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by Arthur R Bray

eBook The U F O connection download ISBN: 0969013507
Author: Arthur R Bray
Publisher: Jupiter Pub (1979)
Language: English
Pages: 207
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The U F O connection.

The U F O connection. Unidentified flying objects.

This book was a major inspiration for Timothy Good's book Above Top Secret

This book was a major inspiration for Timothy Good's book Above Top Secret. In his list of acknowledgements for that book Good gives special thanks to Steinman and Stevens "for the extensive use of material from UFO Crash at Aztec.

Thank you for your support of the author’s rights

Thank you for your support of the author’s rights. For my mom, Nancy Bray, who taught me to love reading by example. A late-summer evening. In a town house at a fashionable address on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, every lamp blazes.

Arthur Bray, author of The UFO Connection. Return to Part 1. To be more computer-friendly, the reprint has been divided into parts. Scully claimed that the preliminary studies of one saucer which fell into the hands of the United States Government indicated that they operated on some hitherto unknown magnetic principles. Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13:9780969013518.

The Ufo–Christianity Connection. Books related to The Ufo–Christianity Connection. reveals that UFOs played a significant role in how ancient civilizations built megalithic structures and predicted celestial events perfectly; brings to life the close association that ancient civilizations had with ancient astronautswhom they called gods or sky people; reveals that many events described in ancient writings, including the Bible, involved UFO encounters; gives readers a unique perspective to engage others in discussing angels, God, UFOs, Bigfoot, Satan, giants, the underworld, the flood, Atlantis, and Jesus.

Bray published excerpts of the documents in his 1979 book, The UFO Connection. You're referring to this book: Arthur R Bray. The U F O connection. Ottawa: Jupiter Pub, 1979. Kandinsky are you familiar with this book? Do you know which documents he's referring to? SpookyVince. I admit I am not really ready to spend that much).

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I had been searching for "The UFO Connection" by Arthur Bray (ISBN 0-9690135-1-5) for several years. Thanks to I was finally able to locate a copy. The UFO Connection is a comprehensive, albeit dated (published in 1979), look at the UFO (and other anomalous phenomenon). In particular, there are fascinating and detailed accounts of sightings in Canada. Many of his accounts are supported by copies of Canadian and other government records and documents (contained in the appendices of his book). This prompted me to do a bit of looking around the internet on my own to obtain more details. I understand that Mr. Bray also conducted lectures at Algonquin Community College in Ottawa, Ontario. I would like to meet Mr. Bray do discuss his parallel universe theory.
Arthur Bray's second UFO book. It includes several Project Magnet reports, plus details about Project Second Storey.

According to Wilbert Smith's 1952 Project Magnet Report, "Project Magnet was authorized in December 1950, by Commander C. P. Edwards, then Deputy Minister of Transport for Air Services, for the purpose of making as detailed a study of the saucer phenomenon as could be made within the framework of existing establishments. The Broadcast and Measurements Section of the Telecommunications Division were given the directive to go ahead with this work with whatever assistance could be obtained informally from outside sources such as Defence Research Board and National Research Council."

The project was terminated in 1954, shortly after an apparent UFO was detected at the Shirley Bay UFO observatory in Ottawa, Canada.

It's an interesting book. Bray evidently had to persevere to get the documents he includes in this book. However, not included are any documents concerning Wilbert Smith's involvement in the experiment with automatic writing to contact a UFO's occupants, previously discussed in the book UFOs Past Present and Future and, also in 1979, by former Bluebook chief Robert Friend in the documentary UFOs It Has Begun.

On page 59 of the book, Bray states, "Early in 1950, a book by Frank Scully (Behind the Flying Saucers) claimed that flying saucers had crashed in the USA and that the US Air Force had retrieved them along with the dead bodies of their occupants. Although some people have claimed that Scully's book was a hoax, Smith was informed by a certain top American scientist who was deeply involved in UFO research for the US government, that 'the facts reported in the book are substantially correct.'" A note from Arthur Bray is included in UFO Crash / Retrievals: Amassing the Evidence, Status Report III in which he states, "The name of the American scientist was Dr. Robert Sarbacher, who was Director of Research, National Science Laboratories, Inc."

It's a good book in my opinion. For more on the reported UFO fragment reportedly examined by Wilbert Smith, I recommend Mystery of the Skymen by Alvin Moore.