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Author: Na'Ima Bint Robert
Publisher: Transworld Pub (April 30, 2005)
Language: English
Pages: 432
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Rating: 4.4
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From My Sisters' Lips book. When Na'ima B Robert abandoned her western lifestyle and embraced Islam six years ago, it was not a decision taken lightly.

From My Sisters' Lips book. Yet soon after she took her first tentative steps towards covering, she felt empowered; no longer judged on physical appearances alone, no longer seeking the approval to feel beautiful - or using her looks to wield power over men - the experience effected her greatly.

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From My Sisters' Lips by Na'ima B Robert.

by Na'ima B Robert (Author) .

Similar authors to follow. by Na'ima B Robert (Author). Robert shows how Islam has made a positive difference to the lives of women from wildly different backgrounds, with fascinating results" (Image).

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When Na'ima B Robert abandoned her western lifestyle and embraced Islam six years ago, it was not a decision taken lightly. From My Sisters' Lips offers a glimpse into the lives of just some of the extraordinary women who, like herself, have chosen to live behind the veil.

Very informative book on the Islamic religion. I learned many things from My Sister's Lips. If you haven't read this book yet, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I don't care if I'm young and all, but my momma gave me this book to read. She said it was important to 'dispel the myths'. Frpm My Sisters Lips. com User, June 22, 2008. From My Sisters' Lips ASA, I am going through the time it takes, to write a few words about this book because it is "worth it!". I finally found out about the religion Islam.

Na'ima B Robert, best selling book, From My Sisters Lips (care for converts).

Born in Leeds to a Scottish father and Zulu mother, both from South Africa, Robert grew up in Zimbabwe and attended university in England. She converted to Islam in 1998. Currently Robert divides her time between London and Cairo with her three sons and two daughters. Her husband Henry Amankwah died in April 2015.

Author:Na'ima B Robert. Each month we recycle over . million books, saving over 12,500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. All of our paper waste is recycled and turned into corrugated cardboard. From My Sisters' Lips by Na'ima bint Robert (Paperback, 2005). Pre-owned: lowest price.

Город: United KingdomПодписчиков: 7 ты. себе: Muslimah, writer, dreamer, doer. Author of Make Your Contribution

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I enjoyed this book! This book really do give a good insight on Islam and how she came into Islam from being in Egypt. I like how she gave the experiences of different women. She did make it very easy to understand for those that aren't familiar with Islam or Muslim women. I keep it out alot to read because I haven't truly finished it. It's a nice book to pick up and read. You can stop and start somewhere else. The book is an easy read. It truly shows the true spirit of Islam. I love this book! This book got me interested in Islamic Fiction and Islamic Non-Fiction. So many times people do not make a distinction between cultural norms and Islam. Na'ima makes a CLEAR difference between CULTURAL NORMS and the religion of Islam. If you're looking for a book that distinguishes Islam from cultural practices then I recommend this book. This is a nice book though in many ways. A little treasure too! It's a book with alot of personality!
As a Muslimah and particularly a hijabi revert in the West, I related so much to the women in this book, however, Na'ima's views also pushed me in terms of what I consider appropriate hijab - not only the fact that she chose niqab, but also in her refusal to mix with men in social events, etc. May Allah bless and continue to guide the women in this book, as well as those who seek to benefit from it.
If I could give this book six stars, I would. I happened upon this book after seeing it in a bookstore, and from the moment I opened to the moving dedication ("For my husband, the wind beneath my wings"), I could not put it down. Na'ima B. Robert, a woman born of a white South African father and black South African mother, found Islam while a university student. She gives us an honest and insightful glimpse into her own life and the lives of Muslim women living in the West.

She begins by sharing her own journey to Islam that included soul-searching after a life of "glorified rebellion" in which she and her friends were regulars on the party and boyfriend scene. She then sought solace in Afro-centricity, and, finally, Islam. A trip to Egypt with her band, where they performed in concert, introduced her to Islam, but only superficially. The sight of a Muslim woman covered in hijab prompted her to ask a question often asked of Muslim women: "Why do you cover yourself? You are so beautiful." The author says, "To this day, her answer hits me with its clarity and simplicity. 'Because,' she said, 'I want to be judged for what I say and what I do, not for what I look like.'"

The honesty and insight that follows is indeed a "unique celebration of Muslim womanhood", as Na'ima B. Robert introduces the reader to the unseen world of Muslim women, that is filled with strong bonds of sisterhood, glamorous women-only parties, and friendships like one could never find in the world. She interviews others who accepted Islam and who were born into it, albeit only by name. And through their stories we see the patience, determination, and faith of women who turned away from the emptiness of the glitters of the world to accept the richness of faith and trust in God.

The stories of others interwoven throughout the book make the honesty and insight poignant, as the women candidly share the beauty of Islam without shying away from sharing what its lifestyle entails in the way of struggle and sacrifice, all of which the author and the interviewees maintain is definitely worth it.

She says, "But by far the greatest trial for me and many others was actualizing what is really the essence of Islam--submission. To become Muslim is to become one who submits to the will of Allah. That means ego out, arrogance out, pride out: the self is brought to heel."

She says further, "And something that has continually surprised and touched me is the unshakeable conviction of everyone of the sisters I spoke to--that the pain, tears and heartache have all been worth it--not one of them would take back their shahaadah (testimony of faith said upon becoming Muslim) if ever they had their time again."

I found myself taking notes on the moving quotes, lessons, and stories that the author and her "sisters" share. With subjects ranging from non-Muslim family and Muslim women's dress to love and marriage--Muslim-style, polygamy and motherhood, Na'ima B. Robert has offered the reader more than a book. She has offered us a gift, which is indeed a cause for "celebration".

Thank you, Na'ima B. Robert. May God forever bless you and your work, in this life and the next.
From My Sisters' Lips

ASA, I am going through the time it takes, to write a few words about this book because it is "worth it!". Once in a while, you come across a book that touches your heart, that you want to share and that renews you- this is the book.

For those that are reverts, this book refreshes in our mind's that initial journey back to the the religion of peace. It reminds us of all of our soul searching, and our attempts to avoid the inevitable "surrender" to the way of Allah. The author places us face to face with her struggle, surrender and adjustments to the life of a Muslim. But reversion is only the beginning, as we journey with the author through the adjustments she must make to her new life in the deen. Most books barely touch on the true realities and assume one day the revert wakes up, and she or he is doing everything just right. We know that is not the case, and the more we read- the more we see ourselves in the transition. We are introduced to other women, who too, have made the transition to the deen. The women are not status quo, but unique with wonderful stories of their own.

This book is also for the woman who is thinking about reverting, and has questions that "are usually" not addressed- this book does it!

It is also for the woman who has heard "about Islam", and is scared speechless of this way of life. Read the book, and decide- this is a realistic account of what it means to be a Muslimah.

I could not put this book down, do yourself a favor- read this one! You will be blessed by this experience!
This is a book everybody should read. To anyone who is ready to see the authentic picture of Islam, especially how it dignifies women, this is a must-read. I find very sad that in these times of widely and easily accessible information on virtually anything, many people, particularly in the West, still firmly hold on to their misconceptions and misunderstandings about Islam, failing to search or think for themselves, relying on others to do this for them. For those who honestly want to know about this great religion, this book is really a jumping-off place. It's a pass to enter the fascinating world of Muslim Women, a very lively world, very meaningful, and highly dignified. I love the book so much that I'll pass it on to as many people as possible, and when I leave Boston in December after graduation, I'll leave it in the University mosque so that it can be read by many in the years to come. I suggest you buy it and read it, you'll certainly understand how lovely this book is.