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"Chapter and Hearse" by Lorna Barrett is the fourth book in her Booktown Mystery series. 'Booktown' is actually Stoneham, New Hampshire that has been brought back to life by the Chamber of Commerce bringing in specialty bookstores to try to bring the town back to life and to get in some badly needed revenue. Tricia Miles is the owner of Haven't Got a Clue which is the town's mystery bookstore. Miss Marple, Tricia's cat, is always there to greet customers and staff and to sit with them a while if customers would like to have a cup of coffee and some baked goods in the coffee area of the store.

Tricia's sister, Anjelica, has written her first cookbook entitled "Easy-Does-It Cooking" and has planned a book-signing day in her cookbook store in addition to the cafe she owns across the street from Tricia's store. Anjelica is looking forward to her signing day with a cooking demo, desserts and of course selling and signing her books. She is very disappointed when the only guests are Tricia and her bookstore staff and Anjelica's own staff. However, she has an itinerary worked out for a three-week signing tour that starts the next day.

After the flop of a signing party, Tricia walks down the street towards Jim Roth's history bookstore, History Repeats Itself. She notices that Anjelica's sometimes cantankerous boyfriend's car is there. As Tricia nears the store, there is a tremendous explosion and Tricia is blown back off her feet. The next thing she knows, Bob is being put into an ambulance and taken to the hospital with second degree burns, but there is no sign of Jim Roth, the store owner. Tricia promises her sister that she will look in on Bob until her book-signing tour is over, but when she does he hardly wants to talk and is very quiet and secretive about the explosion and any details he might know about it..

Someone in town is obviously after more than just History Repeats Itself since some bad things start happening to others, and as Tricia always feels it a duty to sleuth around for more information and answers, she puts herself in danger. She finds that a few people are becoming downright hostile towards her.

I really enjoyed this cozy mystery that was detailed with a lot of interesting characters, to say the least. These novels have a mystery to them, but they do have that homey, cozy feeling especially in Haven't Got a Clue with the coffee area and the goodies that are there for customers and the company of the kitty, Miss Marple. If my neighborhood had a bookstore like this one, I'd visit several times a week just for the camaraderie! (And the cat since I'm a cat lover!)

This is a well-written series and I'm looking forward to reading the next book, number five which is Sentenced to Death (A Booktown Mystery)
This book has well developed characters whose relationships deepen over time. My favorite relationship is the one between book owner Tricia Miles and her sister Angelica. They weren't close for a long time but now they are getting closer. Readers can learn a lot from Angelica about having goals and achieving them as she has several successful business ventures going. The relationships between Tricia and her two employees Mr. Everett and Ginny are warm and make you wish for such good relationships in your career. One of the other booksellers on the square dies in a gas explosion leaving several questions unanswered. Tricia does some investigating on her own which puts her at odds with the local law enforcement. Naturally law enforcement worries about about Tricia's safety and contaminating the case but they might also be jealous that Tricia makes more progress on the case than they do. Follow along and see what happens when amateur sleuth Tricia Miles thinks her crime solving "experience" from reading mystery novels will help her solve this case.
I have gone thru and read this series and I have to say how disappointed I am. I'm not looking for great literature- I'm looking for 'cozy mysteries' , fun, entertaining reads. Unfortunately this author feels it is important to interrupt such relaxing reads and make a key character die. Tricia seems to have never ending frustration with guys dumping her - with no relief - which is bad enough but to suggest that her and her ex husband will get back together and then have him die just makes these stories depressing.
If I could I would ask for my money back. There is nothing more relaxing than reading a mystery/love story but to throw such tragedy in this spoils the experience.
Other cozy authors throw some drama in but don't see the need to ruin a good story with such sorrow. She is off my list of reads.
This is one of a series by Lorna Barrett. If you like "cozies" - murder mysteries involving discovery of a body after the fact and some suspense in the solving of the murder - these are a good read. The stories follow a formula, but they are inventive and fast-paced and great for recreational reading. Although each book is a complete story by itself, the reader is advised to read them in order because the main characters are featured in all of them and experience some changes as the series progresses.
Tricia is at it again - solving murders and selling mysteries. What a life she leads in this booktown mystery.

This time, Angelica is off the page for a lot of the book because she is out on a book tour for her new cook book. The problem? Now Tricia has to pick up the slack and run not only her book store but also Anglica's two businesses - a book store and a cafe.

What's Tricia to do? After all, she has a murder to solve. The owner of the history book store has been blown to smithereens, and now there is a gaping hole outside Tricia's window. Not only that, but Bob (Angelica's beau and the head of the Chamber of Commerce) seems to be acting quite suspicious. What does he know of the death?

Was this a terrible accident...or was someone out for revenge?

I absolutely love this mystery series. The plot is nicely paced and the characters are people I want to be friends with. Well, except the murderers. Obviously I don't want to be their friends, but you get the picture.

I also want to own my own book store in Stoneham, except for one problem: the author seems to be killing off the store owners one by one.

If you love books. If you love mysteries. You need to add the booktown mysteries to your list of reads.