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by Kevin J. Anderson

eBook A Forest of Stars: The Saga of Seven Suns Book 2 download ISBN: 0446528714
Author: Kevin J. Anderson
Publisher: Aspect; First Edition edition (July 17, 2003)
Language: English
Pages: 496
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Rating: 4.9
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Category: Pseudoscience
Subcategory: Science Fiction

This is the second book in the Saga of the Seven Suns series, and it has all the flaws of the first book, only magnified. That places me closer to the finish line.

This is the second book in the Saga of the Seven Suns series, and it has all the flaws of the first book, only magnified. Looking now at what will probably be close to 4500 pages of material, and being 28% done, we should have plot twists and we do.

The Saga of Seven Suns is a series of seven space opera novels by American writer Kevin J. Anderson, published between 2002 and 2008. The books are set in a not-too-distant future where humans have colonized a number of other planets across the galaxy, thanks in part to technological assistance from an ancient alien race, the Ildirans.

Reading SOTSS i get a feeling that the story itself is infinite, just like the genre he is writing in. GAME OF THRONES is fantastic, dont get me wrong, but its set in a universe where we all know the boundaries.

Kevin J. Anderson was born on March 27, 1962. He has also written several books with Doug Beason including Ignition, Virtual Destruction, Fallout, and Ill Wind.

The Saga of the Seven Suns is a continued in the Saga of Shadows. by Kevin J. Anderson. Five years have passed since humans set fire to.

The Saga of the Seven Suns is a multi-volume chronicle of a legendary war that spans half the Galaxy and nearly shatters the cosmos. This series follows the family intrigues, the loves and tragedies, pomp and pageantry among several competing races in an expanding stellar empire. Five years have passed since the beginning of an epic war with the Hydrogues.

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Five years after attacking the human-colonized worlds of the Spiral Arm, the enigmatic hydrogues maintain absolute control over the galaxy's gas-giant planets. Jovian atmospheres are the only source of vitally needed stardrive fuel - and the embargo on harvesting is strangling human civilization.On Earth, the government is tightening its iron grip on rebellious colonies while seeking to dominate humans throughout the galaxy. Reeling from renewed attacks by the hydrogues, the Terran rulers don't realize the other dangers they face. Earth's alien "friends," the seemingly gentle Ildirans, are abducting humans for breeding experiments. And Earth's government is using military robots to build cybernetic legions to fight the war, robots that have secretly exterminated their own makers - and may soon turn on mankind.Five years ago, humans thought they ruled the cosmos. Today they're the galaxy's most endangered species. But the sudden appearance of incredible new races of elemental entities destroys all known balances of power.Now for the humans and the myriad alien factions in the universe, the real war is about to begin...and genocide may be the result.
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This is the second book in the Saga of the Seven Suns series, and it has all the flaws of the first book, only magnified. In my review for the origin novel (Hidden Empire), I noted that the first book had great ideas, but was cursed with slow pacing, chapters focused on universe building instead of driving the plot forward, and that most of the action happens in the last 10% of the book.

This book has all of these problems, but they are made worse by ridiculous behavior by both aliens and humans. For example, in the first novel, powerful aliens go to war with humans, yet refrain from wiping out Earth, even though in this novel, we see that they are perfectly capable of doing so the way a human would swat a mosquito or use a vacuum cleaner to suck up a spider. Never once do the humans ever bother to wonder why the aliens simply haven't exterminated them. And that's a major flaw--the humans and aliens are just stupid, as in poorly characterized and poorly plotted.

As in the first novel, the chapters are short and often pointless. All the real action happens in the last 15% of the book. A good editor would have tightened the story up; the whole novel could have been 1/3 as long, kept the good ideas, and eliminated characters whose arcs went nowhere. While these flaws were somewhat acceptable in the first novel as an introduction to the Seven Suns universe, they are just an example of poor writing in this second book. It's possible that author Anderson was trying to write a book that could be read without knowing the contents of the first book, but even within this book, he repeats information over and over again.

Quite honestly, it will be a chore to finish the series. I'm sure fans of the series will give this book high marks, and indeed, anyone who likes the series enough to finish all the books will give high marks to all the books in the series. Only the most devoted fan would make it all the way through, so if one were to graph the number of readers against the ratings, it would show diminishing readership with increasing ratings.

If you were a fan of the first book, you'll love this book as it's more of the same. If however, you noticed the poor pacing, an increasingly unbelievable storyline, and pointless chapters, you will dislike the book and the series. I plan on finishing the series and will post reviews, but if you start this series, don't say you weren't warned.
Book 2 of Seven. That places me closer to the finish line.

Looking now at what will probably be close to 4500 pages of material, and being 28% done, we should have plot twists and we do. When you thought before we had three, perhaps four combatants by the end of the last book, that number has nearly doubled.

Not that the short chapters and the cast of thousands still does not detract from the book. Though I also read it several years after publication, the story line seems to echo in my memory, and so do several of the plot points. I wonder if I have read this all before by another author. Somethings are different, the archaeologist thread, the world forest, but the battles always lost at the beginning, the abandoned officer, those seem to come from stories that are part of sci-fi lore by other authors. It is possible that it is being done better here.

But also worse. When you confront some introspection all in four pages and then flip to the next scene, it is a disservice to one of our many protagonists. We have so many it is hard to keep track of who are our real heroes and who are our villains. Where the smartest people are, and that too few brains at the top syndrome permeates to govern a society of billions. (The whole chairman, one commanders in chief, General thing is worrisome, since we know from our own reality that the top man would have hundreds of advisers who would be the best in their fields, relying on many other brains to filter information. One man can not do it all.)

To judge on style then, this book would get lower marks. Too short chapters, too many characters, action is decidedly lacking and one sided, the bad guys always win right now... (That changes as new allies? come to play)

To judge on story, except for the echo of what has happened in other very well done science fiction epics, it is getting better. Based on the first two, may not be worth a read, but by the end (3000+ pages to go) it may be so.
Wow what a series. A must read for Sci FY readers as this space opera series just continues to grow.The universe covered by this series continues to grow with so many side stories going on that it is at times hard to put down. The style of switching from one character to another was at first irritating, but once I got used to it loved it as character after character is developed and events are seen from diffeent perspectives with a resulting better understanding of why events developed as they did.
Another excellent book from Kevin J Anderson. Such an amazing story that just flows so wonderful. I can't wait to finish this great saga
Kevin J. Anderson is very close to my favorite author and with this series he comes through with an original story, original characters, original aliens races. That may be the best part, the originality and uniqueness of the new races. Enthralling, always wanting to know what's going to happen next.

Mr. Anderson is at the pinnacle of Sci-Fi writing. He is one of the greats.
Really impressed with this series to date. The first book was pretty good, Forest of Stars got even better. I've adjusted to the short chapters and rapid plot development that was a little disconcerting in book 1, and am really starting to enjoy it. It's nice to see an author who doesn't spend 5 pages describing a building or hole in the ground, but rather moves the pace along quickly and had great action sequences. Some may criticize this series as a cheap thrill because of the brevity of chapters and such, and maybe they're right. But who cares? It's extremely well written, the plot and characters are intriguing, and it leaves you hungry for more. I only hope Anderson continues his high quality work in books 3 and 4. But up to this point I'm very pleased with the Saga of the Seven Suns. A great scifi series that is not to be missed.