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by Andre Norton

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Author: Andre Norton
Publisher: Atheneum; 1st edition (March 1, 1978)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.7
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Category: Pseudoscience
Subcategory: Fantasy

This is a work of fiction. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, in any form.

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this novel are either fictitious or are used fictitiously. First published in the United States by Atheneum Books. Published by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC. 175 Fifth Avenue.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In 1976 Andre Norton was invited to play a new sort of adventure game by its creator. It was the game that launched the role-playing game industry.

Quag Keep was the first novel based on the world of Dungeons & Dragons by the legendary grand mistress of SF/Fantasy, Andre Norton. Once, they were role-playing gamers in our world. They came from different places and different backgrounds. to a land that mirrors the games they used to play.

Andre Alice Norton (born Alice Mary Norton, February 17, 1912 – March 17, 2005) was an American writer of science fiction and fantasy, who also wrote works of historical fiction and contemporary fiction

Andre Alice Norton (born Alice Mary Norton, February 17, 1912 – March 17, 2005) was an American writer of science fiction and fantasy, who also wrote works of historical fiction and contemporary fiction. She wrote primarily under the pen name Andre Norton, but also under Andrew North and Allen Weston. She was the first woman to be Gandalf Grand Master of Fantasy, first woman to be SFWA Grand Master, and first inducted by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.

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The author wishes to express apprecia-. tion for the invaluable aid of E. Gary. Gygax of TSR, expert player and creator. of the war game, DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS

The author wishes to express apprecia-. of the war game, DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, on which the background of QUAG KEEP is. based. I wish also to acknowledge the kind.

Is a Nonprofit Site Staffed by Volunteers. Keep in mind that many of Andre Norton's "early" novels were written for what is considered the adolescent male market from another time (1950's and 60's). Andre Norton soon became the gateway to Science Fiction and Fantasy for many and remains an excellent author for introducing all readers to her works. She can't help but inspire their imaginations. Thank You for your continued support ~ Jay Watts (aka Lots-A-Watts).

Swordsman Milo Jagon, who cannot recall where he acquired the metal bracelet with miniature gem-set dice that he wears on his wrist, meets six strangers with similar bracelets that make them pawns in a game
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So, if you follow my reviews, you know that I am somewhat obsessed with Appendix N - the list of fantasy, sci-fi, and weird fiction that Gary Gygax noted as inspirational to the creation of D&D. One of the authors on that list is Andre Norton, an author whose works of sci-fi and fantasy I loved as a child, a corpus of work going back decades before D&D and after as well. But Andre Norton, uniquely among the Appendix N authors, met Gary Gygax, played in a D&D game early in its history (recollections vary, but my research indicates 1976. It might have been as late as 1978). She requested and received permission from Gygax to write a book set in his World of Greyhawk (or some early version thereof). The result was Quag Keep, a strange novel about characters in Greyhawk who are actually, somehow, gamers from our world trapped in the game world. They bear (cursed?) magical bracelets with spinning representations of dice on them, apparently representing the polyhedral dice used in the game of D&D (which, while fairly commonplace today for gamers, were still somewhat unusual in the mid 70s). The story of their adventure is somewhat generic fantasy and sadly a little bland, and while the writing is good, the plot is somewhat unsatisfactory. It would probably normally rate 3 stars from me instead of 4, but I give it an extra star for its significance in research into the early beginnings of the Hobby. I do note that it is not a true Appendix N book, though one can twist logic into pretzels trying to figure it out - Andre Norton helps inspire D&D (Appendix N), is inspired to write a book based on D&D, and so this book is by an Appendix N author who was inspired by the game that she helped inspire!
It was fun to read a book back from the dawn of D&D, though the tale of adventurers merged with people and personalities from our world (gamers) feels hackneyed now. Some fun scenes of very D&D-like beats concerning undead, dragons and lizard men, but on the whole a book that doesn't really lead to much. I found the ending a bit disappointing as the connection with the real world, no matter how much verisimilitude entertains you, doesn't live up to the epic nature of the characters' journey through deserts, swaps and mountains. This book feels like a travelogue without a good enough story to bind it.
Noted for being the first novel about roleplaying gaming, Quag Keep is essentially a gaming adventure brought to life. The characters are varied and interesting and the battles and dialogue are well rendered, but the compulsion of the geas that binds and leads the characters means that the adventure is not only a bit linear, but that the conflicts and analyses that an actual adventuring party would go through in determining whether to stay together and go forward in the face of great risk are unnecessary and therefore largely absent. Lacking the scope and complexity of fantasy roleplaying classics like the Dragonlance Chronicles or Joel Rosenberg's Guardians of the Flame series, Quag Keep is to those what The Hobbit was to The Lord of the Rings, a simpler starter story to introduce the uninitiated to the genre and prepare them for grander and more epic things to come. The recent sequel, Return to Quag Keep, by Andre Norton and Jean Rabe, improves upon the original with a less linear plot and more complex characterizations and party interactions, reflecting the changes that have occurred in RPG gaming since the days when Quag Keep first came out. Donald J. Bingle, RPGA Gamer and GM, Author of Forced Conversion (now available on, and Contributor to Fantasy Gone Wrong (upcoming fall 2006).
One of the earliest D&D-themed books, written by renowned fantasy author Andre Norton, “Quag Keep” is an enjoyable afternoon’s read that will bring back fond memories to those of you who grew up in the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s and might have “cast the dice” yourselves at some point.
I figured that I was just a kid and had not read so many other authors as I have now some 30+ years later, but I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it almost as much as I remember liking it back in the day.
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The characters are made of two different personalities but they are not explored or even used outside of the first scene. All in all I will not be looking for a sequel to this.
Board Games with a passion. The dice you roll are part of you and you may die on any roll. This is classic Andre Norton.
Bit childish. Much better versions of the "D&D to alternate world" books out there.