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by Laurell K Hamilton

eBook A Lick of Frost (Meredith Gentry, Book 6) download ISBN: 0553819186
Author: Laurell K Hamilton
Publisher: Ballantine Books; paperback / softback edition (2008)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.8
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Category: Pseudoscience
Subcategory: Fantasy

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PI whose current full-time job is trying to get pregnant-trying at least three times a day, in fact, mainly with her devoted retinue of sex-starved guards-to insure her ascendancy to the Unseelie throne of night.

Part of Merry Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton. Not all of them will allow a thank you to pass without grave insult. Stevens smiled when he said it, his blandly handsome face sincere from his brown eyes to his perfectly cut brown hair.

Author : Laurell K. Genres : Fantasy, Romance.

A Lick of Frost book. Commanded by her aunt, the dark Queen Andais, to conceive a child. Yes, I like the series. not bad, just sort of a LOT of it for reasons I'm not always clear I can't decide what I think about the.

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I Loved this book and every other book in this series!The Merry Gentry Series is a mix of mystery, fantasy, magic . I will save them all to read again! A Lick of Frost is a Wonderful Book.

I Loved this book and every other book in this series!The Merry Gentry Series is a mix of mystery, fantasy, magic, horror and romance.

Lick of Frost" picks up a few weeks after the last book ended and the Princess' world gets pretty much shaken up when Taranis, King of the Seelie court pretty much loses it in public, allowing his.

Year Published: 1996. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading. Year Published: 1994.

The last Hamilton book I will read for a looonnnggg time.

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Really enjoyed this one. So many different emotions. Great visuals of a faerie world. The descriptions are fantastical. Many sexual encounters. Many OMG moments. This was definitely a roller coaster ride with many twists and turns. The sexual chemistry with Merry and these men will leave you in awe. Faerie is growing, things are coming alive, some are coming into their old powers and the action and suspense will keep you wanting more. Many are still out to kill Merry, too many enemies to keep track of. I will say I almost cried in this one. I was upset and happy all at the same time. I've definitely fallen in love with several of these characters.
The Seelie court is more evil and twisted than the Unseelie court. Taranis is insane and someone needs to kill him or get him off the throne already.
You can't help but laugh during moments of this book. But there are moments where you want to cry, you want to scream, you want to be happy, or you say WTF.
If you've never read any Merry Gentry books by Ms. Hamilton before don't start here you will be lost. These books aren't really meant to be read as stand alone. You might be able to do it and still enjoy it, but honestly the most enjoyment from these books is the evolving characters and widening of the future for Merry and her men.

If you don't like reading about polyamory, explicit sex, kinky sex, or totally bats**t crazy people, don't bother picking this book up.

If you have a rape trigger, or an incest trigger don't pick this book up.

While there are some really fun and light hearted things that happen in this story, mostly this one is really dark and even somewhat depressing.

I gave it 4 stars because there is some character and plot development in the series here that I just absolutely loved.

It didn't get 5 stars because of some of the darker and creepier implications of things we see or at least imagine we see happening, And the ending was... not to my liking. I know the next book will likely fix it, but it was just unpleasant and did not make me happy.
Still In Mind
OMG! What a great Merry Gentry book!

Merry and her men are finally back in LA. But that doesn't stop the threats coming her way now does it? Hell-no. Freaking King is gone mad and wants Merry for his wife, the Queen is gone sadistic on one of the guards because she didn't talk with Merry first about rumors, Frost....dear lord, Frost....OMG!! I can't even handle it!

Such a great read. Some great news in this book! But of course it isn't just a simple's gotta be all complex and s***, lol.

As with most of LKH's work, I want to really to just spill the beans about everything that's happened, but for those that haven't read it yet, I really really really don't want to give away any spoilers.

Let's just say, very emotional book. Very good book. Very, well, just a great continuation of Merry's life.
This book has made me feel passion, beauty, and sadness. I haven't even finished this book and I had to write a review. For some this series might seem awkward with all the sex and sharing but, the overall story entrapped me. The writing is so detailed, so very poetic. In many ways, I have become enamored with it all. Lord of the Rings move over. This is so much more! This has become one of my favorite authors, I just wish the books were a little bit more economical since, I can't seem to stop reading them all!!! This series is a must read. Your imagination will go further than Pandora and the Lord of the Rings movie or books. I have loved every minute and will continue to do so...
The series up until this point is pretty engaging and good, I just don't much like where she chose to go.


Trigger warning: rape. The book ends on a curious and really unpleasant note and then the whole subplot started there is almost entirely lost in the next book. I think Hamilton lost her way a bit- I really enjoyed the beginning of the series but the end is just such a let down.
This was a fairly quick read for me. This book was less than half the length of the previous book. I love the imagery and descriptions of the manifestations of the magic in this book. It was just enough, but not overly wordy. I appreciate that this book has chapter demarcations. Chapter demarcations make it so much easier to see how close you are to the end of a chapter or to find a stopping place when you need to do so. As another reviewer said, there's a great deal of plot development in this one, especially for its short length. I won't bore you with a plot summary as I know other reviewers are fond of doing that. The only exception to that is that in the case of this series, I've never wanted anyone to get pregnant so much in my life. If you liked the previous books in the series, I say you should give this one a shot because I don't think you'll be disappointed. Have at it. I can't wait to read the next one.
Merry is very busy trying to stay alive and gets shot at just after getting off the plane from LA. She finds out it is not just her cousin Cel that is trying to kill her. She is busy with a double homicide, bringing her guards into power or back into power, and bringing the fey house back into it's magic. Well-written storyline with well-developed characterization that is action thriller and lots of erotic romance. Adult readers due sexual and violent content.
Merry is chin deep in politics and is trying to get pregnant. She is adding more men to her bed and the complications keep adding up. Well-written paranormal erotic action thriller storyline with well-developed characterization in this adult only book due to sexual and violent content.