes 500 irreversible binomial and trinomial phrases. The dictionary contains a unique Phrase-Finder Index that allows the user to identify and look up any expression in the dictionary from a single key word.
This is a dictionary of form and meaning. It focuses on the user's need to know the meaning, usage, and appropriate contexts for each idiomatic phrase. The definitions and examples provide sufficient information to allow a person trained in English grammar to parse the idiomatic expressions. Persons who do not understand English grammar or English grammar terminology and who cannot themselves parse the idiomatic expressions or example sentences do not derive much benefit from grammatical explanations. The dictionary relies on clarity, simplicity, and carefully written examples to lead the user to the meaning and appropriate usage of each idiomatic expression.
The special features that make this book useful for learners do not detract from or interfere with its usefulness for the life-long English speaker, and should, in fact, add to its usefulness. Specialized knowledge of English lexical and sentential semantics and English grammar is not used in indexing, defining, or explaining the idiomatic expressions.
Idioms or idiomatic expressions are often defined as "set phrases" or "fixed phrases." The number of idiomatic expressions that are totally invariant is really quite small, however, even when the English proverbs are included in this category. Most such phrases can vary the choice of noun or pronoun and most select from a wide variety of verb tense and aspect patterns. Adjectives and some adverbs can be added at will to idiomatic phrases. Furthermore, the new-to-English user is faced with the difficulty of isolating an idiomatic expression from the rest of the sentence and determining where to find it in a dictionary of idioms. If the user fails to extract the essential idiomatic expression, the likelihood of finding it in any dictionary is reduced considerably.
In dictionaries that list each idiomatic expression under a "key word," there may be some difficulty in deciding what the "key word" is. In phrases such as on the button or in the cards, the key word, the only noun in the phrase, is easy to determine if one has correctly isolated the phrase from the sentence in which it was found. In phrases that have more than one noun, such as all hours of the day and night or A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, deciding on a "key word" may be more difficult. It is even more difficult when the only noun in the phrase is one of the variable words, such as with go around with her old friends, go around with Jim, go around with no one at all, which are examples of go around with someone.
Another important feature for the learner is the use of object placeholders indicating human and nonhuman. Typical dictionary entries for idiomatic phrases-especially for phrasal verbs, prepositional verbs, and phrasal prepositional verbs-omit direct objects, as in put on hold; bail out, or see through. This dictionary uses the stand-in pronouns someone and something to indicate whether the verb in the phrase calls for an object, where the object should go in the sentence, whether the object can be human or nonhuman, and if there are different meanings dependent on whether the object is human or nonhuman. All of that information is vital to learners of English, although it seems to come perfectly naturally to life-long English speakers. For example, there is a big difference between put someone on hold and put something on hold, or between bail someone out and bail something out. There is also a great difference between see something through and see through something. These differences may never be revealed if the entry heads are just put on hold, bail out, and see through, with no object indicated.
Many idioms have optional parts. In fact, a phrase may seem opaque simply because it is really just an ellipsis of a longer, less opaque phrase. This dictionary shows as full a form of an idiom as possible with the frequently omitted parts in parentheses. For example: back down (from someone or something) and be all eyes (and ears).
The dictionary includes numerous irreversible binomials and trinomials-sequences of 2 or 3 words that are in a fixed order, such as fast and furious, but not furious and fast. These sequences are listed in the Appendix, and those that require explanation are cross-referenced to entries in the dictionary.
Fast Lovebird
This book will help you improve your verbal expressions and your understanding.
;to be honest with someone... So i am going to level with you :o) This is a gotta have book for anyone in love with our ever changing American English... so read it and rediscover your love afair with words. Perfect gift for anyone new to America and our way of reshaping the English Language.
A great resource book, especially for the money! I work in design and use the NTC's American Idioms Dictionary for many of my projects. It's inspiring, full of information, and a valuable tool. It's also a lot of fun!