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by Steven Gregory

eBook Race (Oxford Science Publications) download ISBN: 0813521084
Author: Steven Gregory
Publisher: Rutgers University Press; First Edition edition (November 1, 1994)
Language: English
Pages: 420
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Rating: 4.3
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Category: Political
Subcategory: Sociology

Those who know Hilary Priestley will recognise at once the impish sense of fun which permeates this book (even down to the selection of notation): she has a real gift . Grade Level: Preschool - 3. Series: Oxford Science Publications. Paperback: 320 pages.

Those who know Hilary Priestley will recognise at once the impish sense of fun which permeates this book (even down to the selection of notation): she has a real gift for the memorable phrase and the agonies oand ecstasies of teaching 25 years worth of Oxford undergraduates are etched in the motivational and orientational remarks, helpful reiterations of key points, local.

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Oxford Handbooks Online. In political science many scholars focus on the US political system examining such issues and institutions as elections, presidential and congressional politics or law and civil rights; while others concentrate on comparative studies of more than one political system or understanding large processes such as democratization or political participation (voting and public opinion).

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The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing is an anthology of scientific writings, arranged and introduced by Richard Dawkins of the University of Oxford. Published first in March 2008, it contains 83 writings on many topics from a diverse variety of authors, which range in length from one to eight pages. All inclusions are dated post-1900, and include poetry, anecdotes, and general philosophical musings. The book is divided into four segments. The following is a list of pieces included in each segment.

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 “What unites these essays is a common focus on the ‘social construction’ of racial categories and a desire to expose the exercise of racism and its intersection with other forms of social domination such as class, gender, and ethnicity . . . Fascinating.”––Multicultural Review

“The coming together of theoretical, multiethnic, and ‘on-the-ground’ perspectives makes this book a particularly valuable contribution to the discourse on race.”––Paula Giddings

“Timely and thoughtful. . . contributes to our understanding of how race operates as a social process and in the contextualization of power and status.”––Contemporary Sociology

“A treasure chest full of gems. Virtually every article is fascinating and important, and as a collection, its impact is tremendous. Neo-conservative myths and fantasies fall like nine-pins before its well-researched and tightly argued papers.”––Martin Bernal, author of Black Athena

“A timely antidote to that reaction tome, The Bell Curve.”––Daily News (New York)

“Let’s be clear from the start what this book is about,” writes Roger Sanjek.  “Race is the framework of ranked categories, segmenting the human population, that was developed by Western Europeans following their global expansion.”To contemporary social scientists, this ranking is baseless, though it has had all-too-real effects.

Drawing on anthropology, history, sociology, ethnic studies, and women's studies, this volume explores the role of race in a variety of cultural and historical contexts. The contributors show how racial ideologies intersect with gender, class, nation and sexuality in the formation of complex social identities and hierarchies. The essays address such topics as race and Egyptian nationalism, the construction of “whiteness” in the United States, and the transformation of racial categories in post-colonial Haiti. They demonstrate how social elites and members of subordinated groups construct and rework racial meanings and identities within the context of global political, economic, and cultural change. Race provides a comprehensive and empirically grounded survey of contemporary theoretical approaches to studying the complex interplay of race, power, and identity.

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Great Product!!
This is a truly excellent compilation of essays. Some of these contributors have subsequently amplified their essays into monographs (Karen Brodkin's superb essay "How the Jews Became White Folks" being one of the most noteworthy). Nevertheless, this collection is one of the highest quality edited volumes on this subject that I have had the pleasure of reading.
Despite the volume's title, the scope of almost all the essays is race in the United States, with a single foray into the Caribbean (Michel-Rolph Trouillot's well-historicized discussion of class and color in Haiti). That said, the theoretical sophistication of nearly almost the analyses presented here makes this monograph required reading for anyone interested in the topic from an anthropological perspective.
I will only briefly mention the essays which I personally found most useful, but I think it would be fair to say that there is nary a dud among them. The essays by Michael Blakey, Ruth Frankenburg and Brodkin on the issues of whiteness and privilege within US racial discourses illuminate the extent to which history and ideology combine with the personal political stances of members of what Noel Ignatiev and the other contributers to 'Race Traitor' label "the white race". Annette Jaimes provides a wonderfully pointed discussion of the role of the Federal government in the legal definition of Indianness while Clara Rodriguez and Patricia Zavella engage with similar issues with respect to the Puerto Rican and Chicana communities.
Some of the most interesting essays in the book deal with the ways in which institutions are (or are not)meeting the challenge of the terrains of privilege which race inscribes in this country. The discussions by Evelyn Hu-deHart and Roberto Alvarez regarding the academy's responses to multiculturalism and minority activist academics are particularly useful in this respect. Finally, Brett Williams and John Attinasi provide acute analyses of the discourses surrounding the 'welfare under-class'and ebonics respectively.
The final chapter by Gregory illustrates the ways in which anthropological analysis can be integrated with community activism and at least to some extent, repatriated to urban and embattled communities. An altogether absorbing and inspiring example of scholarship, practical analysis and community-centered anthropology.
This title should be read by anyone interested in race, identity or urban anthropology. Students who question the relevance of scholarship to larger social issues will gain a renewal of faith from this book.