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by Alice Walker

eBook In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens: Womanist Prose download ISBN: 0156445441
Author: Alice Walker
Publisher: Harvest Books (October 19, 1984)
Language: English
Pages: 420
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Category: Political
Subcategory: Womens Studies

Many are based on her understanding of "womanist" theory. Walker defines "womanist" at the beginning of the collection as "A black feminist or feminist of color.

Even though I love the art of poetry, I have more recently found it difficult to connect, especially when I’m not in the mood (by which I mean, I find it hard to write and read poetry when it feels like more important things are going on in the world and in myself.

To my daughter rebecca. Recording the Seasons. Who saw in me. what I considered. If the Present Looks Like the Past, What Does the Future Look Like? Looking to the Side, and Back. To The Black Scholar.

breathed color, sound, and soul into fiction and poetry-and into our lives as well. san francisco chronicle.

She also looks back at the highs and lows of the civil rights movement, her early political development, and the place of women’s traditions in art. Coining the expression womanist prose, these are essays that value women’s culture and strength, the handing on of the creative spark from one generation to another

Includes bibliographical references

Includes bibliographical references. Part 1- Saving The Life That Is Your Own: The Importance Of Models In The Artist's Life - Black writer and the Southern experience - But yet and still the cotton gin kept on working - Talk: convocation - Beyond the peacock: the reconstruction of Flannery O'Connor - Divided life of Jean Toomer -. - Writer because of, not in spite of, her children - Gifts of power: the writings of Rebecca Jackson - Zora Neale Hurston: a cautionary tale and a partisan view - Looking for Zora - Part 2 - Civil Rights Movement: What Good Was It? -.

her perseverance, love, creativity, and spirituality.

In the book, she cites the phrase acting womanish, which was said to a child who acted serious, courageous and grown-up rather than girlish. Many women of color in the 1970s had sought to expand the feminism of the Women’s Liberation Movement beyond its concern for the problems of white middle-class women. The adoption of "womanist" signified an inclusion of race and class issues in feminism.

As a woman, writer, mother, and feminist, Walker explores the theories and practices of feminism, incorporating what she calls the “womanist” tradition of African american women.
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On difficult days, which are more numerous than the peaceful ones here in South Korea, I re-read In Search Of Our Mothers' Gardens. I am always re-inspired, re-juvenated, re-centered and re-minded when I again encounter the soothing and healing words of the woman I have decided to claim aloud as my sister: Alice Walker. I take great pleasure in reading Be Nobody's Darling. This poem has affirmed me on those especially dismal days when I examine my differentness and wonder if it's worth the pain to have an outlook that is different from that of the mainstream. For more rigorous cleansing I enjoy her essay What Can I Give My Daughters Who Are Brave. This essay has been like a soothing balm for my battered spirit after a day of battling the various "ism's" (racism, sexism, homophobia etc. the list goes on) that are a part of everyday living on our modern planet. Alice Walker continues to give me so much.
I definitely consider myself to be lost at times when I am forced to conform to the ideals of what a black "girl" should be. For example, being silent, not loud, and never expressing any criticism, for I may be seen as solely wanting to be a victim or trying to play the race card. In essence, I must become invisible to society.

With this in mind, this book gave me the opportunity to listen to the voices of my mothers. The voices that I so longed to hear during times when I doubt my own intelligence, heck my own existence. These voices through a compilation of critical essays on America's mainstream society, Black female authors, and civil rights movements throughout the world (and more), authored by the great Alice Walker, proved to be all the knowledge and support I needed and more. Through Walker's extensive critical analysis one can understand how the consequences of racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of dehumanization negatively impact children, their families, and communities.

Through the pain, however, one rises beyond the suffering that they cause and contemplates solutions engrained with hope. This book is just too much to try to convey in words. Humanity is expressed, honesty is expressed, and most of all "the beautiful struggle" of life for communities who have been devalued for centuries and silenced is expressed.

Alice Walker thank you for guiding me to my Mothers' Gardens and for telling me it is okay to be who I am even if the entire world wishes to demonize and outcast me for my ideas.
Great reference book. Inspires to write for a cause . Inspires to stand for something be an advocate for what you believe in Alice Walker is a very insightful writer with a legacy of activism. Her novels have a way of showing the issue
I love this book so much that i read into it so deeply. Everything in this book can be perceived in a different way but there are no wrong perceptions. I will definitely read this book again and make my daughter read it when she becomes of age
Alice Walker is a legend, both myself and my husband loved this book!
Fabulous book. FABULOUS
Amazing read, would recommend to every woman on this planet. Very insightful, smart, touching.
So happy that I found this book. I wished it had a cover, but I went "Old School" and made my own book cover. #GoodEnough