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by John Ruskin

eBook King of the Golden River download ISBN: 0241895545
Author: John Ruskin
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton Ltd; New edition edition (March 16, 1978)
Language: English
Pages: 40
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Rating: 4.6
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Category: Pseudoscience
Subcategory: Fantasy

The circumstance is interesting.

The King of the Golden River" is a delightful fairy tale told with allRuskin's charm of style, his appreciation of mountain scenery, and withhis usual insistence upon drawing a moral. None the less, it is quiteunlike his other writings. The circumstance is interesting. After taking his degree at Oxford,Ruskin was threatened with consumption and hurried away from the chilland damp of England to the south of Europe. After two years offruitful travel and study he came back improved in health but notstrong, and often depressed in spirit.

The King of the Golden River or The Black Brothers: A Legend of Stiria by John Ruskin was originally written in 1841 for the twelve-year-old Effie (Euphemia) Gray, whom Ruskin later married.

When three brothers mortally offend Mr. Southwest Wind, Esquire, their farm is laid waste and their riches lost. Desperate for money, the brothers become goldsmiths and melt down their remaining treasures. only to find that the spirit of the King of the Golden River resides with a molded tankard, and knows the secret of the riches of the Golden River. Introduction by Xenutia).

The circumstance is interesting.

This is John Ruskin's attempt to write a n antique fairy tale, and an amazingly successful one. It is a charming story . It is a charming story that will delight all ages. Saint George and the Dragon.

Desperate for money, the brothers become goldsmiths and melt down their remaining treasures.

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The Seven Lamps of Architecture. John Ruskin Stacks of books.

The Seven Lamps of Architecture. The Poetry of Architecture, Or, the Architecture of the Nations of Europe Considered in its Association with Natural Scenery and National Character. Lectures on Architecture and Painting, Delivered at Edinburgh in November 1853. A Joy For Ever, (And Its Price in the Market). Selections From the Works of John Ruskin.

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Читай онлайн книгу The King of the Golden River на сайте или через приложение ЛитРес Читай. Now Ruskin held Turner to be the greatest landscape painter the world had seen, and he immediately wrote a notable article in his defense. Slowly this article grew into a pamphlet, and the pamphlet into a book, the first volume of "Modern Painters. The young man awoke to find himself famous. In the next few years four more volumes were added to "Modern Painters," and the other notable series upon art, "The Stones of Venice" and "The Seven Lamps of Architecture," were sent forth

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Meet the Black brothers: Schwartz, Hans and Gluck. In some ways this story is a little like Cinderella in that Schwartz and Hans are mean spirited towards Gluck. It differs in that Gluck does not get swept away by a beautiful princess at the end!

The three brothers owned and lived in Treasure Valley, a very fertile land where they farmed and farmed well thus becoming very rich. One evening, when his two brothers had gone out, Gluck mused about how they never invited anyone to dinner. In fact they had told Gluck to not let anyone in and he knew he would be in trouble if he did so. Just then he heard a knock on the door. Who was there? An extraordinary little man! Upon inviting him in, it was not long before Gluck's brothers came home. They were not happy to see the man and refused to feed him even though he asked. The gentleman promised to return? Who was he? What "mischief" did he impose upon the brothers?

In ruin, the brothers turned to a new business. Would they learn their lesson this time? Alas no but you'll have to read the story to find out what happened to them and how life turned out for Gluck.

This is a relatively short book (5 chapters) but one our kids loved. They were eager to keep reading to see how it ended. Some great lessons to be learned here. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Years ago I was a Scoutmaster for 13 years. I would have loved to have known this story back then to tell around the campfire. - - - Three brothers live in a mythical valley where they have a vista of a gorgeous waterfall pouring out of the mountains. The afternoon turns the waterfall to a golden blaze, hence the name Golden River. The two older brothers are very mean and bully the youngest of them and make him do the chores. They are angered to find that one night while they are gone the younger brother gives shelter to a stranger. Arriving back home they throw him out in spite of his warning that he is the West Wind and will return just one time. His return is in the form of a gale force wind that destroys their house. Not only that but the West Wind stops the rainfall into the valley; the farm dries up; the three brothers move to the city. They use some gold that they have to become goldsmiths but spend the profits instead of using some to buy more gold for smithing. The younger brother treasures a gold mug with a face imprinted on it. They tear it away from him and toss it into the kettle to be melted down. Then they leave. The youngest brother hears a voice from the kettle and realizes that it comes from the face that was on the mug. He is asking to be fished out. When the brother does this, the gold face becomes a head and body and sprouts arms and legs and struts about as a dwarf. This is the King of the Golden River. As a reward for the boy's kindnesses he tells the boy the secret of how to turn the river to gold to make himself rich.- - That's all I will divulge. - - There is a moral, of course. This tale is short and delightful; written as present for the young girl who later becomes his wife.
Excellent children's story which works well for adults as well. Ruskin wrote an outstanding moral tale which is as entertaining as it is uplifting. The edition I got here at Amazon is the free one with the green cover and labeled "A Public Domain Title". I may seek out one that's illustrated, as this one has no illustrations. Given the price ($0.00) that lack is tolerable. :) The story is marvelous, every bit as good as I remembered it as being when I read it long ago as a child. Well worth reading. Most highly recommended.
I have read this from time to time, from childhood to adulthood. It has never failed to delight and thrill. What is charming for a child is equally wonderful to an adult, provided he has kept the fires of childhood still burning in his aging heart. I have narrated this story to my grand children. They have been inspired by the noble example of Gluck, so beautifully embedded in the story. I am sure this tale will never fail to resonate in the hearts of kindred souls.
Read for the first time when I was in school (3rd grade, I think). Still love the story as an adult. Love the simple moral and the simple foundation of the tale. An absolute masterpiece by an amazing writer
This is John Ruskin's attempt to write a n antique fairy tale, and an amazingly successful one. It is a charming story that will delight all ages.
I now carry this story on my tablet so it will ALWAYS be with me. I read it to young people at every opportunity, and use the principle as a guiding star in my own life. Everyone should have this opportunity to see goodness personified.
We use it with our Charlotte Mason Education Found at Ambleside Online.