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by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

eBook Windkeeper (Windlegends Saga) download ISBN: 1592799817
Author: Charlotte Boyett-Compo
Publisher: Amber Quill Pr Llc (November 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 419
ePub: 1835 kb
Fb2: 1259 kb
Rating: 4.5
Other formats: lit docx lrf azw
Category: Pseudoscience
Subcategory: Fantasy

by. CHARLOTTE BOYETT-COMPO. The WindLegend’s Saga. The man with the bloody head wound was clutching a wicked, double-edged dagger that he had obviously been about to plunge into the young man’s exposed back

by. com Windkeeper. An Amber Quill Press Book. This book is a work of fiction. Book III: Windweeper. The man with the bloody head wound was clutching a wicked, double-edged dagger that he had obviously been about to plunge into the young man’s exposed back. Now, his wrist was pinned to the dirt floor by the shaft of a gleaming crystal quarrel. Did I get him with the crossbow?"

Conar McGregor: Prince Regent of Serenia; the Chosen One.

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by. The WindLegend's Saga. com Windhealer.

Book Prequel 3. Prince of the Wind. by Charlotte Boyett-Compo. An Insane Woman's Obsession: Riain Cree, prince o. ore. Conar McGregor is obsessed with a woman he can'.

WindLegends Saga SeriesCharlotte Boyett-Compo. Windchance (Wind Legend Prequel 2).

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Charlotte Boyett-Compo ide. They call him Khamsin," one of the slaves whispered to another. He killed Prince Jaborn at Abbadon. Was a prisoner there, himself, I heard," another slave mumbled as he licked his fingers of the juices running down them. Now, it's his headquarters. Asher Stone handed a dipper of water to the Outlander and smiled.

Charlotte Boyette-Compo quickly got my attention with exciting actionfrom the start and held it through the book. Her characters arewonderfully fervid people you will love to adore or thrill atdespising. Windkeeper offers a heroine who bails out the hero, lots ofsizzling passion, bloody sword fights, nasty bad-guys and the promise ofmore to come.

Charlotte Boyett-Compo. The novels of dark fantasy author Charlotte Boyett-Compo. This series just keeps getting better and better and in this one Charlotte Boyett-Compo adds some seriously evil players to the mix that leaves me wondering just what will happen next and as usual the Triune Goddess is still up to her manipulative moves but the Reapers are as sexy as ever and without a doubt up to the task of destroying.

Book I in The WindLegends Saga.

An Unholy Triangle

Conar McGregor: Prince Regent of Serenia; the Chosen One. From early childhood he has experienced the brutal, crippling excesses of a mad sorcerer's insane obsession. Unable to love, to feel, to exist in his own world, he courts death with every draw of the sword.

Liza: The Keeper, whose arms alone can hold at bay the terrors of McGregor's abusive childhood; whose belief in his innate goodness can keep an evil world from destroying him and whose love can bring him back to the world of the living.

Kaileel Tohre: High Priest of the Brotherhood of the Domination. Tohre's unholy passion has all but driven young Conar McGregor beyond the realm of sanity. He will stop at nothing to make Conar his slave even if it means stealing his soul.

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I think this book rates in my top 5 as far as keepers. I devoured this dark fantasy, and believe is dark.
Prince Conar McGregor is only 20 years old, but one reading this book wouldn't think so. He is far more mature than his age. He has responsibilites. He is to be King one day. He has trained to be a soilder, is well educated, and even has a handful of illegitimate children. And he is also hiding a dark secret, a secret that has ruined his childhood and scarred his soul. And with all that against him he was still able to love.

Conar met Liza while on one of his journeys. She basically saved him from death while he was fighting some thieves. One snuck up behind him and that was when Liza intervened. He was astonished to find out the person who saved him was a woman. He was impressed with her warrior skills, and later when she tells him her intent is to love him, he is astonished. He doesn't have high regard for her race. But that quickly changes when they began their journey to his home in Serenia. He begins to see she is differnet from any woman he has ever known. She cares about him not as a prince, or what he can do for her...but as a man. The man he really is inside, the man no one else knows.

But their love does not seem destined to be as Conar is to be married to Princess Anya from a different land. This kills him for he will love no other but Liza. And on top of all that, there is an evil sorcerer named Kaileel Tohre who wants to destroy Conar. Tohre has made it his life mission to make sure Conar feels no happiness.

In this book Conar is made to endure such pain and loss, that my heart went out for him. But that pain was rewarded richly at the end, and was a pleasure to read. I loved this book. There was so much depth and emotion. Liza was such a strong character. She was smart, independent, and a skilled warrior. She was also devoted to Conar, and to her love for him. And Conar was one of the strongest hero's I have read about in a while. He had endured so much physically and emotionally, and still he was able to give and love. I cannot wait to read the rest in this series.
Prince Conar Aleksandro McGregor is the Prince Regent of Serenia. He is arrogant and somewhat childish, yet honorable in all his dealings with others. As a child, he had suffered dearly, with that pain being etched into his soul. He will let no one know what has been done to him. Upon being the recipient of an attack in a stable, he is surprised to receive assistance not from his Elite Force but from a beautiful young woman. His pride takes a beating when he realizes that this woman has saved his life. In his arrogance and conceit, he reluctantly allows her to travel with him to his home since that is her final destination, not realizing that this journey will change him completely. He tries to find out more about Liza to no avail. They encounter dangers, and along the way he finds love. The problem lays in the fact that he is betrothed to another and is to be married within the year. His heart lies with Liza, yet he has a duty to his country in marrying his betrothed, Princess Anya Wynth, Firstborn Daughter of Oceania.

Liza is a courageous and secretive woman who knows how to defend herself. From the moment she saves Prince Conar from an attack, she is intrigued and curious about him. She worms her way into riding with him to his home as well as into his heart. On this journey, she learns more about Prince Conar and slowly falls in love with him, the person, not the title. She is powerful in her own right, and allows Prince Conor to see her power in order to save him. Liza freely gives herself to him, knowing that he belongs to another.

Windkeeper: Wind Legends is a story full of love, romance, adventure and intrigue. Charlotte Boyett-Compo has created a world that I could clearly see in my mind's eye. I suffered and cried with Prince Conor, and I cheered for Liza. When an author can draw me in as Charlotte Boyett-Compo has done, I know that the story is a winner. I devoured every word and sighed with longing when the story ended too soon for me. Charlotte Boyett-Compo leaves you with a great follow up ending, and I can't wait to read her next installment in this series. Windkeeper: Wind Legends is a recommended read for all

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Hearing rumors about his fiancée whom he never met, Prince Regent of Serenia Conar McGregor dreads his upcoming marriage to Princess Anya though he knows he must fulfill the obligation his parents made for the good of his country. However, he reconsiders honor and obligation when Liza the keeper saves his life using a dagger more adept than any warrior he knows. At first thinking "he" would make a fine soldier apprentice, Conar realizes that his rescuer is a female as she rides off on her steed Windkeeper with him following her.

A storm sends the couple seeking shelter in the keep of Conar's younger twin brother Galen who detests his sibling for being in the way of his inheriting the throne. Galen has allied with the evil sorcerer High Priest of the Brotherhood of Dominion Kaileel Tohre, who "owned" and abused Conar as a child leaving him unable to love anyone. With Liza assisting the Prince against deadly foes, Conar begins to learn that life truly is leaving behind his living dead existence for her love.

The opening tale of the Windlegends Saga, WINDKEEPER is a terrific romantic fantasy that stars a powerful cast who make Charlotte Boyett-Compo's sword and sorcery world seem authentic. The story line is action-packed from the moment that Liza rescues Conar from thugs and never slows down until the final altercation, which provides a fine finish to this tale and sets up the next book (see WINDSEEKER). The lead duo is somewhat typical of the sub-genre, but no one will care an iota as they go about their adventures with fans rooting for them to succeed as a couple and against the Brotherhood turning WINDKEEPER into a keeper.

Harriet Klausner