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Author: Robert A. Heinlein
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By robert a. heinlein from tor books. The Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein. The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this novel are either fictitious or are used fictitiously.

By robert a. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, in any form. This book is printed on acid-free paper. Published by Tom Doherty Associates,.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This is the seminal novel of a young man's education as a member of an elite, paternalistic non-military organization of leaders dedicated to preserving human civilization.

Space Cadet Robert A Heinlein 1948. SNAFU ON VENUS "I gather that you were sent here, in answer to my message?" "Certainly," Matt said. This is going to be a tough nut to crack. I sent for a regiment of marines, equipped for amphibious operations. Maybe you did, but this is what you got. What's the situation?"

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Only the best and brightest - the strongest and the most courageous - ever managed to become Space Cadets. They were the elite guard of the solar system.

Robert Anson Heinlein was born on July 7, 1907 in Butler, Mo.

manage to become Space Cadets, at the Space Academy Hardcover Robert A. Heinlein Books. Robert A. Heinlein Fantasy Books

manage to become Space Cadets, at the Space Academy. They are in training to be come part of the elite guard of the solar system, accepting missions others fear, taking risks no others dare, and upholding the peace of the solar system for the benefit of al. ut before Matt Dodson can earn his rightful place in the ranks, his mettle is to be tested in the most severe and extraordinary ways. Hardcover Robert A. Heinlein Fantasy Books. Books Robert A.

Space Cadet is a 1948 science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein about Matt Dodson, who joins the Space Patrol to help preserve peace in the Solar System.

Matt Dodson arrives at Space Academy little prepared for the rigorous program he is about to enter. But that's the point of the academy: to take young men and steep them in a demanding tradition of honor, courage, and sacrifice until they have earned the right to join the Patrol as guardians of the solar peace. A classic coming-of-age tale, and one of the most influential books in the history of science fiction, Space Cadet features the compelling mix of wit, action, and a clear vision of the future that are the hallmarks of Heinlein at his best.

Space Cadet is the seminal novel of a young man's education as a member of an elite, paternalistic non-military . Heinlein (1907-1988) is widely acknowledged to have been the single most important and influential author of science fiction in the twentieth century.

Space Cadet is the seminal novel of a young man's education as a member of an elite, paternalistic non-military organization of leaders dedicated to preservi. Four Hugo Awards for Best Novels and three of his novels were given Retrospective Hugos fifty years after publication. He won Science Fiction Writers of America's first Grand Master Award for his lifetime achievement.

A young man reports for the final tests for appointment as a cadet in the Interplanetary Patrol, survives the tests, studies in the school ship, and goes on a regular Patrol vessel and encounters danger on Venus.
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Heinlein is always good for a great, thoughtful read. I have a hard time describing him as anything but "thoughtful" because he always gives me something interesting to think about. This is a classic story, from before the days of the internet and grey ooze stories. This book is from when sci fi was really sci fi!
First published in 1948, Space Cadet is one of Heinlein's earliest sf juveniles. I remember loving it when I was a teenager. Those years are long past, but when I recently reread the novel, I recaptured at least some of the sense of wonder I felt when I read it as a kid. Science fiction has become more sophisticated in the intervening years (at least some of it has), but the art of storytelling never grows old, and Heinlein was a master storyteller.

Space Cadet has a tight, engaging plot that begins with Matt Dodson joining the Space Cadets and ends with an adventure on Venus. Dodson is a strong character who would be especially appealing to teens--he's able to overcome self-doubt, gains maturity, and learns (while making use of a leave to visit his parents) that "you can't go home again." The only other character in the novel with any personality is Matt's fellow cadet Tex, who likes to repeat his Uncle Bodie's tall tales, adding some humor to the story. The aliens Heinlein envisions living on Venus are credible (at least by 1948 standards, and in any event more credible than most of the lizard-like aliens that dominate sf movies), and the novel has something useful to say about prejudice against those who are outwardly different.

Space Cadet hasn't lost much of its charm in the six-plus decades since its first publication. I would give it 4 1/2 stars if Amazon offered that option.
"Space Cadet" is a wonderful novel I first read over 50 years ago when I was a young teenager. I loved it then and I still enjoy it today. It is a story of a young man growing into a future military force which is both interesting and well-written, predicting many future technologies (microwave ovens), years before they were actually invented. Heinlein developed a unique perspective on life that evolved through his books over the decades.
I started reading Heinland in September of 1957 and never stopped. Somehow I had never read this one. What a great treat and a trip down memory lane. Pure space adventure with his flair. Well worth the time. 'Share water' and 'Shines the name of Roger Young.'
The first time I read this book must have been 40 years ago. Some of the technology and discoveries are outdated but the story is still just as wonderful now as it was then. Definitely a great story.
How I went so long without reading this book I'll never know. Astoundingly ahead of its time, but yet so prescient that it could have been written today.

You can't read this book without thinking of nearly anything in today's sci-fi universe: Star Trek, Thunderbirds, Babylon 5, Firefly, Halo, you name it there's hints everywhere that all come from Heinelin's seminal work.

I loved the story itself, it had great flow and a genuine sense of plotting. Enjoyable.
I read this in 6th grade and this, among other Heinlein Juvies, have been with me ever since. I bought these for my kids in the hopes that the ideals expressed in these novels rub off in today's somewhat jaded and troubled world. Everyone needs to grow up with great adventure stories that aren't focused on looks, status, and whatever it is that kids are exposed to on a minute by minute basis in our culture.

Great romp among the stars - when I read these, I was so afraid I'd be left behind on Earth and wanted to grow up as fast as I could. Clearly, I didn't need to worry but hopefully my kids might have the opportunity.

It's even fun reading it as an adult again!
I read this book first when I was probably 11 or 12 and decided to read it again.

Though it was written in the 50s, it has lively dialog and a good plot and I love the fact that that RAH predicted individuals walking around talking on a pocket phone almost 50 years before they became common-place.

Great science fiction is not about predicting the future, but it is about a good mix of science, believable characters, good dialog and plot that keeps you interested all the way to the end.

To that end, Robert A. Heinlein delivers with this book and it is still a fun read years after it was written—a classic.