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by Terry Woo

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Author: Terry Woo
Publisher: Cormorant Books (August 31, 1998)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.3
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Category: Political
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Terry Woo is a Banana Boy. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, he has drifted from Toronto, Seattle, New York and San Francisco. He graduated from the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo, Ontario with a degree in Systems Design Engineering, and one in Psychology. He enjoys hockey, jazz, baking lasagna, spinning breakbeats and trance breaks, nice beaches, California and imbibing mass quantities of Molson’s products. His first novel, Banana Boys, was shortlisted for the 1999 Asian Canadian Writers Workshop (ACWW) Emerging Writers Award. In the fall of 2004, a theatre adaption of the novel was produced by the fu-GEN Asian Canadian theatre company.

This is an excerpt from Banana Boys, a play by Leon Aureus, based on the novel by Terry Woo. We join Mike as he undergoes the worst intervention in dramatic history. Rick's success depends on his lifestyle choices, and like a true entrepreneur, he turns the tables on Mike. Each of them are privy to the other's insecurities, but are bonded closely through their friendship. Each one is looking out for the other, but they have conflicting ideas on how to do so. Категория.

Terry Woo wrote the novel Banana Boys in 1999, and Leon Aureus adapted it for the stage in 2005. The story and characters broke new ground by delving deeply into stereotypes of Asian-Canadian male identity. With this remount, it remains challenging, funny and fresh. Filled with local references, the play follows five university buddies who maintain their bond through the years while they struggle to balance societal, parental and personal expectations. The talented cast bring energy and substance to their portrayals.

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Written by. Terry Wo.

Manufacturer: Cormorant Books Release date: 20 August 2013 ISBN-10 : 1896332153 ISBN-13: 9781896332154.

Banana Boys is a novel about five Chinese Canadians, "Bananas" (read: yellow on the outside, white on the inside), caught in between two cultures which do not seem to accept them fully. Not quite Chinese and not really Canadian, they stumble through stories, situations, incidents, interactions that are seemingly mundane, but upon closer examination, ultimately explore the nature of identity, and reveal the possibilities within themselves.

In 1998, Terry Woo wrote a novel about five men struggling over whether to identify themselves as Chinese, per their heritage, or Canadian, by birthright. Leon Aureus turned the book, called Banana Boys, into a play in 2004; Nina Lee Aquino directed it and it was subsequently revived extensively over the next four years. Aquino, now artistic director of Factory Theatre, has revived it once more. Performances of its new production begin at the Factory Studio Theatre on Wednesday with a new cast, who spoke about the characters they play and being Asian in Toronto today.

Banana Boys is his first play and was also fu-GEN's first full production. The play's development paralleled the exciting growth of the company, neither of which would have been possible without the vision, dedication, hard work, and brilliance of his fellow 'fu-GEN'ers Nina Lee Aquino, Richard Lee, and David Yee.

Shortlisted for the 1999 Asian-Canadian Writer's Workshop Award What is the nature of Banana? To Luke, Dave, Mike, and Sheldon, it's a curious predicament brought on by upbringing ― growing up yellow on the outside, white on the inside. They're together to pay their last respects to Rick, the one Banana Boy who seemed to have it all, but was found dead in his living room, apparently of suicide. The tragedy that has reunited the Banana Boys becomes the point from which we are introduced to the intertwined stories of a group of young friends caught in cultural and social limbo. Not really Chinese and not quite Canadian, the Banana Boys stumble through situations, incidents and interactions that ultimately explore the nature of identity and reveal the possibilities each character has within himself. Peppered with piercing insights and laced with comic anecdotes, Banana Boys provides unforgettable texture to the ordinary ― and extraordinary ― tribulations of being twentysomething, male, and Asian in Canada. b
Comments: (2)
Ah the plight of the Canadian Born Chinese (CBC) male who lives between two worlds. He envies the Chinese FOBs (Fresh Off the Boat) who all seem to have a lot of money and the latest fashions. He envies Asian women of any birth right who seem to only date white men. Can he get no respect? One would be tempted to call this the Asian Male Joy Luck Club but that comparison might make the author have fits.
The author does seem to dwell a little over much on white men/asian women coupling and seems to think the readers cares to hear time and time again what the author's favorite beer and favorite bands are.
Once you get past that, it's ultimately offering a fresh, funny perspective and worth the read.
I'm the type to read 2 or 3 novels in a year. They usually take a lot of time and effort to get through.
Getting throught the almost 400 pages of Banana Boys though, took almost a week and a half; and I couldn't read fast enough. Each of the 5 main characters is a foil of modern Asian Canadian angst. At the same time each character's story animates the larger narrative. This story is not just for Bananas - yellow on the outside, white in the middle. This book is for everyone searching to find out how they and their peers are melting into the modern Canadian mosaic.
Highly recommended reading.